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In 2018, TikTok introduced a test version of its ad platforms, a short-form video-sharing-focused app with over 800 million active monthly users. The 6th most popular app accessible on iOS and Android worldwide, spanning more than 150 countries has become the leading choice for thousands of years and generations. The popularity is increasing for huge brands who want to promote on the site. TikTok is not only more popular than Twitter & Snapchat but is less crowded with adverts than its older rivals, which means that the moment is right now to embrace the TikTok marketing revolution.

Big companies like Apple Music, Nike, Fenty Beauty, and GrubHub, have been creating visually stunning product promotion campaigns since the start of TikTok’s test ad version. Universal Pictures employed very successful influencer marketing on TikTok to promote their next movie by initiating a #FindYourMagic Hashtag Challenge and by posting videos on this topic by important influencers.

Types of TikTok Ads on TikTok’s Platform, Advertisers Can Pick from Various Options:

  • Video: featured advertising are native ads, which are put at the bottom or in the feed of TikTok’s organic video, depending on the product type, as part of the video queue. These announcements also go to your website or app. They cost a minimum of $25,000 each campaign on average.
  • Brand Takeover: A brand acceptance ad appears immediately when a user opens TikTok. Video can be transmitted to an inner or external URL on Tiktok or a third-party website or application. Currently, this ad form is limited to one advertiser every day and costs £50,000.
  • Hashtag Challenge: You may partner with the marketing team at TikTok to launch a sponsored hashtag challenge, which encourages people to share TikTok content on behalf of your company. In typically, challenges last for 6 days and cost $150,000.
  • AR Branded Content: Ad appears to users of Tiktok like branded lenses, sticks, and other 2D/3D/AR contents and costs $80,000 to $120,000 based on lens design complexity.
  • Custom Influencer: Ad is included in the sponsored content made by a TikTok user with market influences; nevertheless it’s a source that claims that this ad costs $600 – $1,000 each post. The cost of this ad depends on the influencer.

How do I launch?

Since you now know the innovative advertising choices of TikTok, it is time to talk about the way TikTok ads can be created. Visit the TikTok ads homepage and click on the Start an ad button to create your first ad campaign.

Because TikTok advertisements are still beta, ads are still not fully online. If you click the button, a form will be displayed seeking your account data. Once this information is provided, a representative will contact you to set up your TikTok Ads account.

You can receive your account for up to 48 hours. Once you do, the ad creation procedure is quite simple.

tiktok review

Launch Creation

TikTok enables you to advertise on three levels: campaigns, ad groups, and advertising.

  • The campaign is the highest level of TikTok commercials, defining your ad’s principal objective. The three options are available: Traffic, Conversions, and Install Apps. You also need to specify a campaign budget, choosing either the Daily Budget option or the Settings Total Budget option. Note that there must be at least $500 in the daily budget and total budget.
  • One or more ad groups are to be found within a campaign. Ad groupings, target audiences, budget, and timetable will be defined.

One of the TikTok Advertising dashboard‘s most useful features is that it allows you to choose exactly the platform on which your ads will be placed. This is not just apps like Vigo Video and BuzzVideo and the News Republic containing TikTok as well as their whole range of apps, for example, India.

An automatic placement option is also available, where TikTok will determine the performance of your ad and position it.

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Follow instructions for all necessary information to start running your publicity, including any applicable URLs, display names, photos, and categories, once you have selected your preferred location. To define your website or app, you can also select up to 20 keywords to match your items with the correct audience.

You may define the target audience of your advertising in the Targeting area. Set the location, age, sex, languages, interests, appliances, and more characteristics to attract the proper publicity for your announcements.

You will have to construct a video ad for TikTok after defining your ad group. The procedure is quite basic when designing the creative elements for your commercial. Horizontal, vertical, or square images may be available for TikTok advertisements. The best part about this ad platform is a tool called the Video Creation Kit, which allows you to modify video and image templates from existing assets. There are 300+ free background music alternatives available as well.

You may check how your ad looks on mobile devices using TiTok’s Ad Preview tool when you finish creating your ad. For your campaign, you can continue adding new ads and ad groups.

Happy TikTok Ads

You cannot develop a good advertising campaign if you do not know what TikTok viewers like. Several companies advertise TikTok products, services, and apps and learn from them.

Clean & Clear in India’s Hashtag Challenge campaign was designed to introduce a new, limited-edition design to a young population. It has created 2,62 million videos for its TikTok brand and over 10,400 new fans.

Too Faced has been running an ad for a bad lip-plumping brand. It produced 7.6 million impressions and 1.3 million clicks, and over anticipated click-through rate of 18.38 percent.

The great choice is this: meet your TikTok target audience, looking at their existing sample of efficient advertising efforts. To generate the best native ad content, you have to know the highest native content.

My Experience

TikTok is the mobile video destination. Short-form videos on TikTok are spontaneous, authentic, and engaging. Whether you are a fan of sports, a pet fan, or just searching for a laughing stock, on TikTok, you can find something for everyone. All you need to do is look, deal with whatever you want, skip anything you don’t, and find an unlimited stream of short videos that are tailored to your own needs. TikTok offers videos you can brighten your day from your morning coffee to your afternoon orders.

Enabling us to easily discover and produce our original videos, providing user-friendly instruments for viewing and capturing daily moments. Please use special effects, filters, music, etc for your videos at the following stage.

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TikTok App Review - A Video-sharing Focused Social PlatformIn 2018, TikTok introduced a test version of its ad platforms, a short-form video-sharing-focused app with over 800 million active monthly users. The 6th most popular app accessible on iOS and Android worldwide, spanning more than 150 countries has become the leading choice for...