Asus VivoBook K15 Review – Will It Serve Your Purpose?

Asus has launched an amazing laptop for both playing and working needs. With the launch of the VIVOBOOK K15 OLED in India, Asus has introduced OLED displays in the VIVOBook laptop segment. The VIVOBook K15 has set a decent price range for the consumers which is under Rs50000. Let us find out if the laptop is worth buying.

What is the VIVOBOOK K15 laptop?

The company Asus has launched the VIVOBOOK K15 OLED laptops in India. The company has introduced its first segment of laptops as the VIVOBOOK along with OLED displays as well. The price range for the VIVOBOOK K15 OLED display laptop is the most appealing and important thing to be noted as it starts from a very affordable price range from Rs 50,000 and can reach up to Rs 81,990. Depending on the needs of the user, they can select their preferred price range for the laptops.

One of the most highlighting points for the VIVOBOOK K15 laptops is their OLED displays. Not only these many such things make this laptop one of the best in this price segment. The system is absolutely perfect for both working and playing needs like you are able to shamble between multimedia utilization on the weekends and official works during the weekdays. The VIVOBOOK has launched in AMD as well as Intel options.

The VIVOBOOK k15 from Asus is not only a traditional gaming laptop but also has galaxy devices of ROG for gaming design. The machine mostly targets to fulfill the day-to-day tasks which are to be done on the laptop. The laptops have not at all compromised in the multimedia segment starting from an OLED display to audio speakers from Harman Kardon and also a comfortable keyboard for hassle-free typing sessions which is not available in any of its rivals. It also offers multiple ports for connectivity to various other devices.

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The device VIVOBOOK K15 has got some excellent and stylish design and the most important factor is the display of the device is the most highlighting and attractive part. The VIVOBOOK k15 OLED laptop provides the OLED display panel which offers more and richer vivid colors as compared to the other laptops display with LCDs in this price segment. On this laptop the images which appear are sharp and texts are crisp. There’s no doubt that there are the packs of Cinema grade of the industry-standard panel as it is claimed by the Asus. Currently, the VIVOBOOK K15 OLED display offers the most versatile panel and overall it can be said that it is much better in display quality than that of Microsoft Surface Laptop 4. The display comes with a viewing angle of 178 degrees and has a screen to the body of 84% ratio. It can be noted that the VIVOBOOK K15 OLED laptop from Asus has one of the finest and prime displays available in the price range under Rs 50000. Moreover, the screen performance of the device is quite impressive.

VIVOBOOK K15 OLED Specification

The VIVOBOOK K15 laptop has no such uniqueness or difference in terms of design or looks, it more or less looks like the previous VIVOBOOK laptops but the plastic and aluminum alloy used in this VIVOBOOK K15 laptop is quite decent. Moreover, the VIVOBOOK K15 is not that premium with its overall design or looks and might not give you the best feeling in the palm rest position area. But it is durable and great for regular use.

In India, the laptops which are available In this segment are found to have stiff hinges and difficulties while opening the laptop lid with one hand but the VIVOBOOK k15 Laptop lid is very easy to close and open even by using one hand. On the other hand, the VIVOBOOK k15 has an approximate weight of around 1.8kg which is not at all a lightweight laptop and also has a screen of 15.6 inches which means the system is not good for portable purposes like other 13 or 14inch laptops. But the keyboard of the VIVOBOOK K15 is found to be quite nice. It offers a 1.4 key travel with a comfortable experience of typing and provides a full-size backlit keyboard. The VIVOBOOK K15 OLED laptop has a green accent surrounding the corner of the enter key, the same as other VIVOBOOK laptops.

The palm resting area provides vast and plenty of space and the touchpad of the laptop is not the best in the segment but is decent for use. The laptop has a built-in touchpad for fingerprint scanners for security and privacy purposes and offers a very quick process to unlock the machine at any specific time. The laptops have been launched in various color options like hearty gold colors, transparent silver, and indie black colors.

The VIVOBOOK K15 OLED display laptop by Asus is a great value for money proposition as it is available at a very affordable price range starting from Rs 46,990. VIVOBOOK k15 provides the best display experience of display in this price segment and offers a laptop that is decently powered and can handle regular tasks with any difficulties or hassles. If you want to go for more RAM then you buy the version of 11th gen intel core I5 1135G7 which is priced approximately Rs 68990. The ASUS laptop VIVOBOOK k15 With OLED display is an excellent option in the laptop for regular person work in a laptop with the combination of multimedia utilization. The system is perfect for both working and playing needs and this laptop can smoothly handle multitasking and maybe this laptop is not the best but offers some casual gaming processes. The sound speaker and display quality are the best at this price range segment of laptops in India.

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