Peaky Blinders- the Journey Till Now and a Sneak Peek Into the Last Season

With season six just around the corner Peaky Blinders, fans are awaiting its release with much anticipation while there’s also a new set of fans rising (thanks to the pandemic). People are trying to catch up with shows that they might not have got the time to catch up with owing to the pressure of their daily lives. With a little bit of free time in the hands last year, Netflix has gained quite a few new subscribers. Among those subscribers are also new and potential fans of the Peaky Blinders series.

Peaky Binders

In this block I’m going to discuss what the cities have been about till its fifth season, what are its aspects that you might like or might not like, and more importantly about season 6 and all sorts of twists and turns that the season is making the fans speculate and anticipate. Let’s get going with the deliberations then.

Primary information for the fan-to-be

Peaky Blinders is supposed to have gotten its moniker from gang members stitching razor blades onto the top of their flat hats. In battle, they could easily cut their opponents’ faces, eyes, and foreheads with their caps. Peaky Blinders technically follows the Shelby family, an outlaw group who penetrated late-nineteenth-century England — the Shelbys were not reported to be actual individuals, but the Peaky Blinders gang did exist.

About the Series

Thomas Shelby is one of television’s most enticing characters. Not only because Cillian Murphy, who plays the titular gang’s leader, has the most piercing eyes to ever grace a screen. Tommy Shelby, the second oldest of the Shelby siblings, quickly establishes himself as an imposing force to be reckoned with, enacting a heinous plot to extend the Peaky Blinders’ influence by toppling a more powerful gang’s bookmaking and horse racing company. Season one begins in 1919, only months after World War I, during which many of the key characters served as sappers, burrowing behind enemy lines and detonating explosives.

peaky binnders

The post-war time backdrop not only gives a chance for gorgeous costumes—I’ll get to that in a minute—but it also provides a crucial contextual basis for the Shelby brothers, the gang, and their burgeoning commercial endeavors. Peaky Blinders is a mood piece, with its smoggy, industrial Birmingham backdrop, unexpected characters, and distinct aesthetic.

It seems to reason that the series is accompanied by a similarly gloomy soundtrack—and the way it delivers. While historical music is used on occasion, the sitcom never feels obliged to keep to its era. The brooding musical tone is created right away, thanks to the gritty “Red Right Hand,” which acts as the title tune for Peaky Blinders. Peaky Blinders is one of our favorite BBC shows for a variety of reasons.

But if I had to pick one element that distinguishes this series from its contemporary competitors, it would have to be the show’s handling of female characters. While the men were the ones sporting those bladed caps, the ladies on the show are just as scary. It is their intelligence and daring that propels them to the top of the program as the true gangsters.

peaky binders movie review

“When there are no rules, women take charge.” -Tatiana Petrovna

Much of the first series takes place in a setting where the First World War has just ended. During the war, the men were recruited in the armies to serve their nations. In such a scenario the women took over the responsibilities of the workplace while at the same time, of course, maintaining the households as well. This set of women, therefore, had known what freedom tasted like. They were also confident that they could manage their lives without having a man to fall back upon. And they were not ready to let it go just yet. Peaky Blinders focuses on such women and gives them the respect and admiration that they deserve.

The ladies on the show aren’t scared to say what they think. For instance, if we were to take Polly Gray, probably the series’ most prominent and fascinating female character. She is a woman who does not feel the need to keep up a sugary feminine approach to life. Polly has no qualms about ordering the males in the family around and showing them their place whenever necessary, and she is feared and respected by everyone around her. We were hooked from the first time we saw her when she was shown putting a pistol to John’s head in the first season.

A little note on what you might not like though is through the excessive use of slow motions and songs. I mean I do understand that these are to further develop the plot and the vibe. But sometimes it just seemed as though Steven Knight and the team exploited it at times.

PeAky Binders review

What does season 6 look like?

Short answer- Season 6 looks pretty good.

Long answer- Despite the fact that the next season is still a long way off, we do have some storyline details. We know, for example, that Tommy will face a new fascist antagonist. Director Anthony Byrne claims that a new female character will double Tommy’s burden of battling fascism after his – let’s be honest – rather hare-brained plot involving a mentally disturbed and cocaine-addled sharpshooter failed to knock Mosley off.

We also know it will resume off where the season five cliffhanger had left off. Byrne has stated that the last frame of season five, which featured Tommy screaming and holding a pistol to his head in a foggy field, will be the frame we see in the first episode of season six.


We do not know how many times the ghosts are to come back and what is to happen to the gang. Furthermore, Knight’s statement on Season 6 and the series- “While the TV series will be coming to an end, the story will continue in another form”, has got the fans speculating more than ever. It might not that be soon, but soon enough the season is to release in the first half of the coming year.

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Peaky Blinders- the Journey Till Now and a Sneak Peek Into the Last SeasonWith season six just around the corner Peaky Blinders, fans are awaiting its release with much anticipation while there’s also a new set of fans rising (thanks to the pandemic). People are trying to catch up with shows that they might not have got...