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It’s hard to beat the GoPro Hero10 as an action camera. Video quality is impressive, image stabilization is excellent, and it’s simple to use. Unfortunately, there is one problem with it. Despite being 0.3 ounces lighter than the Hero9 Black, the Hero10 Black still feels heavy when attached to your helmet when it is mounted. Its new action camera, the DJI Action 2, has an innovative modular design, as well as a lightweight design, making it much more portable than its predecessor.

Although we appreciate the modular design of the DJI Action 2, it does have some limitations. The main problem is that it can only capture short clips due to overheating. However, the modules are not water-resistant without a case despite the main unit being waterproof to 10m. Nevertheless, mounting the Action 2 is easier than mounting a GoPro and the footage it produces is good and natural. If you’re a vlogger, get the Hero 10 Black, but otherwise, the Action 2 is a nice little travel companion thanks to its small size and versatility.

Price And Availability

Prices of the DJI Action 2 vary according to two variants: a Power Combo, which includes a camera body and a battery, and a Dual-Screen Combo, which includes a front-facing display. A DJI Action 2 Power combo costs $399. It includes the camera, a power module, an adapter mount, a magnetic lanyard. A DJI Action 2 Dual screen combo is $519 and includes the camera, the touchscreen module, as well as a magnetic lanyard, a magnetic ball joint adapter, and an adapter mount.

DJI action camera


  • Modular design, premium quality
  • A smaller action camera than its rivals
  • Horizon leveling of the highest quality


  • Clip length is limited by overheating
  • Poor low-light performance
  • The extra modules are not waterproof


The DJI Action 2 is described by DJI as modular and wearable. The Action 2 is much smaller than the Hero 10 Black, so it is a good match for wearable cameras. It has a cube shape that measures 39x39mm and a depth of 22.3mm. The module weighs 56 grams. A magnetically attached neck strap is included with the Action 2, so calling it wearable right out of the box isn’t too far-fetched.

DJI action 2 camera

The Action 2 is designed in a simple manner by DJI. The Action 2 has a single button at its top and Pogo connector points at its bottom. Around the back is a tiny 1.76-inch screen, but it also has a sharp resolution of 445 x 424 and a pixel density of 350 pixels-per-inch. Among the many perks of the Action 2 is its OLED display, which delivers much deep and richer colors than the Hero 10 Black’s comparatively washed-out one.

The DJI Action 2’s main module is waterproof up to 10 feet, or roughly 33 meters, just like the Hero 10 Black. If you want it to go below 60 feet, you’ll need to put it in the case (sold separately) and this also is required to water-proof the Power Module and Front Touchscreen Module, which would not be waterproof without the case.

Specs And Resolutions

DJI Action 2’s main module measures 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.9 inches and weighs 1.97 ounces. It features a 1.76-inch OLED touchscreen on the back and a 1/1.7-inch CMOS camera on the front. The camera has a storage capacity of 32GB. A 155-degree field of view and a maximum aperture of f/2.8 are available on this camera. Images can be taken at a resolution of up to 12MP, and videos can be recorded at up to 4K 30fps. It can also record 2.7K video at 120 frames per second and 1080p video at 240 frames per second. It has a lower specification than the Hero10 Black, which has a 23MP camera and can record 4K at 120fps as well as 2.7K at 240fps.

action camera

The DJI Action 2 comes with built-in image stabilization as well as Horizon Steady, which keeps the picture level no matter how the camera moves. The DJI Action 2 is water-resistant up to 10 meters without a waterproof case, which is about the same as the GoPro Hero10.

Video And Image Quality

The image quality of action cameras isn’t typically as high as that of DSLRs. A wider angle is available on the Hero 10 Black, so punching into objects generally results in softer images. When you’re shooting in a bright environment and want to cover the standard, wide, and ultra-wide fields of view, this is ideal. Photos and videos on the DJI Action 2 are generally muted, with saturation and vibrancy taken to a more cinematic level.

Video tells a similarly dramatic story, but to a lesser degree. Colors are handled differently by DJI Action 2 than most of its competitors, resulting in more realistic hues. If you enjoy editing videos, you’ll probably prefer the footage from Action 2, since the saturation hasn’t been artificially boosted. However, we found the contrast a bit too high – if indeed DJI had gone for a cinematic effect.

DJI action camera review

Battery Life

According to DJI, the camera module alone will provide up to 70 minutes of battery life, although we’ve seen it decreases when you add motion stabilization and a higher resolution. The company claims the battery life will increase to 160 minutes when paired with the touchscreen, and 180 minutes with the power module. Having hot-swappable battery modules also means that you could potentially have multiple battery packs and extend the battery’s endurance even further. DJI hasn’t stated what happens if you detach the module while recording a video.

The Verdict

DJI realized that it couldn’t compete against GoPro after releasing the Osmo Action; it instead came up with a camera that addresses the few weaknesses of the Hero10. The DJI Action 2 is similar to GoPro’s now-discontinued Session camera, which was smaller and squarer than the company’s rectangular action cameras. The DJI Action 2 is one of our favorite drones for its modular design, incredibly compact form, premium finish, and excellent in-hand feel, even if its footage isn’t always the best..

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Review On Dji Action 2 CameraIt's hard to beat the GoPro Hero10 as an action camera. Video quality is impressive, image stabilization is excellent, and it's simple to use. Unfortunately, there is one problem with it. Despite being 0.3 ounces lighter than the Hero9 Black, the Hero10 Black still...