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Reading books is a pleasure for many people, but it becomes a challenge when you have to take out time to buy a book and spend time completing it with a changed work circumstance. To address this issue, many juggle for their passion throughout their travels and breaks.

For those people, Blinkist is the perfect app. With the basic ideas from 2,500+ best-selling fiction works that can be studied in 15 minutes, this instructional software is available.

“Blinkist delivers an excellent service – brilliant concepts that have been distilled to their heart. It is a terrific beginning for those of us interested in the new concepts about success, happiness, creativity, growth and more.” – Forbes


What flashy app is there?

Download and register to launch the app.

Blinkist is one of the greatest book summary applications for enterprise development, self-improvement, hacking of life and science. The user can read and hear the summary in less than 15 minutes from his collection of over 2500 e-books.

To give a 15-minute overview, the Blinkist App team will have a look at the book and take a quick and succinct look into the important concepts. Any such understanding which is gained is known as a “blink.”

The instructional software includes some of the great features that the customer is quite pleased about.

Blinkist review

Blinkist’s remarkable Features

  • Time-Saving: By focusing on books and topics that are of interest you can save time with the Blinkist application, not collecting books that you don’t want.
  • Playlist Customization: To tailor the study experience and listen to book summaries, create unique audio playlists.
  • Cost-efficient Tool: This app saves you money to buy a new book, and if we look at approximately 100 books collectively, the cost will quickly increase.
  • Different Formats Available: The app is accessible in audio and ebook versions to make the user easy.
  • Content Emphasizing: if you want to emphasize a certain section as we do with our conventional books, you may highlight a particular section of a book by the application. In addition, you can read it.

The Blinkist App Walkthrough

The Blinkist app team reads the books, emphasizes the essential issues, and tells readers and listeners the critical things. In addition, the Blinkist app helps the user to understand the book overview, thus it is also beneficial to think before spending longer on the book.

Although the Blinkist notification book is intended for use with the smartphone, the user can also read books on the PC using its web application. Blinkist is provided on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon to help better integrate the app. Furthermore, the user can log in via his email or Facebook account to this application.

Blinkist app

How much is App Cost Blinkist?

Free and premium options are available in the app. Indeed, the free plan lacks certain elements of the premium plan. Of interest, the premium scheme can be used for 30 days, and the user must shell up to $12.99 each month if it wants to go on. It is $6.67 a month for an annual undertaking.

You can squeeze more juice from this wonderful application with the premium version. Unlimited access to more than 2000 titles includes Blinkist Premium. The ability to read and hear offline, Send-to-Kindle features, tailored Blinkiste editorial staff suggestions and more, are without limit to accessing audio versions of all works.

The Premium Blinkist Contains:

  • Access to more than 2500 title unlimited
  • Audio versions of all titles unlimited access
  • Blinkist editorial team personalized recommendations
  • Capable of reading and listening offline
  • A feature to send to Kindle
  • The capacity to synchronize Evernote

Do you need to subscribe to the Premium Plan of the Blinkist App?

I have to mention that the Blinkist app is the appropriate place if you are looking for choices that can save you money without hurting your passion for reading books. But while the summary is being done within a mere 15 minutes, something or the other can undoubtedly be missed.

So I’ve written down the advantages and negatives of this software while considering both sides of the coin. Look and understand whether or not this app is for you.

Blinkist app review


  • Fantastic and intuitive graphics.
  • 2500+ books with more than 40 additional books each month.
  • Prices such as Free Trial, Plus, and Premium.
  • Provides fast views of a book you have read before.
  • For someone wishing to buy a book, it’s a good sneak peek.
  • Visually impaired audio summary.


  • The app only provides a book overview; do not expect the whole exercise.
  • It gets you away from the smartphone by reading a true book and provides you with the rest we all desire. However, our smartphone dependence stays the same with this app.

My Experience

It takes time to complete a book and an application such as Blinkist is a perfect aid in the quickest period feasible. Blinkist app is a complete package including several categories and highly famous books. In addition, the app has some weaknesses. The biographical books and related materials can not be combined with a 15-minute bubble and so we cannot expect that the books can be thoroughly examined. Overall, Blinkist is a clever notion for today’s generations that have much less time to enhance their book reading interest. This software should be included in your list with the availability of extensive book summaries. If you like this app review, do not forget to subscribe to the mobile app daily and to learn more about Android and iOS mobile applications in the trending charts of applications stores through our detailed app review section.

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Blinkist - Boost Your Book Reading PleasureReading books is a pleasure for many people, but it becomes a challenge when you have to take out time to buy a book and spend time completing it with a changed work circumstance. To address this issue, many juggle for their passion throughout...