Talking Tom Hero Dash Game Review

Talking Tom Hero Dash is a fresh new endless runner created by the same people that created those weird games in which you make a cat talk. While it isn’t a great fit on paper, Talking Tom Hero Dash is a fantastic endless runner in its own right, even if it doesn’t take any genuine chances.

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The core principle is identical to that of Subway Surfers. You race across a succession of streets at increasing speeds, swiping up to jump over obstacles, left and right to change lanes, and down to slip underneath objects. So far, so good for Subway Surfers.

There are also the usual boosters and coins to gather. Boosts let you gather more items and briefly make your run safer, whilst coins allow you to purchase improvements that allow you to achieve a higher score on consecutive runs.

Same Basic Formula as Subway Surfers

Where Hero Dash differs is that instead of purchasing pointless improvements outright, you spend your money fixing up the city. Simply pay a specified quantity of coins, and Tom will fly over to a specific area to suffocate the pesky raccoons.

The storyline is simple: a swarm of raccoons is attempting to damage the ecosystem, and it is up to our hero Tom to stop them. How can you get rid of raccoons? You run about a city duffing people up indefinitely.

This is when the game’s single new mechanic, punching raccoons, comes into play. While this is a cathartic experience, in actuality, all you have to do is run into one and punch it into dust. There are no button inputs, QTEs, or timing to worry about. Simply running into a raccoon will result in its death.

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The Only New Mechanic is Punching Raccoons

This aids in the unlocking of additional crates – the game’s loot boxes – which contain money, jewels, and costume parts. The latter not only offer you a fresh look, but they also grant you a bonus point for playing while wearing them.

There isn’t much else to say about Talking Tom Hero Rush, which is neither a good nor a negative thing. Everything works extremely well, it’s entertaining, and the IAPs aren’t too invasive.

To be honest, the wheel was never all that broken in the first place, so sticking so closely to the Subway Surfers concept isn’t such a big deal. Unless you’ve had enough of it by now.

Earned Coins Are Used to Clean Up The City

This just increases your score multiplier, so it’s just a great aesthetic method to enhance your character. We kind of liked it since it’s a good method to see development.

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However, if you’re searching for a new endless runner and enjoy Talking Tom, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s fun to play, beautiful to look at, and there’s a lot to acquire.


This game’s gameplay is straightforward. While running forward, you control Tom or one of his friends. Your goal is to strike as many raccoons as you can while avoiding any obstacles in your path. You can leap, hop, and swing your way across the streets while sprinting. However, avoid falling into any swimming pool.

Once you’ve defeated all of the gangs and rebuilt your planet, you’ll meet their commander, “The Raccoon Boss.” You will be able to save Tom’s pals once you defeat him. Then you may go to the next world and help Tom and his pals preserve it. Every one of Tom’s buddies possesses a unique set of superpowers. You may join in unique events and earn a variety of incentives.

The visuals of Talking Tom Hero Dash are vibrant, and the gameplay is fluid. It’s a basic game with simple controls. The in-game shop allows you to spend real money on new costumes, high-tech heroic equipment, and more bonuses.

Even while it’s a great game, being swamped with advertisements may turn some people off. People who appreciate Talking Tom may prefer this endless runner to the plethora of other endless runners available in app stores.

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My Experience

If you appreciate endless runner games, you will adore this one. It’s called Talking Tom Hero Dash, and it’s an action arcade game released by Outfit7 Limited. And, as the title indicates, the game’s protagonist is our favorite virtual pet, Talking Tom. Only this time, he’s a superhero tasked with rescuing his abducted talking buddies.

To accomplish so, Tom will have to weave through the streets, dodging different obstacles and Rakoonz, who is attempting to stop him. It’s a fun and exciting endless runner, especially with the talking virtual cat as the primary character. Let’s talk about the gameplay in the following part so you can see how great it is.

Coins may be collected along the route, just as in any other endless runner. In this game, try to gather as many coins as you can since they may be used. You spend the coins to try to undo the Rakoonz’s rebuilt regions. As a result, coin collection is essential in this situation. Don’t forget about the different awards you may earn through achievements, since they can contain Talking Tom outfits.

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Talking Tom Hero Dash Game ReviewTalking Tom Hero Dash is a fresh new endless runner created by the same people that created those weird games in which you make a cat talk. While it isn't a great fit on paper, Talking Tom Hero Dash is a fantastic endless runner...