A Review on Theragun Elite

Theragun Elite: Specs

  • 16mm diameter
  • maximum stall force 40lbs
  • OLED display
  • 1750-2400rpm
  • 4 additional attachments included

Massage guns such as the Theragun Elite are becoming more and more popular as a way to warm up, recover, prevent injuries, and repair muscles for athletes and amateurs alike. With the quick percussion of the handheld devices, deep relaxation is achieved and blood flow is improved. Their ease of use and general effectiveness on difficult-to-reach muscle groups make them much more convenient than cumbersome foam rollers.

Theragun has become like Fitbit in defining a category. People tend to refer to Theraguns when they are really speaking about any massage gun even though they are still relatively new.  A battery-powered electric hammer that hits you up to 2400 times per minute with a foam tip is the easiest way to describe it if you have not used one before. The best massage guns can also be very expensive, unlike foam rollers. Massage guns like the Theragun Elite are rare finds. Only another Theragun model offers a lower price than the Elite.

A great thing about Theragun is that it does not require any special skills. There’s a dedicated app for that, which will guide you through how to use the device and what areas you should focus on. It’s true that the ‘PRO’ model offers a bit more for a bit more money, but the Elite offers a lot more for a little bit less.



  • Powerful
  • An LCD display with a force meter
  • Therabody’s comprehensive mobile app


  • Bulky carrying case
  • Pricey


Theragun’s design focuses on ergonomics, something we’ve already discussed for the PRO model as well. Design-wise, the Elite model does not differ greatly from the PRO model. This device features multiple arm positions to make reaching different parts of the body easier, as well as five calibrated speed options to ensure it feels right for you. A display indicates which setting you are using. Theragun Elite is impressively easy to use with one hand, so you can keep track of sore or stiff spots on your body.


This Elite kit includes five attachments: a Dampener, a Standard Ball, a Wedge, a Thumb, and a Cone. Additionally, the PRO does not come with a travel pouch or additional batteries. Wireless charging is another great feature.


Five closed-cell foam attachments are included with the Theragun Elite:

  • For particularly tender areas or bony areas, use a dampener
  • A ball that can be used for both large and small muscles
  • A wedge can be used to increase blood flow by scraping and flushing
  • It’s a thumb that digs into difficult trigger points
  • and a cone for pinpoint muscle therapy.

Some of the attachments intimidated me at first – namely the thumb and cone. It provides a much more tolerable, albeit still very powerful, percussive massage when compared to hard plastic attachments. Putting on the cone attachment released a lot of tension in my feet after a long run, and the thumb worked wonders on my tight TFL.


There is no denying that the Elite packs a powerful punch. Using it on tender muscles might be uncomfortable for you depending upon your pain threshold. When I tried to use the machine for sore biceps, the 2400rpm setting did not override any pain signals.


Before cycling, it was effective to warm up the muscles. After a long day of work, it proved effective in easing stress and tense shoulder muscles. You will feel calmer and less tense just by using it for a few minutes.

There are four other attachments included in the box, including a wedge-shaped one that looked painful to use and one that’s pointed that’s designed for specific muscles and parts of the body.

The App

You can pair your phone with the Therabody app using built-in Bluetooth. Beginners will find this useful since you can choose from various programs that show you how to use the device and for how long. We have split them into different categories: warmup, recovery, ailments, lower body, upper body, and lifestyle. Choose one, and it will tell you which attachment to use, how to hold the Elite, and how long it will take. Starting the program, it will automatically set the Elite to the proper RPM and run through a series of steps accompanied by diagrams showing where and how to operate the device. The App Store has given it a 2/5 rating, mainly due to sign-in and connectivity issues, which I did not have. But there is some justification for these complaints. It is the force meter that is the most helpful, as it tells how hard to press on each step.


Price & Availibility

With a price of £375 / $399 from Theragun, the Elite is more expensive than most of its competitors, although you can argue that being a premium product it comes at a premium price.

With a simpler display and 30lbs instead of 40lbs of force, Theragun Prime is £100 cheaper. There is a black, white, or red option available for the Theragun Elite.


The Verdict

When you need to warm up and recover regularly as an athlete, the Theragun Elite might be worth your time and money. I think it is overkill since you can get a vibration therapy gun for a lot less money and get the same results. Traditional methods such as stretching and massage can, of course, produce the same results. It might be hard to imagine spending the same amount of money on a massage gun as you would on a mid-range treadmill, but the Theragun Elite is well worth the cost.

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A Review on Theragun EliteTheragun Elite: Specs 16mm diameter maximum stall force 40lbs OLED display 1750-2400rpm 4 additional attachments included Massage guns such as the Theragun Elite are becoming more and more popular as a way to warm up, recover, prevent injuries, and repair muscles for athletes and amateurs...