No Time To Die- An Extravaganza Alike Bond’s Charisma

Bond has resigned from active service. He is now living his days in peace in Jamaica in No Time To Die. His tranquility is shattered when an old acquaintance from the CIA, Felix, shows up begging for assistance. The task to save an abducted scientist proves considerably more perilous than imagined, sending Bond on the pursuit of a rather odd adversary equipped with amazing (but frightening) new technology.

And therefore begins our favorite agent’s last mission. It is obvious that you might be a bit skeptical about whether or not to watch the movie, whether or not you are ready to bid Bond farewell. Believe me, I have been there and I went ahead to watch it, and I have not regretted walking into the movie hall that day. I say you give it a shot and here is why.

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The Film’s Plotline

The first hint that this isn’t going to be par with the course of other films is right at the beginning. As custom has it, the Bond films normally begin in some exotic location followed by an elaborate action set piece. The picture begins in a woodland cabin in the middle of winter. Here we are acquainted with a little girl who lives there with her mother. However, her mother has descended into resentment and hazy self-medication. The location shown is the type of location that would be perfect for hideouts, with a distant and chilly background.

After some time a visitor arrives — dressed in a Japanese mempo mask – it is apparent that it isn’t just another polite visit of some neighbor. So as to avoid spoilers let’s not go into the character of the girl or her mother or even the masked guy, keeping it a mystery. Although, it is a rather uncommon and surprisingly generous gesture for the movie to turn the attention away from Bond, (albeit for a brief period), so as to provide a history of another character.

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When the film returns to Bond, he is shown enjoying his days of retirement on the Mediterranean coast with a gorgeous and reserved Madeleine Swann to keep him company. Some awkward conversation exchanges show that trust difficulties exist between them and both of them are hiding something (or things) from their past, something they want to keep secret at all cost. Also, that their vacation appears to be a big trip of the places that hold terrible memories for both of them implies that there are still be some heavy emotional baggage to be unloaded.

However, a shocking and violent turn of events cuts off their personal getaway and hurls Bond into the one last mission that demands his expertise (the classic spy movie trope blended with the charisma of the character).

The film has all got to do with a vile biowarfare plan named “Heracles“; mastered by M (Ralph Fiennes) with the help of a maverick researcher Obruchev (David Dencik). However, both frightening boffin and weapon are taken in an arrangement of over-the-top activity satire, unexpectedly including a dreary, quarreling functionary played in a cameo by Hugh Dennis.

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Both the CIA and MI6 need Obruchev back. However, the British Intelligence doesn’t want to include Bond who is presently in retirement in Jamaica and has given over his 007 status to another specialist Nomi, beautifully played by Lashana Lynch.

However, Felix (Bond’s old buddy) and Logan Ash, the uptight state department employee, reach out to Bond and ask him to take the case as a freelancer and now Bond is to face another one (and the last one) of his foes before he retires from the scene for good.

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A Review Of The Movie

The movie is a fitting farewell to the charismatic Bond of Daniel Craig. Well, initially this is what the craze surrounding the movie was all about anyway. However, the plot, the drama, and the action did not disappoint.

There are explicit laughs that the audience is sure to enjoy. Daniel Craig swoops into the funny side of his character and makes use of his perfect comic timing to provide the audience with Mr. Funny-bones Bond.

Moreover, another thing that the viewers are sure to enjoy (I know I did) is the emotional side of Bond that the writers surface this time. Taking a break from the gorgeous casanova of Casino Royale, the Bond of No Time To Die shows quite a bit of his emotional side. This is something I really enjoyed. It gives a realistic twirl to the character making him more conceivable.

Speaking of realism in Bond movies, this movie comes up with some real change giving a fresh turn to the franchise. Unfortunately for the fans though, the turn comes at the ending; such irony. There are elements that Marvel and DC fans might be able to recognize from their favorite franchises, but the team still succeeds in keeping Bond quite humane (away from the superhero wrappings).

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One thing that struck me (but it’s probably just me) is the chemistry between Bond and his potential love interest, Madeleine. I wish there were more sparks flying there.

Also, the plot tends to get a bit confusing towards the middle. But, as I see it, it is essential to the built-up and the confusion engages the audience and leads them towards the big revelations, twists, and the inevitable conclusion.

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But all that aside, Cary Fukunaga has done an excellent job in providing the fans with what they wanted to see and what they deserved in return for their consistent support and love. He provides us with a Bond who is emotional, not afraid to show his emotions, and yet stays true to his smart charismatic agent persona.

To Watch Or Not Is Not Even A Question!

There is no doubt that the film is worth a theatre visit. The action is excellent, the ending emotional enough to keep up with the emotions of the fans following a real-time ending to the franchise, but not emotional enough to cause the fans to cringe. Definitely worth a watch especially if you are someone who has grown up with Bond movies and stories.

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No Time To Die- An Extravaganza Alike Bond’s CharismaBond has resigned from active service. He is now living his days in peace in Jamaica in No Time To Die. His tranquility is shattered when an old acquaintance from the CIA, Felix, shows up begging for assistance. The task to save an abducted...