A Review On Honor 50 Android Phone: Content Creators Will Love This Midrange Phone

Honor returned to selling smartphones in Europe with the plainly-titled Honor 50 after taking a year off. Honor now allows you to use all the Android apps you’re used to, making this a much easier purchase for the average user. The Honor 50 is a mid-range device, rather than a flagship, which is somewhat surprising for a phone marking the brand’s revival. Honor has still managed to offer a surprisingly beautiful screen and a decent camera package in spite of the fierce competition.

honor 50 smartphone

In addition to being the first Honor phone with full support for Google Mobile Services in some time, the phone uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and was developed at least partly without Huawei’s help. With the Honor 50 probably being a bit overpriced at its current price for what it offers, the OnePlus Nord 2 remains the best all-around phone in this price range.  However, if all you want is to watch and record videos on your smartphone, don’t let that discourage you. This is where a smartphone excels the most.

honor flagship


  • A 120Hz curved display with premium features
  • Enhanced video modes
  • Fast charging (66W)


  • camera sensors can be problematic
  • Inconsistent performance 

Design And Display

The phone has many classic touches, like a curved display, slim bezels, and a reflective rear – all of which make it feel premium, but it’s still an Honor phone. Despite the large display, it feels much slimmer and lighter than most of its rivals thanks to the lightweight. Due to the curved display, it actually feels rather slender, so this could be a great choice for someone who wants a small phone but can’t resist a big screen.

It is interesting to note that Honor describes the dual ring design as being inspired by twin-lens reflex cameras and even goes so far as to compare it unsettlingly to two eyes. There is a similarly designed phone already out there, so it doesn’t stand out for long.

honor display

It comes with a large 6.5-inch OLED FHD 120Hz screen, housing the selfie camera within a central notch. The Honor 50 features a dramatically curved display, which is unusual for a smartphone of this price. Usually, curved displays like this are found only on expensive flagships, such as the OnePlus 9 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Some people may find this feature annoying due to how it feels in the hand or how it interferes with using the display.

What this feature does give the phone is a beautiful appearance, but it can be divisive. The Honor phone matches the Nord 2’s display in terms of overall brightness and color temperature, though the contrast isn’t quite as sharp.


Honor’s pitch for the 50 series is centered around photography and videography. It features a 108MP main sensor, an 8MP ultrawide sensor, a 2MP macro sensor, and a 2MP depth sensor rounding out the array. The sensors are encased into two circular cameras bumps. The front camera of the Honor 50 has a 32MP sensor.


Battery Life And Charging

The Honor 50 offers strong power management as well. This phone’s charging output is 66W out of the box, which is exactly one watt more than OnePlus’ Nord 2. With a battery capacity of 4,300 mAh, the Honor 50 has one of the smallest batteries currently available in phones of its size. The battery in this phone has a lot of power, so I was concerned that it wouldn’t last that long during a normal day of use. According to the Honor 50 test results, it lasted 7 hours and 40 minutes.

honor c type charging

Other Features

Check out some of the phone’s other features and find out if they make the Honor 50 a worthwhile purchase.

  • Honor 50 software:

The Honor 50 is the firm’s foremost phone to use Google apps for a long time, something that goes without saying on most Android phones. Due to Honor’s separation from blacklisted Huawei, its latest phones like the Honor 50 can now be used like any other Android device. With the excellent display, the company’s version of Android 11, Magic UI 4, looks good too.

  • Honor 50 performance:

The Honor 50 comes with a Snapdragon 778G chip and either 6GB or 8GB of RAM. Although the game performed reasonably well at 60 frames per second, there were still some jagged edges around the characters, some unwanted pop-ins, and a few stutters. Although the Honor 50 has a great display, it won’t make an excellent gaming phone despite its excellent display. 

Price And Availability

The Honor 50 is launching in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia – although no plans for a North American launch have been announced. You can choose from two different storage and RAM configurations: 6+128GB and 8+256GB.

Honor 50 starts at £449 for 6GB RAM and 128GB storage, and it is available for £529 with 8GB RAM/256GB storage. We consider it to be a mid-range phone based on its price point, with the recent competition including the OnePlus 9, Pixel 6, and Realme GT. Honor has some pretty tough competition there. When it comes to design and display quality, this is the best of the lot, and depending on your taste, it could easily be the favorite of the bunch.

mobile screen

The Verdict

The Honor 50 is a great return to the fold of regular Android devices for Honor. At this price, the phone offers all the essentials, while offering premium features, such as rapid charging and a large, bright display. The cameras can sometimes match the best in their categories, but for the best pictures, you may have to be patient. In order to keep prices low, manufacturers have to sacrifice features on phones in this segment.

In short, the Honor 50 is decent, but not impressive – though if the aesthetics appeal to you, it won’t disappoint. The company’s comeback is also aided by the inclusion of Google, making this the best Honor device in years.

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A Review On Honor 50 Android Phone: Content Creators Will Love This Midrange PhoneHonor returned to selling smartphones in Europe with the plainly-titled Honor 50 after taking a year off. Honor now allows you to use all the Android apps you're used to, making this a much easier purchase for the average user. The Honor 50 is...