E-Fax Review – Using Internet & Its Protocols to Send a Fax

While efax includes various faxing and good mobile applications, it is highly costly and cumbersome to operate than competitors.

You can send and receive faxes using eFax, an online fax service, via a web interface or via your chosen customer. Firstly, we like the mobile app of the service and its flexibility to set international and toll-free numbers. However, eFax retains its high cost, installation fees, safety and performance difficulties, and difficult user experience on the web. Our editors’ choice winners are Fax. Plus and HelloFax in the online fax category because they offer excellent functionality and easy-to-use applications at a reasonable price.


How much do you charge for eFax?

Two premium eFax plans: Pro plus. eFax Plus is $16.95/month for 150 fax pages. eFax Pro is $19.95 per month and contains 200 faxes. Annual plans are cut. You can now cancel online.

For both membership categories, there is a one-time setup cost of $ 10. Only eFax requires a setup fee, which is a huge drawback. Overage charges are 10 cents per page.

In place of imposing page limits, we prefer fax providers like HelloFax and RingCentral Fax. A pool allows you to use all of your fax pages before they expire, for example.

It’s pricey to be a Plus or So the HelloFax 300-page pool costs $9.99/month. MetroFax was shown to be the cheapest. With a 1000 page fax pool for $12.95 per month, It costs $3.29 each month for 25 pages.

efax review

No free fax for eFax newbies. Both FaxPlus and HelloFax provide free monthly transmission choices. This is the finest free choice for up to five faxes every day. No more than three pages and a cover page per fax

Sending faxes to international numbers is extra. Each page might cost between 10 and 40 cents depending on the carrier and number. Reporting international fax expenses is misleading. For international faxes, we like HelloFax and Fax. Plus, the beneficiary’s location affects the deduction. For example, one-page Australian fax subtracts two pages. This saves money because the end-user pays nothing more.

Starting from eFax

Choose your nation when registering with eFax. US users can search by area code, state, and city. Your fax number may qualify for a free toll-free number (not at extra cost). eFax cannot provide valid fax numbers to customers (likely for the novelty). RingCentral Fax is one of the few.

eFax has lines in over 40 countries. MyFax is one of the few international numbers that allows online faxing.

Efax establishes your account and sends you to a landing page with a four-digit password. This passcode will be texted to you. Change your password, although we’ve had this problem for years. When users first sign up for eFax, they should be required to update their password (ideally using a password generator). Password managers exist to help remember better passwords.

Neither eFax supports two-factor authentication. Fax supports all 2FA methods. Also SRFax.

Web Interface and Configuration

eFax’s online interface reminds me of Hotmail from the late 1990s. It works but could be faster and more clunky. There are also some odd designs. For example, the home page icons are duplicates of the top-level menu items. Alternatively, you can double-click on the fax to open it in a new tab. You must also manually browse the attachment pages because not all interface views offer a full glimpse.

Fax messages can be tagged and filed. We like it. You may also manage contacts and access your fax history on your eFax website. A firm spokesperson stated that the company concentrates on mobile initiatives (see below), but users should not be limited to a particular fax platform.

Among the online fax services we tested, HelloFax has the prettiest and most current interface. If you don’t want to fight the service you use, these are your best options.

Web-based eFax Fax

It allows you to update personal and financial information as well as add up to five fax-forwarding emails. You can provide eFax documents as PDF, EFX, or TIFF files. The Help area covers basic questions and answers, as well as email and phone contact options. A more detailed user guide is available online.

When enabled, eFax security limits your eFax number and your passcode to access the faxes. This setting forces the SSL connection to always remain positive. If you choose these options, you can’t find, mark, sign, or remark on your faxes. If not.

A single pop-up window instead of five pages as with Nextiva Fax allows you to access the following feature. Add up to 50 recipients, a cover note, and 20 MB of files. The eFax includes FuseMail integration for file sharing up to 3GB via J2 Global’s FuseMail download service. Cloud storage and file synchronization services are much better.

Additional Fax Functions

efax app


eFax suggests utilizing OCR to search received faxes (OCR). In our tests, we found faxes by reading PDF fax attachments’ text.

EFax’s online interface allows you to add a digital signature, however, it is intrusive. Instead, utilize mobile or desktop apps. Your signature is easier to create than HelloFax’s. Fax users. Plus’ mobile apps can digitally sign documents. HelloFax and eFax are text editors for faxing.

J2, the owner of eFax, has launched a free signed document called a sign. The sign may eventually replace existing document signing methods, however, eFax users will be unaffected.

The Window of eFax Composite

Faxes are sent using email.

You can send faxes from the comfort of your email client if you do not like the web interface. A copy of every fax you receive is sent by default to your preferred e-mail address. You can also transmit faxes via email, like with other digital fax providers. Just enter the fax number of the receiver into the address area and add the extension to the 11 digit number “@efaxsend.com.” The topic and body shall be changed to the subject and body of the fax and any associated files shall be made available in additional pages by the receiver’s fax machine.

Before attempting this e-mail integration, please ensure that you send the fax from the email address you signed up for eFax or add another e-mail to your profile. Faxes have been sent by e-mail to a good test.

Mobile faxing and desktop applications.

Currently, only on Windows PCs, eFax Messenger, The new layout with crisp tabs is significantly superior. Your fax mailbox now syncs on the web. It can send and receive faxes. Messenger can also sign documents and stamp them (e.g. day, time, or approval status). We now prefer it over the eFax online interface. Both eFax and RingCentral Fax include Mac desktop apps.

eFax has an app for both. It worked on an Android 11 phone. It’s slick and easy to use, but it has faults. It also allows you to label your faxes by folder. Settings like email and billing information are available.

The ability to sign documents or add photographs is a novel feature. We could fax from the app.



  • The monthly subscription is expensive
  • We tried only the service at a setup charge of 10 dollars
  • Dated Internet Interface Severely
  • Insufficient security and authentication of two-factor passwords
  • Some quality problems in the testing of fax

My Experience

EFAX is one of the few services which we have examined and which offer international, free, and digital signatures, free of charge. We prefer its mobile and desktop applications, however, there’s a lot of web experience. However, our major complaint with eFax is its price: The cost of the service and a setup fee are a lot per month. In addition, we want eFax to provide two-factor authentication options and to increase the security of passwords during account configuration.

For sending faxes, we recommend HelloFax and Fax. Plus, both are more economical and intuitive editors’ choice winners. HelloFax also has a far better internet interface, while the advanced mobile app of Fax. Plus is the best.

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E-Fax Review - Using Internet & Its Protocols to Send a FaxWhile efax includes various faxing and good mobile applications, it is highly costly and cumbersome to operate than competitors. You can send and receive faxes using eFax, an online fax service, via a web interface or via your chosen customer. Firstly, we like the mobile...