“You” Season 3- A Look At The Road Ahead

Browning’s abnormal lovers are known for their exaggerated amount of love for their partners and their desire to gain eternal possession over their soulmates. However, even if you have not read about them, you are sure to have come across such individuals in real life too who have an unhealthy obsession over their better halves. Well, You is about one such psychopath who is obsessed in a supremely unhealthy manner when it comes to his relationships.

The first season had started off quite good but you know the thing about such thrillers, right? As you are deeper into the heads of such messed-up people and delve deeper into their brainchildren, the better it gets. The same happens with “You”. Even though the first season had been a hit, only when the series comes up with its other installments do you get the proper taste of the spices involved?

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Now, I understand what you might be thinking- why would (or rather should) someone celebrate such an unhealthy behavior? Well, firstly, the series does not celebrate the behavior. It is a piece of art and creation that has stemmed from the people we see around us. And second, well, have you seen those cheekbones?!

So, if you have been waiting for another installment of those jaw-dropping cheekbones then here you go with the Season 3 of You, all set to be released on the 15th of October, 2021. Here is a look at the road ahead.

What does season 3 look like?

The primary storyline follows the life of Joe Goldberg who is a bookstore manager in New York and ends up falling for an aspiring writer, Guinevere Beck. Following this, our lead becomes obsessively obsessed with her causing her life to turn into a nightmare.

Season 2 takes up from THE cliffhanger of season 1. The show misleads the audience into believing that Joe has killed his (ex) girlfriend Candace (a fair assumption, honestly). However, in the final scene, Candace makes an appearance confronting Joe.

Into the Second Chapter, Joe presents himself as Will Bettelheim, following which he attempts to move on from the fact that he killed his girlfriend, Guinevere Beck, and her friend, Peach Salinger, while at the same time trying to escape Candace.


As Will, Joe now fixes his eyes on a new love interest, Love Quinn. Did you know Quinn is a name of Irish origin that could be roughly translated to meaning ‘wise’? The name of the love interest therefore could be interpreted as someone who is wise even in love. Sounds cool, right? But turns out that Love might have been a bit too wise probably. The first thing she does is to kill off Candace and Delilah, further securing her relationship with our protagonist.

Season 3 opens with Joe and Love embarking on their new journey (and misadventures) of their married life together. They even a baby and move to the Northern Californian enclave of Madre Linda. Their neighborhood proves to be a very bad choice for two murderers on the loose, really. The neighborhood is filled with tech experts and judgy moms.

However, Joe believes he can still redeem himself and is committed to his new role of a father and a husband. And while Joe is skeptical of his wife’s lethal impulsiveness, Love, too, is not sure whether living under the same roof as a person such as her husband would be very beneficial for their baby. Meanwhile, Joe starts to wonder whether if the woman of his dreams, the woman he had been searching for all his life, could be living right next door. But to escape the bars of the prison of a marriage with a woman who is wise enough to catch all the tricks he has up his sleeves would not be an easy job even for Joe.

About the trailer and the cast

The new trailer follows the married life of Joe and Love as the two ‘psychopaths’ attempt to escape their past in order to build a future and life worth living for their baby. It is as Joe is seen claiming in the video released announcing the release date of the third season of the season- he will try his best to become a person that Henry (the newborn) would be proud to call a dad. But is that even possible? Can you ever escape yourself in such a neat manner? Well, at least it is not easy, especially when you are married to an equally unstable individual.

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti co-lead season 3 of the show. The plot follows the misadventures of an obsessive lover turned serial killer and has been adapted from the thriller novel written by Caroline Kepnes by the same name, You. The season has an ensemble cast of Shalita Grant, Tati Gabrielle, Dylan Arnold, Michaela McManus, Travis Van Winkle, Scott Speedman, Chan-Kent, Ben Menhl, Christopher Sean, and Chris O’Shea.

Catch the trailer here at

Last words

Even though season 3 is still not out there in the market in full swing, Netflix has already declared a season 4 on its way; that is how confident they are about the success of the show. And why shouldn’t they be anyway? The twists and turns in the new season promise even better ones ahead. There are many questions answered and some of those answers spark further questions resulting in further mysteries and thrills. The performances of Badgley and Pedretti are mesmerizing and captivating as well along with the entire cast. They make the plot more bewitching making it difficult for the viewers to stop even if they feel overcome by fear at times.

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“You” Season 3- A Look At The Road AheadBrowning’s abnormal lovers are known for their exaggerated amount of love for their partners and their desire to gain eternal possession over their soulmates. However, even if you have not read about them, you are sure to have come across such individuals in real...