Best Fitness Tracker Watch For 2021- Track Your Progress!

A fitness tracker can help you stay healthy and more active by tracking your activity, sleep, and general health. A fitness tracker can further help you determine how hard to work out.

Fitness trackers are extremely personal, just like every piece of equipment you wear every day on your body. As well as being comfortable and attractive, they should also accommodate your lifestyle, as well as when and how you like to work out. With fitness trackers, you can measure your heart rate, check your blood oxygen levels, and track your swimming. Some can be used for many different things when not working out, such as paying for groceries, playing music, answering texts, etc.

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It can be difficult to decide which fitness tracker or fitness watch is right for your needs out of so many devices available. In dozens of hours of testing, we explored fitness products, running, cycling, swimming, and even sleeping to see which stood out, and which didn’t.

Check Out Our List Of The Best Fitness Watches And Trackers.

1. Fitbit Charge 4


 Reasons To Buy

  • Accurate, fast GPS
  • A big community of users
  • Good design

Due to its GPS capabilities, the Fitbit Charge 4 is our top pick as one of the best fitness watches and trackers. Your runs, hikes, and other outdoor activities will be displayed on a map using Charge 4. The application also displays heart rate zones, elevation, pace, and calories burned. This information is also overlaid on the route itself, so you’ll know where you had to exert the most effort along the way.

To better understand sleeping patterns, Charge 4 uses a SpO2 pulse oximeter sensor. With the Charge 4, Fitbit has added the first contactless Fitbit Pay functionality to their fitness trackers. In terms of a wearable with a wide range of features, this is an excellent choice.


2. Garmin Forerunner 245


Reasons To Buy

  • Accurate GPS and a heart-rate monitor
  • Easy to read in the sunlight
  • Customizable interface
  • Onboard music storage

One of our favorite sports watches is the Garmin Forerunner 245. Aside from the fact that it’s compact, light has a colorful screen and is easy to read in bright sunlight, this running watch is also equipped with GPS.

Forerunner 245 also has onboard music storage, so you don’t have to carry around your smartphone while you run. Additionally, the 245 tells you how long you need to rest between runs and calculates your V02 max score. A charge for such a full-featured GPS watch lasts for about a week of workouts. It can be confusing to navigate both the watch and the app on Garmin’s part.

3. Apple Watch Series 6


Reasons To Buy

  • Blood oxygen (SpO2) app
  • Brighter always-on display
  • New colorful casings
  • Faster charging

The Apple Watch Series 6 is not the cheapest Apple Watch on the market. In terms of fitness trackers, this is an excellent gadget. With an even brighter screen and an added blood oxygen reader (SpO2), we loved the always-on display and the collection of health features. The watch offers 14 quick-start workout modes, including running, cycling, walking, and strength training, as well as the option to add new workouts via the Workout app. Last year, Apple launched Apple Fitness Plus, which offers hundreds of workout programs.

Its downside is its battery life of 18 hours, which is much less than some of the other trackers on our list.

4. Amazon Halo


Reasons To Buy

  • Barely-there fit and feel
  • Excellent companion app
  • Tone analysis can be fascinating among the best fitness trackers on the market, Amazon Halo is a $99 exercise tracker with a $3.99 monthly service that provides a comprehensive list of health metrics and ‘labs’ for helping you reach your wellness goals. Alexa is not present, even though this is a device from Amazon. With the built-in microphones, the band listens to how you speak and determines your emotional state based on how you speak. With the Halo app, you can see the voice quality, sleep quality, and activity points that you have accrued.

Through the Amazon Halo app, you can also scan your body in 3D, which, with the help of artificial intelligence, tells you how much fat you have and gives you a preview of how you might look when you lose it. Furthermore, if you choose your own adventure, you can improve your overall wellness with the large library of third-party labs.

5. Xiaomi Mi Band 6


Reasons To Buy

  • Affordable price
  • Bigger, colorful display
  • Useful smart features
  • Good battery life
  • Lots of sports tracking modes
  • Accurate resting heart rate readings

Cheap, good fitness trackers are what make Xiaomi’s trackers so popular. In fact, they’re really affordable. Xiaomi’s Mi Band 6 has similar fitness features and accuracy to some more expensive fitness trackers. There’s two-week battery life if you only use it occasionally, and it tracks many of the same metrics as the other devices. Though it shouldn’t take its success for granted, Xiaomi is moving in the right direction with its Mi Band line.

Introducing Xiaomi’s Mi Band 6 fitness tracking device for 2021 with SpO2 tracking. As is typically the case for a wearable in this price range, the Mi Band 6 offers a wide range of features. 


How do you find a fitness tracker that meets your needs, and how do you use it to help you live a healthier life? Fitness trackers are not all the same and choosing the best one can be challenging. The fitness tracker that is right for you will depend on your needs and lifestyle activities. We have compiled a list that can assist you in selecting the best fitness bands for 2021.  Healthy and fit lifestyles can be achieved with any one of the 5 products above.

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