What Does The Dune Trailer Predict?

One thing that I always recommend is that never to watch a movie whose book you have read or could read. The book is always the better option. Furthermore, movies often succumb to their commercial market and make certain changes that often make the readers feel as though the essence of that particular scene or that particular sequence got lost in the process of commercializing the same.

But not in the case of Dune.

Well, I do not want to get you all too excited since it’s just the trailer that I’m talking about you, but, the trailer is pretty convincing and promising. I wouldn’t really know whether there are too many changes in the sequences as they are depicted in the book, but what I do know (or rather hope) is that the changes would be worth it.

I’m not just saying this just like that. Here is what I thought about the trailer and why I feel that the movie is going to be a worthy watch.

dune intro

What does the trailer show?

The year is 10191. Duke Leto Atreides (played by Oscar Isaac) and his mistress (sort of) Lady Jessica (played by Rebecca Ferguson), and their young son, Paul (played by Timothée Chalamet), to monitor their colony of Arrakis, a rough and arid planet whose only valuable thing to export is sparkly dust known as Spice. The inhabitants that make a livelihood cultivating it are called the Fremens. Their mint-blur eyes and strong builts serve as essential adaptations so as to cope with the harsh climate of their planet.

dune movie scene

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Paul keeps getting these dreams  (more like vision) of a specific Fre-woman (played by Zendaya). Unsettling images keep haunting him inconsistently but frequently without much context to back them with, and yet they appear to foretell genuine future occurrences.

However, Timothy‘s character is a bit more than just the son of two strong individuals. He is more than just another passive presence. In fact, he is one of the central characters. At the end of the trailer, you can see his eyes going blue. Now whether he joins forces with the colony or something else happens entirely is something you would have to wait to know (or maybe not, if you have read the book).

trailer show

What’s the trailer like?

Now since I advocated in favor of the trailer so much, I must have a reason for that, right? And I do. Personally, I really like the trailer. But here are some of the things that I feel people, in general, would like about the trailer.

First off, when the trailer opens with Zendaya’s dialogue, there is a jerk that we experience along with the character of Timothée Chalamet. The urgency in the voice and the barrenness of the situation get beautifully depicted in just those few seconds. This gives me much hope for good cinematography.

trailer like

Next up I really liked the slight humorous touches here and there. Now, those who have read the novel will agree that sometimes the going can get a bit tough at times as the plot progresses and people need to arrive at decisions. The light touches of humor (as far as the trailer predicts) seem a good way of comic relief in the movie- nothing too funny so as to break the essence of the depth of the movie or a situation but good enough to slide in a quick laugh or a smile.

The visual effects without a doubt were amazing. You need to keep in mind that the story is set in the future. The setting and sequences should therefore contain that futuristic touch as well as the sense of something extraterrestrial. The makers do not disappoint you there.

The plot is one of the best things about this movie. It has a range of themes discussed and therefore brings something for everyone to the table. There are teams of power and politics. The very birth of Paul is a part of an agenda to fulfill the political wishes of someone else. There is also the theme of free will and humanity. Another thing I hope (I really really hope) is that they keep the rich and complex world-building strategies that Herbert shows in his novel intact in the film as well.

dune emotional scene

One thing I got to hear about the movie was that it was being made in two parts. The same book is to be translated in a manner that two inter-related stories birth out of it. Now, you might feel skeptical that what if that tampers with the main plot and my hopes and predictions all come falling down. Well, this is why I think otherwise. You see the plot is the same, rather the experimentation they are trying to commit here might produce something far better. I feel it is going to give an ambiguity to the beginning, the middle, and the end of the story, thereby providing the audience space to work their brain cells instead of playing a passive role.

To watch or not to?

I for one am really excited about the movie’s release and would surely catch up with it as well. You can always catch the trailer online and once you’re done with that you would feel more on board with my predictions. Also a not for the Zendaya fans out there. Even though the trailer shows it hard to have quite a bit off the center stage, there isn’t going to be much of her speeches in the actual film. She plays more like a passively active character, instrumental in pushing Paul forward in his journey.

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What Does The Dune Trailer Predict?One thing that I always recommend is that never to watch a movie whose book you have read or could read. The book is always the better option. Furthermore, movies often succumb to their commercial market and make certain changes that often make the...