MyHeritage Application The Deep Nostalgia App Review

Have you ever wondered whether all the 7.9 billion people in the world are connected with each other in some way? Well, perhaps you thought but gave it up since it was too difficult to find it. The MyHeritage app nevertheless identifies and addresses the chance.

In this app review, a detailed MyHeritage app review looks at this unique service. Received a spike in the number of downloads recently from the MyHeritage family tree building app. These figures have been raised by features like Deep Nostalgia. To animate the faces, Deep Nostalgia is used.

In addition, other services are also included. For instance, you can find your ancestors’ data in MyHeritage Family Tree. With the assistance of this, you can find perhaps relatives, who were before unknown to you.

We are talking about a full evaluation of MyHeritage app features, services, use, and much more. This comprehensive assessment is useful if you plan to invest in this app’s premium services

App MyHeritage History

MyHeritage, an idea put forward by Gilad Japhet (CEO), was launched in 2003. Gilad Japhet, when MyHeritage Ltd began, his initial workplace was in his living room in an Israeli town called Bnei Atarot. This genealogy company had been working for a few years from the Japhet family property.

The first Angel Investment in MyHeritage Ltd. was made in 2005. In addition, the firm moved from free offerings to premium. The majority of MyHeritage genealogy data is currently held by MyHeritage and its subsidiaries.

In 2006, MyHeritage search employed software to reconnect people by scanning images. MyHeritage has bought from the developer of family tree software Pearl Street Software.

MyHeritage subsequently had a database of 150,000 family trees, 180 million profiles, 17,2 million members worldwide, and 100 million pictures by 2007. In addition, 17 languages were supported by the service. MyHeritage currently belongs to Francisco Partners. It was bought at the beginning of 2021 worth $600 million.


What is the application MyHeritage?

Well, MyHeritage, as said previously, is premium to investigate the roots of your family. In addition, you can use this photo animator application to breathe life into old photos and animate them.

MyHeritage contains also a function for coloring photos of the past that you cherish. The colorization tool, which is AI-enabled, fills colorful antique images and also enhances quality. In summary, MyHeritage provides services to help with the use of DNA, documents, and photographs to explore your root history. Let’s discuss its aspects in greater depth to understand more.

App MyHeritage Characteristics

In addition, to understand it better, we are examining several key characteristics of MyHeritage. Since the launch of its new face animation app, the app has experienced rapid growth in popularity. It is not just sentimental for many, but also history or plain amusement. So, let’s dig into things without further ado.

  • Construct and explore Family Trees of MyHeritage

Family trees are the feature you need to examine if you wish to find your unknown ancestors. This function has been present in the app for some time. You can sign up for its services by using the MyHeritage app to find your ancestors or add records using billions of ancestral records and millions of MyHeritage Family Trees. MyHeritage begins to search for people who may be connected to you when you upload your data to the database. You can also look at the buildings of your family tree whenever you like.

  • Find new family members and explore your ethnic roots

You can upload your DNA samples to your ethnic origin MyHeritage DNA test. For example, your DNA results include data such as the percentage break-up of DNA from your ancestors in areas such as Asia, Europe, etc. To locate persons who share almost the same DNA as your own, the application scans its database. The MyHeritage DNA test is intended to connect people with families that they have never met before. The DNA test, however, falls within the class of premium services of MyHeritage. You will need to subscribe to a MyHeritage subscription plan if you wish to benefit from it.

  • Face animation with deep nostalgia

Used for life in your images, this AI-enabled photo animator program is used. To improve and animate the image with the help of an AI, you can upload an ancestor image or even a face with a visible face. The exactness of their animation blew their users’ minds.

photo app review
  • Use the function to increase the quality of the image

If you have vintage photos and wish to make them better, the photo enhancement option is beneficial. You can colorize them, decrease the grain and even increase focus using the AI-enabled technique. You may make sure that you have high-quality images of your ancestors to bear their heritage and recollections with the help of our photo colorization function.

  • Find out thousands of historical records

The MyHeritage app is useful if you have a history geek with data of over 12 billion historical records. SuperSearch allows you, together with supporting papers as birth and death certificates for your ancestors, to look at their registrations with first and last names. In addition, you can study more data such as court documents, census documents, yearbooks, and much else in this ancestral search program.

MyHeritage app

Subscription Plans for MyHeritage

  • MyHeritage application offers fundamental services, including the free construction of a tree for families with up to 250 people. With their Deep Nostalgia or colorization tools, you can also animate and increase a limited number of photos. There are nonetheless plans classified into several categories to access more of its offerings.
  • The Premium Plan starts at 79 dollars a year. But it costs just $49 for the first year. It involves the creation of a family tree with a capacity of up to 2,500, customer assistance, intelligent matches, and sophisticated DNA.
  • In addition, Premium Plus requests a $129/year plan to be signed up. For the first year, you are paying $89 for instant discoveries, tree consistency checks, and more.
  • It also costs the same amount but focuses on services like access to records of 13.1 billion, record matches, and saving tree records.
  • A $189 annual final plan fee of $119 to access all MyHeritage services can also be subscribed for.
MyHeritage App review


  • Access to thousands of historical and ancestral records
  • Allows you to find your family you did not know.
  • Learn about your roots
  • Improve the quality of your old images
  • Encourage the nostalgia pictures


  • Their services are costly
  • Data leaks for fear
  • Needs steady and fast internet access

My Experience

Because of its features such as Deep Nosta, photo colorization, and many more, MyHeritage has been a strong reputation for some time. The software received a positive reply from its users and many platforms and influencers now utilize it to create content if you look at social media.

app review

Some use MyHeritage to rekindle their relatives’ memories, while others use it to animate renowned figures from the past. With services such as MyHeritage, it is evident that it now has a major advantage over its competitors.

Now, if you plan to construct something similar in the future, you will have to do a lot of research to develop sufficient information and resources. In addition, you need to bring your app to perfection. You can first have your app examined by MobileAppDaily professionals to make sure you move in the proper route. These specialists allow you to identify your application’s potential. Moreover, if your program grows or just survives on the market, you will gain insight.

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MyHeritage Application The Deep Nostalgia App ReviewHave you ever wondered whether all the 7.9 billion people in the world are connected with each other in some way? Well, perhaps you thought but gave it up since it was too difficult to find it. The MyHeritage app nevertheless identifies and addresses...