Calorie Counter by Lose It App Review

It’s not easy to burn calories. It’s a tough row. A recent survey found that 71% of Americans had gained weight throughout the epidemic and 63% of survey participants have said that long-term lock-down maintenance is difficult.

It’s about almost anyone battling to reduce weight, keep them away, and remain motivated and fit for this year-long pandemic. In this case, it’s difficult to walk, jog, ride a bike, or keep an active gymnasium member. So how are you going to overcome grocery stores, stick to computer displays, and watch Netflix binge?

With your smartphones, you can easily do that. We have provided you with an easy-to-use calorie counting software for weight loss and weight tracking. With the end of the app, you may easily achieve your weight loss objective by monitoring calories and checking your misting habits.

lose it app

Lose It was featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, CNET, Buzzfeed, CNN, Shape, Good Morning America and more with 40M+ active members, 32M+ food and workouts.

Lose It, a fast, easy-to-use Android and iOS application, is complete with tools that help you track diet, food and practice. Let us begin with a Lose it app review, including its qualities, ratings and reviews without further ado.

What’s an app for Lose It?

Lose A fitness and calories app that tracks your meals, diet, and activities to meet your fitness objectives. It establishes specific goals for yourself. It was produced by FitNow, Inc. and is accessible in the GPS and Apple App Store. It is also available online. Lose It app helps you with daily calory demands and supported millions of members on your trips to losses. It has more than 100M+ installs, 1.4M + active monthly users, 32M + food and workouts, 4.7 + app stores.

Lose It App Top Characteristics

The loose app does not only track calories, but also provides individualized food and calorie consumption recommendations. Here are the quick features you should examine if you’re serious about reducing or keeping weight.

  • Scanner Barcode

Lose it is equipped with a barcode scanner that allows you to scan food barcodes or search the database to track your carbon dioxide, macro-tracking, and calories.

  • Calorie and Food Tracking in a Snap

By using the camera icon, you may monitor calories and track mixed habits. Pick up a picture and know the carb number of your dish.

  • Nutrient tracking

The calories counter app tracks not only calories but also macro, protein, water, carbohydrates, sugar, body measures, sleep cycles. It measures your daily use of water so that you take a prescribed amount every day. Whether you are on a keto, vegan, or another diet, it helps you understand what nutrients matter to your body and how much you need during your daily path towards weight loss.

lose it review
  • App Syncs Fitness

Lose is one of the greatest calorie tracking applications, which integrates trackers, apps, and gadgets flawlessly such as Fitbit trackers, Misfit trackers, scales from Withings, Google Fit, Healthkit, and more.

  • Difficulties

Stay in the spotlight of your fitness scheme with your own or your buddies having a fun weight loss, fruit/veggie, health, and training challenges

  • Custom Food Planning & Objectives

With the Lose it App you have a unique weight loss strategy that will help you more efficiently and conveniently accomplish your health objectives. It delivers tailored macro, carb, protein, and overall calorie intake suggestions. It also customizes your diet plans based on the dietary practices that make this app the primary priority.

  • Get Recommendations for DNA-based Food

The software is very smart, identifies your everyday meals and calory consumption patterns, and updates what doesn’t work in the journey of weight loss.

  • 27M+ Personalised Recettes

The app contains a worldwide food store with 27M+ very delicious food products. You can recreate one with the elements. The shared dishes are easy to cook and fit into any diet – Keto, vegan food, vegan diet – or diet.

  • Online Weight Loss Programs Workout Guides and Free

Lost it free increases your fitness through everyday training routines, and gives a complete training library that guides you every time and wherever to succeed in weight reduction. The online weight reduction programs and nutrition regimens are created exclusively to lose pounds.

lost it app review

Why do you have to lose it downloading?

The main reason why this weight loss software is downloaded is obviously to lose weight. But why is Lose It – Calorie tracker the best among all weight reduction apps? However, your calorie tracking applications connect you to nutritionists, dieticians, coaches, and trainers who are appropriate to monitor your weight loss. View how losing it makes a difference to the download application.

  • Our members dropped more than 80 million pounds of weight
  • 27+ million food products in the global database of the big food library
  • The challenge of weight loss with Lose It was taken by 40+ million active users!
  • 25+ macro, carbon, calorie, and health objectives must be selected
  • Calorie and diet tracking data for 3 days
  • The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, Women’s Health, CNET, Buzzfeed, Shape, CNN, Good Morning America, etc.


  • Weight loss plans personalized
  • Follow your food, macro tracking diet
  • Excellent history with a weight loss of 80M+ pounds
  • Intuitive logging is one of the greatest online weight loss trackers
  • Intelligent camera for carbohydrates
  • Sync applications and devices for health.
  • Tracking of water
  • Scanner of barcode
  • Community assistance
  • Report and views
  • Apps and sync devices connected
  • Advanced follow-up
  • Android and iOS are available


  • Includes advertisements
  • Very costly.

My Experience

If not done correctly, loss of weight can be uncomfortable. Thanks to Lose It, weight reduction with individual weight loss plans, super delicious recettes, interactive workouts, weight loss activities, and other weight-loss applications has been super easier. Once we download the app, it is quick, easy to use with many incredible features that push you to stay in the app till your fitness objectives are achieved. Also, an app like Lose is a terrific place to begin if you’re new to the diet or don’t know how to lose weight and keep it off. Have you such a wonderful thing as Lose It? Our staff will review your app and support you by introducing it to the relevant audience. You can check your app from us.

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