ClickTime Mobile: App to Track Employees

An office is a place in which people of the same mentality put their heads together and draw tasks requiring expertise. But there are also several distractions, which can reduce efficiency greatly.

Fortunately, this technology has arrived as a rescue!!

The quick emergence of innovations means that practically every element of your life may be optimized from the waking of apps like Wake Me Up to innovative timeline apps that boost productivity for employees.

The Timesheet app has various amazing services and capabilities, which makes it easier and more accessible for employees worldwide. The greatest answer for business owners is to rely on an optimized mobile app to assist them to manage their staff.

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About what the app is?

The ClickTime Mobile app is a new tool that simplifies employee management and keeps all staff up-to-date with project specifics and increases productivity dramatically. It helps the team to have total clarity on their duties, tasks, and projects.

The timesheet software for employees provides accurate projects and enables the user to profit from ultimate tranquility in connection with reducing errors.

Although some apps do not fully support all mobile phone kinds, they can be used on Android, iPhone, and any other mobile device. It enables staff to be extremely user-friendly and accessible simultaneously.

More importantly, you can focus on other vital parts of business administration with the usage of modern personnel management software programs.

ClickTime: Timesheet Mobile App’s Remarkable Features

The mobile app with its timesheet comes full of hundreds of features that support users’ productivity and these are the main ones:

  • Manage the Workforce

For planning the day-to-day workflow, effective and accurate time tracking is necessary and you have to make sure that the team members are informed of important duties. And one of the most remarkable features of this time tracking application is that it allows you to manage employees even while you are not in the office.

The staff can check their daily tasks, clarify the priority task and track the time off they spend. As a result, innumerable unexpected absences and missed deadlines do not have to be addressed.

  • Limitation of the Budget

This app will no longer put your business expenses sheet in peril as the app ensures that you are within the limits of the project budget.

The app has an integrated refund mechanism, excellent for staff. This implies that project budgets and employees’ paychecks are always free of little mistakes which can have a significant negative impact on the company.

  • Notifying

This revolutionary application that streamlines personnel management cannot simply be compared to traditional paper timesheets. Although classic timesheets can be misplaced and poorly completed, all data is stored in one secure place in this timesheet application.” Furthermore, you and your team members may rely on precise smartphone notifications. The second error will be communicated to you so that delays and project errors can be reduced efficiently. You and your staff are also kept current with the projects and task deadlines by the integrated notification system while avoiding the concerns about inaccurate entries that can finally lead to pandemonium.

  • Mobile inputs

Employee time recording was never that easy. While the timesheet tracker application allows you to keep track of team members, it also allows staff to enter data and record working hours on their mobile phones. Another important feature that highlights this software is enhanced accessibility. In contrast to traditional timesheets, employees can save their revenue drastically by reducing their data inaccuracies.

  • Generate Report

It can be an absolute headache to generate analytical reports for your business, especially considering that report generation can be incredibly time-consuming and error-prone.

Fortunately, this practical smartphone software is the right way to minimize this part of team management. You may simply generate analytical reports in just a few simple clicks for every member of the team. Timesheet data export is also a useful function for saving critical data.


How much is the Mobile Cost of ClickTime?

The app comes in several bundles and each bundle is wrapped with set features to meet the various fields. See the following plans for checking the subscription plans in this Clicktime app:

  • Launch Plan :

Cost: $9 a month per user

Includes: Starter Plan

  • Tracking Easy Time
  • Seventy+ reports
  • Records for email
  • PlanCost Teams:

Cost: $12 a month per user

Includes everything in iron

  • Workflows of approval
  • Advanced rate of billing
  • Management of Time Off
  • First Plan First

Cost: 24 dollars a month per user

All in — the plan plus: Everything in —

  • Budgeting of the project
  • Planning of resources
  • Use Objectives
  • PlanCost Enterprise:

Depends on customer needs

All in the first plan plus:

  • Single registration on
  • Account Manager Named
  • Specific integrations

Although this working timesheet app is unbelievably reasonable for a little monthly subscription charge, you can also use a free trial period during which you may navigate the program and test the features and functionality supplied before you make your subscription payment.

My Experience

The Engagement Institute reports that the enterprises lose roughly $550 billion a year as a result of loss of productivity in the US. And data obtained from the United States Labor Statistics Office has shown that the productivity of US workers is not greatly improving even after spending more time at work (8.8 hours) than sleep. Therefore, when productivity and efficiency are so highly felt, an app that keeps employee time, like the ClickTime app, makes more sense with features such as cost trackers, timesheets trackers, mobile timekeeping, and mobile time entering.

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ClickTime Mobile: App to Track EmployeesAn office is a place in which people of the same mentality put their heads together and draw tasks requiring expertise. But there are also several distractions, which can reduce efficiency greatly. Fortunately, this technology has arrived as a rescue!! The quick emergence of innovations means...