dB Meter App Review

Among the many things that keep our world turning are concerts, gunfire, jets, and aircraft carriers, to name a few. You may not be aware of the fact that some sorts of sounds may put you at risk of having your eardrum rupture, which is something you should be aware of. As an alternative, what are the sound levels that, if maintained for one hour to eight hours, are most likely to cause probable hearing loss?

What Does dB Meter Consist Of?

dB Meter is an app that allows you to use your smartphone to measure potentially harmful noises with unprecedented accuracy and precision. This tool can assist you in evaluating the decimals of noise and determining whether or not they are detrimental enough to cause permanent or temporary hearing loss as a result of noise exposure. As an example, assume you’re at a rock concert with a lot of noise surrounding you.

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How Do You Work With dB Meter App?

dB meter takes use of the Nor140, a high-precision sound level meter that is now in use to provide you with decibel measurements that are of professional quality. Consequently, it will be one of the most powerful noise meters available to iOS and Android app users. In addition, the Sound Level Measurement software allows you to save measurements and their locations, as well as to share them with other people. This software is used to measure the levels of unpleasant and ambient noise, as well as the levels of both. Sound Dezibel App costs a fraction of what most professional sound level meter devices cost, but it specifically states that it is not a substitute for a professional sound level meter device and should only be used for your usage, as indicated by the dB meter.

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dB Meter Features

  • Very precise lectures and amazing graphics
  • Save location information for every measurement
  • Specified measurement names
  • Measures of exports
  • Dba, dbc, dbb & dbz four forms of weightings
  • Noise measurements were recorded for saving, export, and playback
  • Spectrum Analyzer Integrated
  • Plot for FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)
  • Scales linear and logarithmic
  • FFT size up to 16384 (selective phones supported)
  • Functions for Window
  • Maximum volume of noise tracking
  • Decibel maximum and minimum for any frequency picked

In dB Meter, what’s new?

By updating the software, a variety of issues have been resolved, including bug fixes and the addition of a silent noise dosimeter warning, as well as a feature that allows the software to record data while running in the background and export it in CSV format, among other enhancements and additions to the software. Users can now customize their daily noise exposure to meet their specific needs and preferences by accessing the application’s settings menu through the application’s navigation bar. A future “choice option,” which will be offered to users, will allow them to pick whether they want to get noise alerts one at a time or all at once, as well as additional stability enhancements and features that will be made available in the future.

Sound Level Meter new feature

My Experience

dB Meter is one of the most basic methods for monitoring noise levels; however, users should be aware that, because the sound level measuring tool is free, they may be subjected to pop-up adverts as a result of using it. It is claimed by the developers that anyone who wishes to casually analyze the intensity of sound for less than 90 seconds will detect no difference. For users who wish to record for longer than 90 seconds or who wish to store a significant quantity of recordings, an upgrade to the Pro version is necessary. The fact that certain adverts for sound meters are one of the most powerful alternatives for sound meters, offering very precise results when measuring the maximum volume of noise, is worth emphasizing as a gratuitous service. We can be of service if you are looking for more tools to make your daily life easier and would like our app evaluations.

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dB Meter App ReviewAmong the many things that keep our world turning are concerts, gunfire, jets, and aircraft carriers, to name a few. You may not be aware of the fact that some sorts of sounds may put you at risk of having your eardrum rupture, which...