Best External Hard Drives Of 2021

You will be able to keep your digital life organized if you keep an external hard drive on hand. External hard drives ensure easy mobility and secure access to important files. The best external hard drive will make it easy for you to transfer large files between computers if you have multiple computers at home but a slow local network. The best external hard drives will give you continuous access to large files at work and at home if you carry one in your pocket or backpack. Fast data transfer speeds and portability are the hallmarks of a compact external hard drive.

Regularly backing up your computer with one of the larger, HDD-based external hard drives is a good idea. SSD-based drives are the ideal way to create and store a second backup for peace of mind.

External Hard Drives

Unlike a few years ago, these drives are not slow and heavy. The drives here all use the USB 3.0 standard, which is much faster than the old USB 2.0 standard. Several of them utilize the faster USB 3.1 and 3.2 standards, while one utilizes the Thunderbolt 3 standard.

5 Best External Hard Drives

1. Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC

Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC

If you want to save a lot of money, Buffalo’s MiniStation Extreme NFC external hard drive could be a perfect choice. Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers and comes with a rugged case that is dust- and water-resistant, along with a USB 3.0 cable.

Your data is also protected from drops and knocks thanks to the rugged shell and 256-bit AES security measures as well as NFC. This enables you to unlock the drive and access your files quickly and easily by tapping an NFC card onto the drive’s body.

However, this product is only available in the United States.

2. Lenovo Portable 1TB

Lenovo Portable 1TB

By providing additional space to your computer, Lenovo claims the external hard drive will improve its performance. It should be possible to transfer and store files at high speeds with USB 3.0. Lightweight and slim, the hard drive should be easy to carry around. There is a claim that its body is shockproof, anti-static, and pressure-resistant, as well as having a soft underside. Lenovo offers an external hard drive that is competitively priced and provides secure data storage.

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 3. Sandisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD

Sandisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD

SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD delivers all the features you need from an external hard drive. This item is small and light enough to fit in your hand without getting lost in your pocket or bag. This USB 3.1 portable SSD has a sequential read speed of 1,050MBps. General encryption is also applied by the SanDisk Secure Access application.

Despite its price, the drive is a bit too bulky to fit easily on a keychain, and the carrying loop is too large to be attached to the drive. As a storage device, it’s excellent for heavy everyday use. 

 4. Wd My Passport SSD

Wd My Passport SSD

It may not look like its travel-friendly namesake, but the WD My Passport SSD with USB 3.2 is ready when you are. The product is small and attractive, with a shiny ridged surface and a choice of five snazzy colors (blue, gold, gray, red, and silver). Through My Passport SSD’s software application, you can access My Cloud Home Storage as well as download other WD utilities.

We tested several 1TB drives and this is one of the most expensive. Moreover, the drive’s cable is extremely short: 6.5 inches, which can pose a problem when using it on either a laptop or desktop computer.

5. Samsung Portable SSD T7

Samsung Portable SSD T7

Although it’s a little bigger and heavier, the Samsung Portable SSD T7 looks the same as the Samsung T5. The 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB capacities are available in Indigo Blue, Titan Gray, and Metallic Red color variations.

The biggest difference is that Samsung rates the drive at 1,050 MBps, while we saw much higher results in our testing. It completed one of our files copy tests 20 seconds faster, for instance. This is one of the most expensive drives we’ve seen. As long as you value the Samsung name, the drive’s design, and the speed over value considerations, the T7 will satisfy your needs.


Listed here are some of the best External Hard Disks currently available on the market. There will always be a challenge in choosing one out of them. Each device will have its own reviews and there are so many factors that you must consider. You should pick the one that is compatible with your gaming needs, has ample storage, and has quick read and write speeds.

Do not worry about taking a little time out of your day to do this. Hopefully, you can find your favorite hard disk in the above list of the best hard disks.

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