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It’s already more bubbling than we would want to acknowledge the line between social media and social media apps. After all, social media platforms act as a service of communication, and only one audacious DM is required to change a platonic conversation into a romantic one. Clover relies on the way social media already appeals to the sick through clever adoption of various community characteristics on sites like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitch. It’s an app for dating, therefore it’s all right to be mainly thirsty.

Starting with Clover

Although Clover (free with premium options) takes a lot of information out of social media, it is its independent service with its account. This isn’t Dating Facebook. You can signup on to your Facebook or Snapchat account, but depending on the mobile operating system that you use, you can also use your email credentials or Apple/Google accounts. On Android and iOS smartphones, Clover is available. I tried 12 mini mainly on an iPhone. The web version is missing from Clover.

clover dating app

You have basic questions about yourself and what you desire in a relationship during the registration procedure. How are you looking for relationships? Do you smoke? Do you smoke? Which are your age and location? Make your profile flesh by identifying likes like animals, mode, and workouts. At least one picture of oneself must be submitted before you can communicate with others.

Settings for Clover Dating

The bright photographs and the smooth layout offer the app a high-quality, Hinge-like feel. Some of the stock photographs are quite objective, especially in terms of various sorts of physique. Also, it should be specified who Clover regards as its target audience, breakage categories into ’24-23′ and ’30+.’ An early query asks how amazing you are. If you don’t have to stop at a spot, it’s on a dating app.

Interface Profiles

Initially, the environment of Clover felt better for fast hookups such as our Choice of Editors Tinder than permanent links, like our other Choice of the Editors Pick Match. Although you swipe numerous beautiful faces, the app provides opportunities to learn more about your prospective companion. Profiles show whether an individual looks or does not for a relationship that is flying or serious. Another user who shares these interests is to tap interest in a person’s biography so that you can navigate more effectively.


You can also play 20 questions in a game and compare your answers with the answers of others. They are closer to the prompts of OkCupid than the analytical quiz of harmony. You’re chaotic or organized? Are you spontaneous or predictable? Are you interested in Mac or PC? You can choose one of the Clover pre-written icebreakers like “You are great trendy” or “Hey babe, your place AND mine??” when you decide to send the first message. You can always ban and report to someone who is a jerk. Recommend them to a friend if anybody’s not suited for you.

Socialization of Clover

Perhaps the most difficult component of internet dating is the online shift from online to reality (particularly in a COVID-19 environment). Fortunately, Clover offers some of the best-integrated features we saw to assist customers to arrange their real dates. Users can tell whether or not a date is of interest to them. You can also ask for a date directly. For searching dates available, tracking pending dates, and scheduling confirmed dates, there is an entire tab.

However, chatting and scheduling dates are not the only way to communicate with users of Clover. You can also join Mixers, communities that are essentially little forums in which messages are posted. Most of these forums are, of course, romantic. Awkward individuals socially. Nice guys, girls who want. Others, though, are committed to certain interests. Perhaps in the wine community or among the Walking Dead devotees, you will find the love of your life. It makes Clover’s global ecology so much more attractive to consumers of varied ways of approaching communication.

clover dating app

Premium Supplements and Social Distance

Clover is technically free, but you require the premium subscription and all the other features included to get the most out of that. In general, the capability of video chat, excellent for secure and socially detached virtual dating, cannot be used by free users while the COVID-19 pandemic is raging over the world. Clover’s ability to video chat puts several other dating applications ahead of them.

Dating Bonus for Clover

Other premium features include limitless instant chat and date requests, images and other multimedia content, powerful filtering and sorting, free weekly profile boosts, removal of ads, and the ability to see who you are. A one-week Clover subscription is $19.99, three-month $74.99, and one-year $119.99. This is a costly beginning, but the longer you commit, the faster the price becomes acceptable. There is also a free trial for a week.

In addition to video chatting, premium Clover members can see and broadcast live streaming services akin to Instagram Live or a video game. You may track users and watch or stream their streams. You can see a live match of your own, although the Clover aspect feels a little apart from the usual dating characteristics. Only POF provides similar products.

clover dating app review

These Webcam feeds may occasionally feel a bit succumbed like with most live streaming sites. Bumble is still the app of choice for female empowerment. Clover requires users to abstain from abusive and overtly sexual comments. You can earn gems as a streamer from viewers who subsequently get real money. It’s quite cool, but it also gives the idea that some people are here to increase their trendy credit for influencing rather than dates. For you, this is social media. However, Clover allows people to interact in another innovative fashion

My Experience

Clover is a robust matching app for you regardless of whether you want to book actual dates, hang up in the online community or watch video broadcasts. Its quick and modern appearance and sensation make it comparable to the choice of Tinder for our hookup editors. However it might also compete with Match, our editors’ choice for long-lasting love, based on the number of success stories in our blog, Clover. In anyhow you utilize this, there is something for everyone in Clover’s various social media eschew features.

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Clover – Live Stream Dating AppIt's already more bubbling than we would want to acknowledge the line between social media and social media apps. After all, social media platforms act as a service of communication, and only one audacious DM is required to change a platonic conversation into a...