Apps To Survive Your Online Classes

The pandemic has brought about quite a few changes in how we used to perceive and lead our daily lives. An essential change husband the way we used to pursue our education. Earlier if there was a rainy day, or a day when the amount of snow that got piled up in your front yard became too much, you would have guessed that activities for the day would have to be put on hold. But not anymore. You can now attend your classes from the comfort of your couch or even your bed.

However, the comfort of attending online classes is not equivalent to the comfort of sitting on your couch at home. If you are new to the concept of online classes then let me tell you that it is not a piece of cake, even though it does look like one in the beginning. In fact, there are certain challenges that you need to overcome while attending online classes.

One of the major issues would be the deadlines. Deadlines are dreaded things anyway, however, the new normal has made these, way scarier. Now that you get to work from the comfort of your home, everyone assumes that you are probably free and accessible all the time. The deadlines, therefore, take shape of impossibilities.

Another issue that students often face is regarding concentration and focus during the classes. No matter what the device is from which you are attending your classes or no matter what the subject is, Facebook and Instagram would always keep nudging you. Those notifications do not abide by any rules.

There are various other issues that you as a student pursuing online classes at the moment might be familiar with. If that is so then we come bearing good news for you. We have an app that explicitly solves almost all such issues that you might be struggling with while attending your classes.

Give it a read and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Apps That Have Got Your Back

We have tried to keep the list as general as possible so that all the students can access the benefits that these apps have to offer irrespective of the interface of their device or even the kind of device that they are using. So without further ado let’s start.


self control

As I had already mentioned at the very beginning, social media apps serve as one of the most distracting apps. You could be well immersed in your studies and all it takes is just one notification, on “haha” on that meme you shared or one message from your best friend about the latest gossip, to make your mind fleet away like a moth towards the light, from studies to Facebook and the likes of it.

But no more! This app literally gives offers you a way to block this distraction forever. This app lets you blacklist some of the sites or other applications. Therefore while you are studying you can easily blacklist the social media apps or other apps that might distract you during your study sessions and you could always retrieve them later on.

It is free to use and can be used on Mac laptops. (Sorry Windows users!)


My homework

A major problem that students have started facing ever since the dawn of online classes is to keep a track of their class notes and homework. During your offline sessions, you could go and attend the class physically and keep track of the notes that you are taking. However, those good old days would take a lot more time to come back.

Till then you could use this app. This app offers you a space where you can store all your assignments and class notes in a properly organized manner. So the next time you want to access one of your class notes you do not have to ravage your entire device storage for that.

This application is also available free of cost and can be used over any and (almost) all operating systems. You can use the application regardless of whether you are a Mac user or a Windows user or if you use an Android phone or an iPhone.


easy bib

As you keep moving towards higher studies you will see that plagiarism is a genuine issue with your term papers or in your research works. With online classes tasks seem to be piling up day after day.

This application acts as a Messiah in this case. What it does is that it analyses or scans your entire document to search for potential or missed out citations. You can also choose the kind of citation you want be it MLA, APA, or others (7000+ to be precise!).

However, you can use the application only on Mac or Windows. The app doesn’t provide its services over smartphones.

ever note

Another issue with taking notes in your online classes is at times it becomes difficult to keep track of where you took a certain note of a certain class. Enter EverNote!

Oftentimes it so happens that it’s sad one of your class notes in your laptop but the other day you are using your phone. It becomes haphazard. However, using this application you can continue your notes over and across different devices.

Another great thing about this application is that you can categorize your no it’s according to notebook entries or dates. This makes it easier for you to find and get hold of your previously taken notes.

It is also free to download and use. Furthermore, you can also use it irrespective of the kind of operating system or device you use. It is available for operating systems of Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

Bonus tip

Another application that you might want to try out is dropbox. After the end of each semester or term your device is fully loaded with chunks and chunks from that term, right? But you do not need them anymore. Just drop them in dropbox. No no, of course, you won’t be deleting them! You would just be configuring them in a better manner. Dropping your notes and assignments from the previous terms in dropbox would help you categorize and label them along with the new ones that are to follow.

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