Falling Inn Love- Classic Tropes But Fresh Look

With the pandemic taking a toll on me I decided to switch from the more intense plots of Breaking Bad or Peaky Blinders to do something a little light. Personally, I feel in such scenarios romantic comedies are the best option to go with. They are light and breezy, they make you laugh, or at least smile and the way in which two naive characters, on more occasions reluctant to accept the fact that they are in love, grow up and go onto enjoy (well at least I do hope they do) their time together is a perfect way to turn down the blazing horns of crisis in my head. It makes me feel the world isn’t that bad a place to live in after all (maybe)! And, of course, the cheesy scenes are a bonus.

That is exactly how I found out about this sweet Netflix creation. Falling Inn Love has all that I just mentioned above. But it also has a certain freshness that appeals to the audience. So when I was watching the movie I felt it might be a good idea for others out there to relax and zone out a little bit from the hectic daily life, much as our female lead, Gabriela, hopes to.

Let’s take that lead into the story of the movie and then as you read on you will see I have put in the stuff that I liked, I feel others might like, and also the sections I believed were unnecessary or straight up not okay. So that could sever you as a guide and help you decide whether you would like to give the movie a watch or not.

How does the movie develop?

Tired of the lemons that life had been throwing at her consistently for a while now, Gabriela besides that she needs a break. She needs to get out of this daily dull routine. As you might know from watching other romantic films, stuff work out pretty conveniently at times. So Gabriella chance is upon this advertisement about an inn being sold, in the countryside of New Zealand. She writes the 400 words essay that the advertisement required, stating exactly why she wanted the in and why she would be the perfect buyer, submits it, and wakes up the next morning to see that (surprise surprise!) she had won the custody of the inn.

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Without wasting another minute she sets off to pack her bags and both are planned to New Zealand. (Told you! These movies can be oddly convenient at times).

She is the typical city girl in the countryside and so while looking for a tower in her cell phone she lets go of her baggage which then runs downhill to smash into the car of our male lead, Jake.

Their first interaction did not go well. But as destiny would have it, Gabriela kept on running into Jake at every corner of the town. Turns out Jake was a handyman, a volunteer firefighter, and much more, and Gabriella needed quite a lot of work done in her new inn. Turns out the Inn that Gabriela had seen online was not in its best yours currently. In fact, it was on the verge of falling down. She needed help. Jake was there to help.

Throughout the time start the duo worked on the house to make it inhabitable, Cupid did his best to make them meet. There were quite a few moments that made sparks fly all over the place.

However, Gabriela and Jake, both have a past that they are currently fighting. They are still struggling to move on. And things become yet more difficult when a bed and breakfast owner wants to get hold of the inn and at the same time Gabriela’s ex-boyfriend Eddie turns up out of nowhere to make settlements for the inn.

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My Perceptions

Honestly, I am a bit of a fan of the rom-com genre. So for me, the movie was great! However, if and when I were to look at it in a more critical light, there are quite a few issues that could arise.

For instance, the plot itself. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, both of them are naive and do not want to acknowledge their feelings about one another unless that last moment when they realize that the world can wait but they cannot wait any longer for one another. Sounds too cheesy? Well, most romantics movies are so.

However, if this were to be your sole problem with the movie, I would urge you to rethink. Yes, the movie does have all those classical tropes but the main leads are individuals of their own. What I liked especially was the female lead. Gabriela is not the Cinderella of the 21st century. She knows what she wants in life, and if and when she doesn’t, she figures it out herself. She does not cling to a man for support. She is a feminist through and through.

There were some other more critical issues with the movie was though. For instance, the bed and breakfast owner who wanted to inherit the inn was very annoying and distracting. There were also certain turns in the plot that was too predictable and some very repetitive (take Gilbert the goat for instance).

However, there were certain places where I felt the team had done an excellent job. The side characters especially had a very calming and tranquil presence. The movie also succeeded in portraying a very Disney-like and peaceful countryside milieu.

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Last Words

The movie does not project that everything remains fine at all times period sometimes even the most precious of her belongings can get snatched away from you by life. But life also has its way to bring back a smile of another kind on your face. Even though this movie was one of those cheesy romantic comedies, I felt it did have so it in deeper aspects to discuss and delve into.

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Falling Inn Love- Classic Tropes But Fresh LookWith the pandemic taking a toll on me I decided to switch from the more intense plots of Breaking Bad or Peaky Blinders to do something a little light. Personally, I feel in such scenarios romantic comedies are the best option to go with....