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Creating new games that will be highly appreciated and accepted by the audience is the dream of the makers but the gaming audience is just smart enough to understand what to make a hit and whatnot. Amazon and Google have been trying to get into the gamers club forever now and despite the repeating failure lessons, this company will not learn its lesson. It is understood when Amazon makes a new movie or series but the critics will never understand why Amazon is not giving up on making video games.  Amazon clearly has big plans for all the games that it releases, let us take the example of Crucible. It was released in May and was expected to make it to the top five that month but after the rocky start and the continuing issue, it has to be recalled and reverted back to the closed beta.

New World: Recent Amazon Games Discovery (Rating 3.5/5)

This history is making it difficult and the platform quite uncertain for Amazon’s latest, New World. It is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) role-changing game and it was released on the 28th of September 2021 after a series of delays. It is a game to explore and a world with danger and adventures. Amazon Games VP Christoph Hartmann when speaking about New World mentions that they are expecting this to be the game-changer of all their creations and it should be the one to put them on the map for the leading game channels.

After the first week of the game being released into public scrutiny, it has received good reviews so far and this can be called the game that lifted the curse from the company’s gaming venture. But it is still too soon to speak for. In January an article written by a prominent and hugely accepted public platform called out Amazon in its ability to make anything but a good video game and that might just be the right push it needed.

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Amazon Games and Software Library

Visit your Games and Software library in your Amazon account and select the download option just beside the desired game or software you want to install or download. Once the file is downloaded you can click on install just beside it and then install the app.

Amazon’s economy is clearly increasing day after day or to put it better, hour after hour. They in recent times launched a new retails site for unpremeditated gamers to download games from this site for less than ten dollars. A 30 minutes trial window is offered before making the purchase. With this, Amazon not only is a streaming platform for games but also an equal competitor to the renters and vendors of the world of the game.

Five under $20 Games by Amazon for Ps4 

1. Marvel’s Avengers for PlayStation 4: (Rating 3.6/5)

Marvel’s Avenger is a take on these Superheroes’ mission to save the world, including characters like Iron Man, Super Man, Hulk, and Captain America, and so on. Up to 4 players can assemble together to save the world in this amazing game.

2. God of War Hits – PlayStation 4: (Rating 4.8/5)

Physical combat game with Kratos’ powerful Axes. The set-up is an untamed forest and the gamers are up for exploration to this nature’s masterpiece. Free Camera makes the game appear real and the actions closer.

3. Jump Force, Standard Edition – PlayStation 4: (Rating 4.4/5)

The most powerful heroes are brought into the gaming world from Dragon Ball in this game.

4. Predator: Hunting Grounds – PlayStation 4: (Rating 3.8/5)

Hunting grounds is a thrilling online multiplayer game. You either hunt or be hunted.

5. Sniper Elite 4 – PlayStation 4: (Rating 4.5/5)

Can be a single-player or a 2-player game, this is the next level to the Sniper Elite games and with never seen actions in the world of sniper games.

Twitch games, a widely known and accepted name in the gaming world was bought by Amazon in 2014 and since then though there has been an increase in the public sphere of the platform, the world is still waiting For Amazon’s big break which could definitely be New World. Only time will tell. Recently Amazon also rebranded Twitch to be named Prime Gaming. The changes only feel like a better tomorrow for the company’s gaming zone. There is however the absolutely amazing response to Amazon’s other Prime venture like Prime video. The latest session of Modern Love and Our World, a touring show of Justin Bieber is breaking the internet.

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