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In the digital age of the high-speed Internet, children now open their eyes to a host of intelligent devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers. Many of these children spend hours on Internet smart devices. While it may seem amusing to them, the parents are already in great difficulty. The parents need to control and monitor their use in quantity and quality, as well as in terms of their bad influence on children’s health (lack of physical activity, visionary problems,…) and psychologically (cinder abuse, peer pressure, etc.). OurPact is the greatest parental control app to keep you in control everywhere.

OurPact – Full Parenting Application

Children are stuck on screens constantly, and this affects both their thinking and their behaviour. Amir Moussavian, the founder of Eturi Corp., a software firm based in San Diego, has developed ‘OurPact’ based on this rising but disrupting tendency.


The internet has plenty of apps that interest both young people and children. Games, apps for social networking, etc. not just waste children’s time but also leave them subject to additional online hazards such as illicit or unauthorised content, etc. As a parent, you cannot prevent children from using this equipment entirely, because it would also make them lose their way into the ‘good portion of the digital world. OurPact is the finest free app to monitor children’s internet activities for the iPhone and Android, allowing parents to view individual applications, which may look unsuitable depending on the age and use of the children.

In and out of houses, children are generally playing, meeting familiar and unfamiliar persons. The parental control app of the Pact allows a parent to monitor their children at all times and give peace of mind and security to children. The parenting software even assists parents to be told when children arrive or exit pre-designated places, helping parents to keep full tabs on where the child lives even if they are away for a job or some other personal or occupational undertakings.

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The most essential part of OurPact for Android and iOS is that this software may help families recover the balance by keeping checks on the screen time of children and improving spending time with family and other beneficial lives. It helps children to connect to devices and equipment to connect back and forth to their family and life. The organizer of OurPact apps enables parents to provide a time of leisure without a screen, dinner time, family time, playtime, etc for children.

Briefly, this is a free parental control program that allows children to enjoy their infancy and explore the beautiful things of life, without exposing themselves to bad effects.

Best Parental Control Application of OurPact

The technical aspect of OurPact is the necessary screen time pacts for parents and children to be followed carefully. And it makes sure they are taken care of. Let’s study the features which make this iPhone and Android’s top free parental software, an essential parent:

  • See Usage of Activity

To acquire a clear picture of online activity for their children, fully encrypted for safe usage, the Pact App enables parents to use either automated periodical, on-demand, and gallery views.

  • Blocker Application

The application enables parents to monitor and block the internet, text, websites, and apps which parents find unsuitable according to age and time of use of the children.

  • Block Text as and When Necessary

The time of the family is precious and children need to grasp this worth of life in time and experience. The OurPact app allows parents to ban access or to create text applications guidelines.

ourpact app review
  • New Alerts for Apps

OurPact always keeps parents in the loop by alerting them when new apps on their child’s smartphone are installed

  • Block Internet View According to Specific Schedules

It allows parents to automate and govern the everyday routines of their family by banning screen time for children with appropriate thinking in dining, playing, etc.

  • Time Allocation for Screen Gifts and Grants

OurPact App allows parents to quickly establish and distribute their children’s daily screen times. It is the greatest parent control tool that enables parents to give children more screen time for good behavior.

  • Pre-designated Locations Geofencing and Location Access

OurPact application allows your relatives to construct GPS geographical walls around specified places and receive real-time alerts when your children are leaving and reaching these marked areas such as a house, school, teaching facility, relative space, or any other set area.

  • Contributes to Discover iPhone & iPad Robbed or Lost

The app contains a family locator function in the iPhone version of OurPact, which helps parents to locate all individual devices that have been associated with a relative account if items have been lost or stolen.

What is available in the premium version?

In addition to the free version of OurPact, Premium+ includes The following:

  • Parents may monitor and filter screenshots from a child’s smartphone in certain categories, such as sexual content, profanity, abuse, and substance abuse, with a Premium version of the OurPact, which ensures secure access for children online.
  • OurPact software allows the parent to add his/her keywords to a custom category list to track all family issues
  • OurPact allows parents to adjust the number of screenshots they want from the smartphone of the child to
ourpact app

OurPact’s premium costs are estimated at 9.99 dollars per month and 99.99 dollars per year.

The iOS app OurPact and the OurPact Android app are available on both mobile platforms to ensure parents easily control children’s devices and protect them effectively against the growing threat of excessive screen time every day.


  • Track location and online activity.
  • Screen time management
  • Apps Block
  • Warnings of location
  • Geofencing
  • Web pages Block


  • Towing is necessary.
  • Premium services are somewhat expensive.

My Experience

OurPact Parental Control App is a complete solution for parents to monitor and monitor online activities of children and their places to ensure a safe environment. OurPact App includes an interactive and user-friendly interface with various features. OurPact’s dashboard is clear and tight and features are smooth. The app is a clear winner of efficiency and of its ability to provide full peace of mind for parents. Please contact MobileAppDaily if this OurPact App Review is good for you and you also want your app to be reviewed.

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OurPact App: Manage the Internet of your FamilyIn the digital age of the high-speed Internet, children now open their eyes to a host of intelligent devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers. Many of these children spend hours on Internet smart devices. While it may seem amusing to them, the parents...