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One of the most important components of our lives is communication. It is the language, however, which facilitates communication between two or more people. And thus, the language in which you communicate must be great in command. But what if your mother tongue isn’t?

With the FunEasyLearn app, we have your back. This software is a linguistic app that relates closely to Duolingo’s basics.

A genuinely worldwide language learning application that enables access to 34 different language courses, FunEasyLearn stands out. To make linguistic development pleasant and rewarding, the app adopts a game-like approach.

The software is family-friendly and suitable for children, as the content of the app is appropriate according to the user’s age. The FunEasyLearn app’s content quality includes:

  • Illustrations were drawn by hand;
  • Precise translations;
  • Native speakers’ pronouncements.

FunEasyLearn Application

The most renowned and biggest vocabulary developer on the market is the FunEasyLearn app. It contains a reading alphabet of 6,000 words and 5,000 sentences. The programme also provides free content for language learning. In addition, all courses are offline accessible, however, you must download this one time.

Aside from language learning courses, all rules for reading, imperative words, and other necessary words are communicated by the FunEasyLearn app and website.

34 languages can be chosen, including:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Korean
  • Russian and more.

In particular, all of the games are customized to your mother tongue’s learning process. Parents can therefore use the app to teach their mother tongue to their children.

funeasylearn review

Why go to the application FunEasyLearn?

A new learning approach has been developed by the team of the FunEasyLearn App. The software is not only a platform for learning different languages and vocabulary regularly, it also combines science during the design of the study process. It also helps you save words and phrases faster.

The manual categorization and strategic choice of words and phrases are made after the whole process of constructing linguistic research programs.

The content of the app consists of:

Alphabet: helping in the study of a language from the beginning (letters + all reading rules + exceptions). You’re first learning the alphabet and then making sentences.

funeasylearn app review

Words: The app is classified into 26 subjects and 157 subtopics. It has been regularly updated. It comprises other parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and so on.

The software has five thousand phrases and is divided into 20 categories and one hundred and twenty subtopics for a better understanding.

Features of the FunEasyLearn App

The fun easy learn app is one of the top language learning apps, with numerous fascinating capabilities that match apps like Duolingo and Memrise. The highlights of the app are as follows:

  • Follow the progress

You may also monitor the progress of all the degrees of difficulty you pass through with daily studying. You receive flowers, which can be used further to increase the learning process, with every perfect response.

  • Happy Games

The software is complemented with a range of learning games, which develop the ability to listen, write, read and talk. The program is hence dull.

  • Offline lessons

The app can perfectly fit in with your schedule if your employment entails traveling. The software features an option that makes it one of the trusted offline language learning applications, where you may download the course for offline reading.

  • Human statements

The program not only provides theoretical knowledge but also helps to improve your foreign language pronunciation. With professional audio recordings, speech recognizing technology, and trained translators this feature of the app is curated.

  • Illustrations by hand-drawn

The significance of any sentence, word, and gorgeous visuals can be easily combined. The software is hand-drawn to make it easier for children and adults to understand.

  • Manager of reviews

You can make use of its clever review mechanism for revision purposes if you have difficulties storing long-term memory learning.

You can check what you have learned after completing a course, and then take exams to the leaderboard of FunEasyLearn.

There are many other remarkable functions of the software that might make the learning process significantly easier:

  • 30 Games for learning — efficient and intuitive;
  • Ten levels of difficulties – from starting to finish;
  • Detailed Statistics – analysis and feedback on your performance;
  • Cellular search – works both in the mother tongue and the foreign language;
  • Words/phrases that are hidden – let you hide what you know or desire to learn;
  • Battery – counts the “forgetting” degree of a word or phrase;
  • Smart-Review Manager – prompts you to modify your words and phrases;
funeasylearn app

My Experience

FunEasyLearn is without a doubt one of the best free language apps. Indeed, in every respect, the app impressed us. It has all that can ease the language learning process, from its design aspect to its content. We need to note that the software has an unbelievably outstanding design and graphics. Even children may readily access the program with its user-friendly UI. The crew of FunEasyLearn follows the mantra and linguistics are brought under one roof. This is an easy approach to learning German, Spanish, Spanish, or anybody else. If you too have the same app and want it to be supported by the readers and the app industry leaders, check your application here and easily nurture your following.

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FunEasyLearning: Learning Free Languages Anytime & Anywhere!One of the most important components of our lives is communication. It is the language, however, which facilitates communication between two or more people. And thus, the language in which you communicate must be great in command. But what if your mother tongue isn't? With...