My Name- Not the Best nor the Worst

There was a time when western movies, more specifically Hollywood movies, dominated the category of good movies. However, things are changing slowly but steadily. The Korean drama we are going to take a look at right now will surely serve as a good enough instance of the same. The Korean drama, my name, is a piece of art that remains true to its roots and yet infuses elements from contemporary mainstream action dramas that quite evidently help it to move forward in the market. Time and again Netflix has offered us great binge-worthy lists of shows and movies. Does this particular series fit into your list for the next weekend bingeing session? Scroll on and find out.

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What Is The Show About?

Much like most Korean dramas, family plays a pivotal role in My Name as well. Family is the basis of conflict and the reconciliation that follows.

The series kicks off when a father gets killed at the doorstep of his house, where he was to meet his daughter. As it turns out the father was always tangled in his gangster life; too busy to meet his daughter even. Alas, when he did find some time to meet up with his darling daughter, someone from the rival gang caught up to him first and killed him, as all the daughter could do was watch helplessly through the keyhole.

The daughter, Yoon Ji-woo, grows up to follow the footsteps of her father, dropping out of high school, and joining a gang. She, however, had a different motive from the very start. All she had in her mind was revenge. She wanted to find out the person who killed her father and avenge his death.

She goes on to join Dongcheon, whose leader was also the blood brother of the father. Once she proves herself worthy enough of surviving in the gangster world, she is given the task to go undercover into the cop life and get herself assigned to the narcotics department.

Things turn topsy-turvy as Yoon Ji-woo balance is her life as a gangster and a cop, and things become yet more complicated when an ex-gang member, who had been thrown out of Dongcheon following his attempt to rape Ji-woo, comes back with his own gang.

Amidst all such complications come on betrayals, friendships lost and gained, it obviously becomes difficult for Ji-woo to remain firm on her objective of revenge. Well, spoiler alert, she succeeds. But how? That’s for you to find out.

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What You Might Like!

The fact that I pointed this series out as a worthy inclusion to your bingeing list clearly says that there are quite a few very likable things about this movie.

The very first thing would be the genre of the series. There are some amazing action sequences and fighting scenes that would totally blow your mind. And especially so if you are an action lover. It is evident that a lot of hard work and training had gone into the fitness that the actors displayed on the screen.

The next thing I liked about the series was the variety of themes involved in it. Even though revenge stories have now become quite a cliché in the world of films, my name brings a certain freshness to it. It does not take a character and bees its entire personality on one sole objective in life. Even though Ji-woo keeps her focus on the fact that she is to avenge her father’s death, her character is also made to face various other difficulties along the journey as well. Those units become separate fears of struggle in her life and yet blends in quite effortlessly with her primary agenda as well.

Another thing I personally liked was that even though Ji-woo was made to undergo rigorous training as a member of a gang, never once was she made to act like a guy. In my opinion, it is a pretty difficult balance to maintain in a society where toughness and strength on most occasions get associated with a male figure.

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Things You Might Not Like!

The very first thing that I did not quite like in the series was the superhuman representation of the characters. They get stabbed and shot, and the very next moment they could be dancing about better than Michael Jackson, pulling off his moves better than himself. This exaggeration develops a certain sense of awe in us, but the audience soon becomes dreary of such sequences.

Again, even though I did compliment the action sequences a few lines ago, they do turn a bit monotonous at times. Most of the fighting sequences take place in narrow alleys or spaces where Ji-woo finds herself cornered by multiple other characters.

Also, the series has little identity of its own. It was quite a lot from the plot lines of Bittersweet Life, The Man from Nowhere, I Saw the Devil, and so on, and also borrows quite a bit of its action choreography from its predecessors such as The Villainess, Atomic Blonde, Daredevil, and so on. Even after such adoptions, the plot suffers and drags and quite a few places. There are times when you might feel too many family complications might have surfaced without any potential solutions or culminations insight.

As far as I feel, the series had a lot of potentials but failed to deliver all of it. It did not have the uniqueness of Hellbound (the upcoming next-month release) and nor did it deliver a satisfying wholeness similar to D.P. or Extracurricular. Maybe, I just had too much expectation coming to it directly after ending Squid Game.

In Conclusion

All in all, though, everything works out to be for the better. Even though while on the go, some of the elements introduced in the series seem unnecessary, it all blends into the one primary plotline that is existent throughout the series. So if you are an action lover, then I would suggest you go for it without a doubt. Someone who does not have such an admiration for action sequences no might not have the best time (but not the worst either) watching the series.

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Catch the trailer here on Youtube.

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My Name- Not the Best nor the WorstThere was a time when western movies, more specifically Hollywood movies, dominated the category of good movies. However, things are changing slowly but steadily. The Korean drama we are going to take a look at right now will surely serve as a good enough...