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AccuWeather seems to understand what users want in their free weather apps for Android. You may look at the main page of the app and obtain a lot of information about current circumstances, or you can scroll the app widgets through the saved areas. But the current version appears outdated and lenient, this software needs to be redesigned. The competition can just not be up to it.

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The main page of AccuWeather is now called, with a static picture that mirrors current temperature and meteorological conditions. Turning left and right on the main page of AccuWeather shows extra weather options for each with a special screen. The Weather Underground layout with an info-heavy top panel and personalizable tools underneath is much preferable.

The AccuWeather page now manages to cram UV index, moisture, visibility and wind speeds, direction and gusts, as well as wind pressure, and table. The My AccuWeather tool, which gives customized forecasts for DIY projects, external fitness, and others, is underneath all of this data. This might have been a significant characteristic, but it’s not well understood with ambiguous information such as “The temperature is the proper amount of wind.

Right from the Now page, locations are revealed — they also can be accessed from the top of a pulldown menu. This enables searching destinations and saving locations that I like to easily access.

Swiping to the left of the NOW page upgrades the hourly forecast with a map to the actual temperature with the “RealFeel” temperature. This information is held for a breakdown hour by hour below. The Daily Projection, a left-hand swipe, shows two weeks of prevision data in a similar fashion. It’s good, but hard to read. I like interactive 1Weather charts that have been better created and provide more information.

Maps, which show an actual radar map for your place, go much further to the left. Below are also practical connections to your bookmarked locations for radar maps. That slightly muddles the app’s navigation, but I enjoy it. Taping on a map will take you on the full screen to animate local storm systems’ movement. The radar image depicts the severe rain, snow, and ice, although does not provide a typical large range of overlays in nearly all other weather applications. It’s certainly not overpowering, but weather nerds will have to hunt for cloud cover data, fronts, and the like elsewhere.

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AccuWeather (for Android)

Videos and news are the last two parts, repackaging AccuWeather content for mobile phones. I was shocked to see that the video part of AccuWeather only contained video forecasting, unlike The Weather Channel, which focuses only lightly on the weather. Better yet, for the New York region, there is a Spanish projection—a great addition in my book. There are written pieces in the news area about a wider range of topics, although they still focus on the weather.

If it sounds all that tired, it is. AccuWeather’s design feels pretty antiquated, and I was shocked by how lenient my testing was. Though my Galaxy S4 Active from Samsung is barely a high-end phone, the app should still not be lethargic. If an app needs to swipe that much, it should be smooth, at least.

Note that whereas the Weather Channel opts for the unpleasant scheme for monetizing Mpoints, AccuWeather sticks to normal old banner advertisements. It’s worth noting.


The struggle for weather supremacy is won or lost with widgets because I believe most Android users would prefer to access a weather app quickly on their home screen. There are three widgets in AccuWeather. The largest space is 4-by-2 and displays the current temperature, time, and forecast on your Android home screen for today and tomorrow. Two 4-by-1 widgets are available with a dark and white background. All three are a bit ugly, but I appreciate could the ability to easily swipe between all my stored locations from within the smaller two widgets. That’s a characteristic I’d like other free-weather applications to get inspiration from.

Moreover, AccuWeather keeps the current conditions in the notification tray & current temperature in the notification bar, but that’s standard for the norm.

Foggy Weather Conditions

AccuWeather doesn’t have any defining characteristics that set it apart from the competitors, and its archaic look drags it back. Apps need to look attractive and work correctly, yet this app does neither. There are interesting ideas here, but the whole thing is in severe need of a refresh. I much like our Editors’ Choice, Weather Underground, which is crammed with relevant information and is slickly built.

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My Experience

Android predictions are 2.7 million. Weakening US and international weather advisories. We have weather movies, projections of the lifestyle, and an interactive Google MapsTM on an international satellite.

According to Pascal Racheneur, VP of Interactive Media, it’s quick and exciting to acquire a local weather forecast via AccuWeather. Home display widget that shows the time, current forecast, and severe weather warnings.

AccuWeather is easily accessible for Android. The program’s ad-free AccuWeather Platinum costs $2.99. It helps more than a billion people arrange their lives every day, protect their companies and maximize their time. AccuWeather gives the most precise hourly forecasts for over 2.7 million locations worldwide with personalized information and exciting video presentations. In 1962, Dr. Joel N. Myers launched AccuWeather as a premier distributor of news, weather, and video content to over 50,000 third-party websites.

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AccuWeather - A Reliable Weather Tool for People’s ConvenienceAccuWeather seems to understand what users want in their free weather apps for Android. You may look at the main page of the app and obtain a lot of information about current circumstances, or you can scroll the app widgets through the saved areas....