Best Pos Systems For 2021

The best POS systems, also called point of sale systems, allow you to accept payment quickly and easily. An efficient POS system adds value to your business by ringing up sales, tracking inventory, and helping your customer service representatives be more effective. And that’s just scratching the surface. In this article, we discuss how POS systems make your business more profitable and upsell your products or services at every step along the sales process.

A POS system can offer more than just sales tracking; it can provide real-time customer insights, digital marketing, third-party integration, and employee monitoring. You will undoubtedly experience better business efficiency, from re-stocking to rewarding repeat sales with retail POS systems.

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Most POS systems consist of four main parts: a screen to display and manage information about sales, a card reader, a receipt printer, and a program that connects all of these components. Barcode scanners are also an essential part of this system in retail sectors. The POS system is also sometimes referred to as an ePOS system, where the ‘e’ stands for ‘electronic‘. 

What Is The Cost Of A Pos System?

It’s common to pay for hardware once, and for software and additional services monthly, though some providers don’t charge you monthly, all fees are taken from transactions.

For POS hardware such as payment screens, card readers, and printers, the costs have decreased recently, and you can get them for about $600. You can mix and match components from many modern providers to fit your needs.

Monthly or annual fees are usually charged for POS software. The simplest ones, such as AirPOS, cost as little as $30.00 per month, while Shopify Advanced costs $300, although it has quite a few extra features.

Additionally, depending on the service provider, you may incur certain transaction fees in your day-to-day operations. A percentage of the purchase price will be charged for each transaction. Charges vary depending on the provider and package. There are often less costly transaction fees associated with more expensive options, so you’ll have to balance things based on the average activity of your business.

This comprehensive guide provides an overview of all the benefits and features of POS systems, as well as a comparison of the most popular providers.



Reasons To Buy

  • No monthly fees
  • Wide range of hardware options
  • Can operate in offline mode

With Square, small business owners have the option of accepting credit cards without having to buy expensive POS hardware, as Square has developed hardware that can be plugged into a smartphone or tablet. Square remains one of the best options for those running mobile businesses, despite alternatives adopting the model. There are no monthly fees for Square’s software, so the pricing is particularly attractive. This is a good compromise if you only need to accept credit cards occasionally, as is often the case with mobile entrepreneurs.

It’s easy to set up, and since the Square POS app works on both Apple and Android devices, you should feel right at home with it. This app offers helpful features such as splitting a bill from the product screen, card on file, and offline mode.

Square has grown substantially in the past few years, offering a wide range of hardware and software options for businesses of all sizes. Paying with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Bitcoin is possible through the Cash app; Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and rewards cards are also supported. 

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Reasons To Buy

  • Simple to implement
  • Highly versatile
  • Great user experience

All-in-one e-commerce solutions like Shopify POS are among the best products on the market. Even without the hardware, it’s a powerful solution for e-commerce companies, but with the addition of a card reader, it becomes a complete POS solution for physical sales. While being costly, Shopify Advanced at $299/month provides a comprehensive business management suite, with tools such as employee tracking and advanced analytics.

The basic version is great for small businesses and e-commerce sites since it provides an online shop, unlimited stock, staff accounts, 24/7 support, sales channels, and order creation.

Using Shopify is easy since it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Shopify makes it easy to create an online or physical store with your own smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. 



Reasons To Buy

  • Great hardware options
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy setup

It is a POS system specifically designed for restaurants. As well as managing menus, reservations, and tables, TouchBistro offers customer benefits like loyalty rewards. In addition to offering online ordering, it can also be used for food delivery and pick up. Using iPads as POS hardware and software, Touch Bistro’s POS platform is easy to use and a great fit for both restaurants and bars.

You can use an iPad POS system for small restaurants, where you have one payment terminal. The iPad can be used in medium-sized restaurants with five tablets, one of which serves as the terminal. Larger restaurants can take advantage of custom-designed POS systems with a PC as the central hub, enabling them to connect as many mobile devices as needed.

Additionally, TouchBistro offers self-service kiosks, a digital menu board, and a kitchen display system that streamlines communication between front-of-house and back-of-house.

TouchBistro offers excellent value for money due to its simple setup process, affordable prices, and feature-rich software. There is no better option for a restaurant or bar owner.

Epos Now


Reasons To Buy

  • Built-in CRM
  • Own app store
  • Hosting outsourced to AWS for improved security

This cloud-based POS system is ideal for use in hospitality settings, since it has a CRM built-in and plenty of extra features available through its app store. Due to the cloud nature of the system, you can access your reports and features from any browser, which makes it a convenient and versatile solution. In the long run, this software will save you a lot of money: your monthly cost will be lower after 20 months than your initial purchase.

You can use the CRM built-in to track and analyze customer behavior. For hospitality businesses, the loyalty mode is quite useful-it costs extra, but it is quite powerful.

Transaction rates for payments are dependent on third-party services, such as iZettle and PayPal, however, the app store means there are lots of options for payments: cards, Apple Pay, etc.


Your business’ success depends on the choice of the right POS software. POS software does more than just process payments. Which POS system is best? You have to determine what you need. For more assistance, this article will help you.

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