Devil Amongst Us – Game Review

June Gaming has come up with a new version of the real-time multiplayer gameDevil Amongst Us. The game is available both on iOS and Android devices. This new version is just a revised and advanced one from the popular Among Us online game. The concept is somewhat similar with only a few additions and deletions. The game is surely a fun-filled time-pass to play with friends. Here’s a detailed review:

Gameplay and Storyline 

After everyone enters the mansion that is haunted, the devil possesses some of them, turning them the imposters of the game. Players will be given a task which they will have to complete inside the mystery mansion. Now trusting anyone is a difficult task as everyone is a suspect now!

The game includes three modes in all, which are Hide and Seek, Murder Mystery, and Cops & Robbers. Not that they have different maps for the modes and the map is very much alike the Among Us game’s Spaceship map. The characters can be contrasted to the imposters and crewmates just like the Among Us game. In the mode – Murder Mystery, the lobby consists of 2 devils among 10 players in all. The devil will try to find and kill them all but before that, the players need to finish the tasks which are being assigned to them.

The mode – Hide and Seek is the most entertaining part of the game. It’s just about surviving and hiding from the devil and completing the tasks before they find you. The mode – Cops and Robbers is currently under development and hopefully will be accessible in the new update. Your Silly avatar is also customizable hence, you can have so much fun by making new characters.

Graphics & Controls 

The game controls are instinctive and uncomplicated. The joystick in the left bottom is to run around the map. There will be a kill option at the right bottom corner of the screen just for the devils. They can also sabotage by opening the map. The graphics of the game can be defined as straightforward and aesthetic.

New Updates 

  • Hide and seek – Finding the imposters among all the players while completing all the assigned tasks and hiding from the devil.
  • Jailbreak Mode – Tricking the cops and escaping the prison with other members.
  • Murder Mystery – Attempting to deduct the players one by one as everyone is a suspect now! You can’t trust anyone now.


It’s a game, which you can play with your family and friends. A new fun feature where you can audio call is coming soon. The game has no advertisement interruptions. The variety of modes in the game makes it very entertaining.


The game during the start gets stuck sometimes hence, restarting is needed. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed after the next update.


To summarize, the game is a similar one to Among Us which is worldwide famous. It will bring a very fun time with you and your friends.

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