Sony Alpha A7s Iii- Best Vlogging Camera Ever

This is the latest version of Sony’s full-frame video and stills hybrid mirrorless cameras, based on the A7 series bodies and technologies. The camera has a 12 MP BSI CMOS sensor optimized for 4K video with sensitivity between ISO 80 and 102,400 and expansion to ISO 40-410,600, which is the most video-centric of the series. The A7 series cameras have built-in stabilization: the sensor is mounted on a platform that has been stabilized on five axes, reducing camera shake by up to 5.5 stops it is claimed.

There are now 759 phase-detection points covering 92% of the frame on the new model, and both stills and movies can now be tracked in real-time by the AI-based Eye AF. It is possible to shoot continuously at up to 10 frames per second with continuous AF/AE.

sony camera review

Its native 4K sensor, exceptional low-light performance, and compact form factor make the a7S series the go-to camera for video-first creators using Sony’s full-frame cameras. With the a7S III, autofocus performance for stills and video is improved, the rolling shutter is reduced, and 120 frames per second at 4K can be captured. If you are still using an a7S II, there are plenty of compelling reasons to upgrade. With its versatility, the Sony FX3 will be appealing to hybrid filmmakers, but the Sony FX3 may prove more appropriate for pure cinematographers.


  • Photo and video quality are outstanding
  • Video in 4K at 10 bits and 120 frames per second
  • A five-axis stabilization system
  • Display which can be flipped out
  • A category-leading autofocus system


  • The resolution of the sensor is relatively low
  • Price
sony mirrorless camera review

Introducing The Video-First A7

The A7S III is the first camera to get Sony’s new 9.44 million-dot EVF, because Sony makes the OLED electronic viewfinders used in most cameras. Sony has introduced dual, dual card slots for the first time. Additionally, they can support Sony’s fast but tiny CFexpress type A cards, as well as two UHS II SD cards. You can stick with cheaper SD cards for most types of shooting, but CFexpress may be necessary in certain situations.

Compared to the A7R IV, the camera’s battery lasted around three hours when shooting video. The software can handle up to 600 photos, which is in line with CIPA’s standards. As a result, the battery won’t run out mid-shoot.

Sony Mirrorless camera

In addition to USB-C, it has a microphone jack and headphone jack, so it is well equipped for video-centric cameras. To connect more than two channels of audio, you can use Sony’s XLR-K3M audio adapter, which can be mounted on the hot shoe. Using an external recorder is less likely to cause problems since the camera comes with a cable protector and a full-sized HDMI port.


A lot of features are available with this camera, some of them are –


The A7S III identifies serious subjects quickly and focuses quickly. The application is capable of detecting faces and eyes, and it tracks subjects tenaciously. Most of the sensor is covered by phase and contrast focus, so you can frame subjects off-center.


Among the differences between the a7S III and competing cameras is its full-frame, 12MP image sensor. Most entry-level cameras have a resolution of 24MP, while exotic high-resolution sensors have settled in at 50MP. The 12MP BSI design does not capture as much detail, but it does have an incredible ISO range from 80 to 409600, and it controls noise better at high ISOs than cameras with more pixels.


In the current generation of mirrorless cameras, only the Sony a7S III is equipped with a relatively low-pixel-count sensor, so it’s ideal for low-light photography and videography in 4K. Its hybrid capabilities make it a popular choice for both photographers and cinematographers alike.

Design, Handling And Controls

Sony’s A7R IV is by far its best handling camera, so this A7S III is nearly identical to it. Considering how much tech is inside, it’s surprisingly lightweight at just 699 grams. Thanks to the pleasantly contoured grip and logically positioned manual controls, it is also easy to hold and use. Shooting controls consist of several dials and buttons, as well as a joystick, control wheel, a mode dial, a dial for exposure compensation, and more. To avoid awkwardly holding the button while turning the mode dial, I wish the mode dial had a push-to-lock button. The handling on this camera, however, is among the best.

Sony Camera

Finally, Sony has fixed its terrible menu system. Now it uses cascading folders, like Panasonic’s latest cameras. The new settings make it easier to find settings and remember where you are, but some things, such as the log functions, are still hard to find. Additionally, the 3-inch touchscreen allows full operation of the main menu and quick menu. Previous Sony cameras only allowed you to set touch focus using the touch display.

The screen can now be adjusted without any buttons, which is especially helpful when you’re filming with the display facing you. It also fully articulates, which is very important these days for a video camera. Video blogging and solo photography are now possible with this camera.


In the mirrorless camera market, many models feature something or other that is appealing. However, the Sony A7S III is different. Compared to other mirrorless cameras, this one doesn’t have many faults. With its flip-out screen, image stabilisation, high-quality videos and low-light performance, the camera is among the best mirrorless cameras available. High-quality images are produced by combining the new sensor with superb image processing.

This is an ideal kit if you shoot long-form videos and are planning a long-term investment. The market has a variety of alternatives that are more affordable for beginners or those who are just interested in photography as a hobby.

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Sony Alpha A7s Iii- Best Vlogging Camera EverThis is the latest version of Sony's full-frame video and stills hybrid mirrorless cameras, based on the A7 series bodies and technologies. The camera has a 12 MP BSI CMOS sensor optimized for 4K video with sensitivity between ISO 80 and 102,400 and expansion...