Bose Sport Earbuds Review: A Reasonably Priced Pair Of Running Headphones That Deliver Premium Performance


  • Well-rounded sound
  • Good call quality
  • Excellent fit and design


  • Compared to rivals, it doesn’t have the longest battery life
  • Somewhat limited in terms of operation

With the Bose Sport Earbuds, you can listen to music while engaging in sports, carrying over a few features from the company’s QuietComfort Earbuds. The Sport Earbuds replace the SoundSport Free and are designed for runners, athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

bose earbuds review

Despite having the same great sound and secure fit as their predecessors, Bose Sport Earbuds significantly reduce the amount of external protrusion from your ear canals. Bose Sport Earbuds aren’t the smallest true wireless buds around.

These Sports Earbuds are not just smaller, lighter, and sleeker than their predecessors, but they are also even more comfortable, have a slightly better sound quality, and last longer. Bose’s attention to sonic and design detail makes them not only one of the best running headphones you can buy, but also one of the best true wireless earbuds you can buy, although they are really best suited to workouts.


In comparison to QC Earbuds, Sport Earbuds are smaller, plastic in feel, and don’t look as flashy. Since durability is more important than premium finish, the lack of it isn’t an issue here. However, since they don’t weigh as much and aren’t as large, they provide fewer distractions while exercising.

The best part about the Bose Sport Earbuds is their fit. These earbuds have the same StayHear tips as the QuietComfort Earbuds and are made with soft silicone on all surfaces that touch the inside of the ear. Running or doing stomach crunches, the default fit worked well for me; the stability offered was excellent.


Unfortunately, the design doesn’t block much noise, however. You will be able to hear a high intensity noise that competes with tunes from your playlist, but these aren’t the loudest earphones. The volume can therefore be modulated without causing a hearing loss.

It features a battery LED indicator on the front, a USB-C port on the back, and a button for Bluetooth pairing on the inside. Three colors are available: Glacier White, Baltic Blue, and Triple Black.

As a final feature, the Sport Earbuds provide the responsive touch and swipe gestures for pause/play, volume, voice assistant access (on the right earbud), as well as a shortcut of your choice. You need the Bose Music companion app to enable volume control and shortcuts out of the box.


This is a solid set of features, but perhaps a bit less advanced or comprehensive considering the price.

  • Having the touch controls restricted is odd, but Bose does this with its QC Earbuds as well. However, it is quite easy to enable them in the Bose Music app (Android/iOS). Volume control and the shortcut can be activated by hitting the settings icon in the top-right corner (left earbud only). You are given three options – battery notification, moving forward or going back – and you can only select one.
  • Other than that, the features are marginal for a pair of earbuds with a price tag that high. Aside from volume control and battery life monitoring, the Music app also includes switching between sources, control customizations, firmware updates and information about how to use and wear the earbuds.
  • Batteries last for five hours per earbud and 15 hours in total. Two extra charges come with the charging case, which is not as many as some of the Bose’s closest competitors. With fast charging, you’ll get two more hours of playback in 15 minutes; wireless charging is not available.
  • With Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, the Sport Earbuds haven’t disappointed in that department. There are two microphones in the right earbud for calls, and the clarity of calls has been very good.
Bose earbuds

Sound Quality

Smooth audio performance is the hallmark of the Sport Earbuds. The audio quality from Bose is excellent and can hold its own against more expensive true wireless options.

With relatively good control over bass, mid-range, and high frequencies, the Sport Earbuds achieve a good tonal balance throughout the frequency range. Yellow by LMP exhibits solid bass depth, preventing any perception of tubbiness or crowding the mid-range. The record doesn’t deliver the most explosive sounds, but it hits a nice middle-ground for those who want bass but not too much.

earbuds review

Bose Sport Earbuds don’t have the most neutral-sounding tone – they have a little warmth to them but this works in their favour since they are able to handle a wide range of music styles. The Sport Earbuds are a fantastic workout companion, and I can’t remember the last time we doubted Bose in the audio department.


According to my tests, the Bose Sport Earbuds provide the best fit of any fitness earbuds on the market. The comfort levels are great, the touch controls are responsive, and the build quality ensures that they’re as durable as your workouts are. If you consider the Sport Earbuds’ solid audio performance, you might expect a higher score.

At this price, you’ll be able to find a better value and more features. Batteries don’t last as long as rivals, and the controls are rather rigid in comparison. At their price point, the Bose Sport Earbuds are not the best value option for fitness earbuds.

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