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The Android Gmail app pops up primary colors after a recent upgrade, yet it does not greatly influence the basic working of this software as it is intuitively usable.

The Gmail app for Android has been (free) much more colorful since its most recent version. In the last app, often black, white, and blue, the main colors were more serious and joyful. Road elements on the top reveal that you loaded pictures on matching accounts if you have not changed the image and compose button and any other main colors. The result is more personal than corporate (or at least more BYOD). I can’t say whether the design is better or worse than the previous one. The application operates as much as it normally does for its functionality, fast searching, multi-account support, and simple appearance.

Google gmail app review

Google Apps With or Without Other Applications

Keeping e-mail in a separate app rather than integrating it into Google Calendar is a good idea in my opinion. It’s difficult to find an email app with a calendar integrated, and I’d like to see more of them. Gmail on the Web incorporates your calendar into the same screen as your inbox. The Gmail app for Android has improved its interaction with Google Drive since earlier this year, making it easier to add attachments from that service. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for full calendar integration.

The app’s new version makes Gmail’s automatically filtered labels visible, which is a nice bonus if you use them (I don’t). Shipping e-mail management gestures in iOS 8 are not as advanced or as advanced in programs such as Mailbox or even Apple’s mail app.

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Something To Say to Make Things Straightforward

The Gmail Android app is still simple and basic, and a lot has to be stated. However, growth is possible. It may contain new capabilities for power users wishing to have greater control over their mobile inboxes. Alternatively, new features and features can be added for newcomers who need assistance with the management of their inboxes. For either camp right now, it doesn’t make sense.

The interface stays mostly unchanged except for a new design layer. The inbox is always displayed in the default view if a message is not read, with color showing the sender and subject line. The preview list shows both current mail labels and old message date-time stamps.

The fundamental thread concept and the way it looks on the mobile app remains untouched. You’ll be shown next to your name by users who have added profile photographs to your Gmail or Google app account. If not, a circle appears in one color with the first initial. 

Swipe Gestures Limited

Only one action is available when the message is swiped left or left. Fortunately, a rubbish button flashes instead of the warning multiple times in case of accidental archiving. For other e-mail client programs with swiping functionality such as erasing or moving messages, at least two or three different alternatives are normally available. My favorite option, which is also available in the inbox of Gmail, for both Android and iPhone is a snooze. This hides your message from the inbox until it appears at the correct time as an unread piece of mail.

The application allows several e-mail accounts — not just Google apps e-mail but also IMAP or POP e-mail accounts like Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com, etc. You can change accounts with a collapse menu left.

The menu lies underneath all labels on your Account and contains settings and help links and feedback. The setting provides the correct mobile application control level, including notification, signature, and holiday response.

Outlook can make it substantially easier to set up a default bounce mail on specified dates because the holiday reply message is commonly known as a message outside the bureau. This functionality is quite successful and I believe that using mobile email clients is essential.

Growth Space

As you would anticipate, searching for Gmail in the earlier version of this program works fast, but not dramatically faster. All in all, this is a terrific app that still has space for power and lightweight e-mail users to flourish.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple.
  • Colorful.
  • Near search. Quick search.
  • Highly intuitive.
  • Multiple accounts are supported, including mail from IMAP/POP.


  • Very restricted e-mail possibilities.
  • No integration schedule.
  • A lot of room to develop additional functionality.
e-mail app

My Experience

Gmail is so user-friendly. I adore additional capabilities, like phone calls and hangouts, that Yahoo doesn’t have. I deleted my Yahoo account when I eventually discovered Gmail. On my Gmail account, I like all additional features. Hangouts I like the best. I use it mainly for business for group video chats. I’ve never experienced a video chat delay or problem. I even prefer the Zoom app better. Gmail is for me the best overall email choice. At least one time a day, I check my email and at least one time a week, I use Hangout. Therefore, I encourage individuals to utilize Gmail to communicate freely. There’s another benefit for Gmail that has tremendously benefited me. Gmail retains the information so that changing cell phones is easier, which is handy.

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Gmail App ReviewThe Android Gmail app pops up primary colors after a recent upgrade, yet it does not greatly influence the basic working of this software as it is intuitively usable. The Gmail app for Android has been (free) much more colorful since its most recent version....