Jumbo- A Powerful Privacy Assistant

The online world offers many perks. Sadly though, privacy is not one of them. The online world is keeping a track of all your activities at all times. Most sites claim that they use the information we provide to customize search results for us. That is indeed true to a great extent. However, at the same time, that information can also be used in other ways if and when the site owners want to do so. So, you are never out of range for these people.

Now, generally speaking, it is not an issue most of the time. But, still, why should you make your life so open? And there must have been times when this might have crossed your mind. Some day you might have thought about turning off your location, blocking all access to your personal information. All you lacked was the machinery to carry on with the thought. Well, now, you have that! Jumbo is here to help you out.

This app gets rid of the undesired tracking that you have been wanting to get rid of for so long. Wondering what exactly the app has in store for you? Here you go then! Read along and take a look at all the amazing features of the application.

About the Application

While posting and sharing on the various social media apps seem fun and a great way to keep your friends updated (and your haters jealous) about your latest achievements, there are certain downsides to that feeling of ecstasy too. The moment you share your latest information the app takes note of it. Most of us would not like to be under such strict regulation and sleuthing.

Enter Jumbo!

What does Jumbo do? Now, even though most of the sites or apps that use your information have their respective privacy policies that they (hopefully) follow. However, keeping track of all those privacy terms and conditions is not a humane task. And how many such privacy policies would you remember?

Jumbo helps you gain back control over the information provide and the information the sites get to view and use. It scans the site you could be viewing and analyzing their services and offer you recommendations that you could use to better the privacy of your online life. You just select the recommendation you feel would be most appropriate for you and Jumbo will implement the action for you.

Now, you might be thinking that how does Jumbo provide you the suitable recommendation? Does it not mean that it too uses a certain amount of information? Quite surprisingly, the app does not store your information. It accesses the site directly from your device, so it does not require you to store any of the information used to be stored in their servers. They have nothing at their disposal that they could sell to or share with a third party.

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Features Offered by Jumbo

The app is pretty unique in its functionality. So it is apparent that the app has some pretty unique features. And it sure enough it does. The app provides different kinds of protection depending on which your recommendations will be styled.


  • Provides two-factor authentication
  • For the dark web

Digital footprint 

  • Remove old Facebook posts and tweets and search history without leaving tracks.


Data leaks

  • Secure your profile information.
  • Reduce visibility on your posts and regulate who can view them.

If you still have some doubts then take a look below. Here is a more elaborate discussion on how the application helps you out.

  • Better the security of Google, Facebook accounts along with your other social media and online accounts.
  • Look into the dark web and look out for data breaches.
  • Get a reduced number of undesired robocalls.
  • A new feature that is to be to be introduced would also let you change your actual information such as your phone number, address, mail id, and other such info from data brokers. You could also track the dark web looking for any compromise committed on your personal information. This feature would also make it easier to browse the web while your data remains the same and encrypted.
  • You also get to delete your Tweets from Twitter, old Facebook posts, old photos from Instagram, and even remove voice recordings from Alexa.
  • You can turn off the facial recognition feature of Facebook, limit Google from using or viewing your search history. Overall, you get to avoid the fear of the sites or apps sharing your information or selling the same to third-party servers.
  • Using Jumbo you can regulate who can see your public profiles. You can also restrict the number of people who can tag you on your accounts and review the tags on the posts before they even show up on your Facebook timeline.
  • You also get to browse LinkedIn in private mode, thereby limiting the amount of data shared. And with the new feature that is on its way, you can also remove your data from data brokers.


In this modern age and time, it is essential to protect your data from the hands of offensive activities. And that is something only you, as the owner of the info, can do. Jumbo helps you in the process. So, without any further delay get it installed on your phone and get going!

It has a very simple and fair-paying system. They offer you a range for both the Plus and Pro plans, and you need to choose an amount you feel would be in accordance with the service you received.

Download the app today!

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Jumbo- A Powerful Privacy AssistantThe online world offers many perks. Sadly though, privacy is not one of them. The online world is keeping a track of all your activities at all times. Most sites claim that they use the information we provide to customize search results for us....