Always Be My Maybe- Watch It Maybe or Maybe Not

Hollywood is filled with clichés. Well, you cannot really blame it all on the industry. When you keep on using classical tropes it tends to get boring and predictable at times. As you read through these lines I’m sure you too are thinking about the romance genre. And I agree. Romance is one of the most exploited genres of all time. After all, who is not interested in a good old love story? Romantic comedies are yet more serious victims of this exploitation. At some point, you could be sure that you would not find anything new in a romantic comedy anymore.

But that is precisely what made me interested in watching Always Be My Maybe. I personally like Ali Wong‘s stand-ups. Yes, sure, her punchlines are seldom capable of sending a person rolling down the floor laughing. But her subtlety is something that I really appreciate and like in my dose of humor. So when I heard that this movie was written by the lady, in which she also acted, I felt it was worth a shot. And I was not really that wrong. Then, why such a low rating? That’s what I would be discussing here. Read on and see if you would want to give it a shot (spoiler alert-don’t! As long as you have nothing better at hand that is).

always be my maybe intro screen

What’s the plot like?

I’m not going to lie, the plot does have a pinch of freshness in it. The story revolves around Sasha and Marcus, two childhood buddies. After one incidental one-night-stand back in high school, the two of them had parted praise for what they thought was forever. However, as destiny would have it, they meet again along the line of life.

Things are pretty different now though. Sasha has moved on and ahead in life quite a bit. She is a popular chef now. Marcus, on the other hand, is still stuck at home call mom still playing in the band he used to play in as a high schooler, and Needless to say, struggling.

Childhood memories play their charm and Sasha and Marcus become close within a very short span of time. They have a very cozy and comfortable relationship where they can be frank with each other and about each other.

always be my maybe 1996

Now the challenge that lies ahead of them is to develop this frankness into a romance that they both can feel budding. But the journey would not obviously be devoid of obstacles.

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Why the rating then?

In this section, I’m going to analyze the aspects of the movie that I liked and did not. Even though you probably may have guessed by now, I would still revisit the stuff that I liked just for the sake of balanced judgment.

I clearly really liked the plot. No, I’m not saying that it is something very likable universally. If you are someone who is more into James Bond movies or maybe the Marvel films, this particular plot could very well make you stab yourself out of boredom. But what I liked was a certain feministic perspective into how a woman would like to perceive her love life. I also loved the fact that Sasha is doing great in a male-dominated society and she does not sit around with finding the man of her dreams as the only aim. I also liked that Marcus was not the typical man sketched out of a woman’s dreams. He does not have a firm grasp on everything around him and still trying to figure out life (which is okay).

netflix series scene

So then, why the rating?

Now, this might come as a bit of a shock to you but here is the reason why- there is a literally negligible amount of chemistry between the two main characters. There were moments full of potential where sparks could be seen flying but their lack of chemistry cut the wings of the budding romance ruthlessly. Sure, they can be portrayed as great friends. They have got each other’s backs and harbor immense affection for each other as well. However, that is not enough for a romance to occur.

So even though the plot seemed quite okay with me, the lack of chemistry really was a bummer.

Would I recommend it?

If you had chanced upon the film, and maybe had a few hours to spare, I would say this movie would not be that bad a choice. However, if I would recommend it? No, I would not. There is nothing really that you might miss out on if you were not to watch the movie. It is not bad, but it is not as good as to be passed on either. So, watch it if you like but do not come crying that I didn’t warn you.

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