Samsung Odyssey Neo G9: An Ultra-Widescreen Gaming Monitor Sensation


  • Gorgeous panel
  • More lighting zones
  • Brilliant picture quality


  • Super expensive
  • Heavy
  • You’ll need a beefy PC

This Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 review shows this to be one of the best gaming monitors ever made. It is not surprising, since Samsung’s original Odyssey G9 was just as interesting. There’s no denying this is a monster of a widescreen monitor – with 49 inches of screen real estate and a 1000R curvature to the monitor, you really feel like you’re part of the action and movies too. Similarly, the screen resolution remains unchanged at 5,120 x 1,440 pixels.

In this Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 review, we’ll cover everything you need to know so you can make an informed decision about this giant monitor, from its gaming performance to how easy it is to set up to the connections and ports it comes with. This will help you decide whether it’s the right purchase for you.

samsung odessey geo 9 review

Even if you cannot afford the additional cost, it’s well worth it. The monitor has amazing color and black levels that you simply won’t find on other gaming monitors. It’s a luxurious experience playing games on this thing, which makes the price tag at least a little reasonable.

There’s no denying that this monitor is impressive, but it clearly isn’t for everyone. However, for some, it will be perfect.

Design And Setup

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 is a large device. While it’s an ultrawide 49-inch monitor, the impact isn’t felt until you set it up on your desk from its box. This is not a monitor you can set up on your own – the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 requires assistance to set up, due to its sheer size. Additionally, the stand must be attached to the screen with a screwdriver, which isn’t the case with many other monitors. This monitor can also be mounted to the wall.

With the stand, the overall dimensions are 45.3 inches x 21.1 inches x 16.5 inches and the weight is 32 pounds. Putting this up will take up a lot of space, as the curves take up more space than you would think. The ports are also angled down, which makes plugging everything in a bit tricky, and the bulbous back is covered in white plastic and RGB LEDs.

odessey geo 9

In addition, the Odyssey Neo G9 features an intuitive on-screen menu that allows users to quickly adjust the screen’s key settings, change modes, and even use Picture-in-Picture if they have more than one input cable connected. The DisplayPort 1.4 port is followed by two HDMI 2.0 ports, two USB-A ports, one USB-B port, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.


In the same way that Samsung’s high-end TVs employ quantum mini-LED lighting, the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9’s LCD panel has a 32:9 aspect ratio. There is a significant improvement from last year’s model, which results in a stunning picture: games look great on this monitor, with rich and vivid colors, deep blacks, and not much ghosting. With HDR support, you’ll have a well-balanced panel that maintains detail.

You won’t be able to put into words how amazing this monitor is when you first use it. In the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9, Samsung managed to double the peak brightness from 1,000 nits in last year’s model to 2,000 nits. With HDR 2000, it’s the best HDR video you’ll find besides playing PC games on your top-of-the-line OLED TV.

In addition to that, Samsung has also developed Quantum Mini LED technology, which is featured in its latest QLED TVs. The monitor is absolutely stunning in games.  An HDR 2000 display like this really is a whole other world of brightness and color when compared to the HDR 400 displays we usually test – gaming monitors need to get their act together – and you’ll never want to give it up once you get it.

geo 9 ports

With the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9, you won’t just get a huge screen and a high resolution, you’ll also get a vibrant and colorful display, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 has a display with a resolution of 5,120 x 1,440, almost 4K. Although a monitor as expensive as the Neo G9 will need some room to grow, and its performance will be years away from being considered standard.


When it comes to gaming monitors with the best technology, this is the most extravagant and largest form factor you can get. Samsung’s Galaxy Odyssey Neo G9 retails for $1,849 in the UK, $2,499 in the US, so you’re definitely paying a lot for a lot of monitors.

A major negative is that it is simply too much for many people, not only because it is too expensive, but also because it is too big, too heavy and so on. A lot of gamers simply won’t need to go this far – and don’t forget you’re going to need a really powerful GPU setup to drive all of those pixels, so that’s another thing to consider.


In terms of gaming monitors, the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 is an excellent improvement over last year’s model. Despite its new look, the performance of this monitor remains unchanged. Samsung was already a standout in areas like motion with its VA panel, so this is good news.

The speed of this monitor will generally impress gamers. This panel has a 240Hz refresh rate, quick response times, and no dark level smearing issues that have plagued previous VA panels. This monitor has a variable refresh rate that’s great for gaming. It’s a huge and very immersive display with a perfect resolution that’s still playable on modern GPUs.

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Samsung Odyssey Neo G9: An Ultra-Widescreen Gaming Monitor SensationPros                    Gorgeous panel More lighting zones Brilliant picture quality Cons Super expensive Heavy You'll need a beefy PC This Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 review shows this to be one of the best gaming monitors ever made. It...