Zenni Optical Review – Forget Your Struggles With Glasses

People who use eyeglasses know the struggle that goes with purchasing new ones.  For one, it is expensive. Eyeglasses are not a one-time purchase. They frequently need replacement in case of change in prescriptions, accidental breakage, or personal preference for a new design. Secondly, it is used all the time, and therefore one must be comfortable with the shape and new eye power.

Many customers prefer to try out different styles to see if they are suitable for their face or not.  Trying out different frame designs in the comfort of one’s home and with no time constraint, online glass stores can be pretty useful. Zenni optical is one of the first online eyeglass companies. From the zenni optical reviews provided by its customers, it seems that is the solution that eyeglass wearers were searching for.

What Is Unique About Zenni?  

Zenni Optical was launched in 2003 in San Francisco as an online retailer of prescription sunglasses and glasses.

As per zenni optical reviews, it is evident that the prices of its glasses are lower than other retailers. This is because they sell directly without any distributor or retailer network, thus saving on intermediary costs.

Let us see whether Zenni optical glasses are worth buying or not.

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Pros and Cons


  • The eyeglasses prices are reasonable, and they start from $6.95.
  • They have a large collection of frames in different styles, sizes, and colors.
  • Customers find it easier to try out different frames online and ensure that the frames look best on their faces before buying them.


  • The company does not accept insurance claims in the event of damage to the glasses.
  • There are no major brands available on the online store
  • The cost does not include shipping charges. The additional shipping cost of $4.95 is charged.
  • One has to wait for 2-3 weeks for the delivery.

What Can One Expect From Zenni Optical Online Store?

The online store boasts of having 6000+ frames for men, women, and children. One can select from a host of options available, especially the zenni women glasses because of the variety in sunglasses.

  • Wide choice of sunglasses
  • No – lens frames
  • Single vision
  • Bifocals and progressive lens
  • All eyeglasses come with UV protection and an anti-scratch coating at no additional cost.
  • Blue light protection, known as Blokz is offered at a price starting at $16.95.
  • Offers sports glasses and protective glasses.

Is Zenni Optical Legit?

Very much. The company is there since 2003 and consistently provide quality eyeglasses to its customer at affordable price. The glasses range from $6.95 to $50 for high-end frames.

The company has its production set up in China. Online orders are sent directly to the production facility. Here the frames and lenses are available for any type of order placed. Only the lenses are indexed as per the prescription provided online by the customer. The lenses are cut according to the frame size and fitted to it.

The quality control department checks each order and analyses the eyeglasses for any defects before shipping them.

Customers who have given feedback in the zenni glasses review have confirmed that the measurements and prescriptions index is accurate and fit well.  The shipment also arrives in good condition as Zenni Optical always used reputed shipping services like FedEx or UPS for all its shipments worldwide.

Zenni Optical has a 30-day return policy, and it does not offer any repair services.

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