Books To Shelve This Year – A Precious List for Bookworms

Fall is here, which means that just as kids return to their reading stacks, so do adults. It’s okay if you’ve been slacking on your objectives during the summer: the fall is the perfect time to hunker down with a page-turning thriller. Here is a pick of some of the finest books of the year that will help you get to the finish line, irrespective of your taste in genre, preferred language, and so on.

Many literary alternatives exist in 2021, so your mind may remain stimulated even while you’re removed from the normal rhythms of everyday life. From the internet to the crossroads of identity, these pieces cover a wide range of themes; here are a few of my favorites thus far. This blog has a little something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a little getaway, a little education, or some spiritual development.

You may pre-order some of these titles even if they haven’t reached the market yet. Consider it a gift from the past, and dive in as soon as it arrives on your doorstep.

Billy Summers (Rating 4.4/5)

By Stephen King

billy summer

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As Billy Summers prepares to retire, he chooses to take on one more job for King. Billy goes undercover to kill an intruder in order to collect a $2 million payoff for the job. His employers, on the other hand, have devised an emotional cover for him: while pretending to be a novelist, Billy unearths his tragic upbringing and his awful tour of service in Iraq. Billy’s efforts to revenge himself are joined by a young woman he rescues from gang rape.

Harlem Shuffle (Rating 4.1/5)

By Colson Whitehead

Harlem Shuffle

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Whitehead’s readers are taken back to his literary beginnings. As a used furniture trader, Ray Carney lives with his wife in a contented marriage. Their second kid is on the way. While trying to become a good neighbor, Ray gets involved in a hazardous plan to loot the “Waldorf of Harlem” when money is tight. According to Whitehead, Harlem is “that humming phenomenon of people and concrete”. In pubs, quick food restaurants, and Strivers’ Row townhouses, it’s still going strong. Stunning writing from a master writer in this gripping account of how good people turn into criminals.

Matrix (Rating 4/5)

By Lauren Groff

Lauren Groff matrix

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Groff comes back to the pages after a long time and his novel takes us back in time. As Groff respectfully imagines her way into Marie de France’s life and mythology in these incandescent pages, she does it with reverence and reverence. 17-year-old Marie has been expelled from the court by Eleanor of Aquitaine and ends up in a poor English monastery, where she turns from a hesitant exile to a passionately dedicated leader. Marie transforms the now-rich monastery into an “island of women” via enormous works of building and community, all while secretly penning the divinely inspired poetry that made her famous. With its typical euphoric phrases and spiritual passion, Groff’s Matrix is a brilliant work of art.


The Other Black Girl (Rating 4/5)

By  Zakia Dalia Harris

The Other Black Girl

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Wagner Books in New York, where Nella is the sole Black employee, is the subject of a semi-autobiographical novel that will be released this summer. In spite of Nella’s desires being granted, Hazel isn’t the friend she appears to be. A series of anonymous threats to leave Wagner leads Nella to suspect Hazel. Nella’s perspective is forever affected as a result of this. Harris brings corporate America to task for the first time in history for its privilege, racism, and gatekeeping practices that damage the Black intellect.

How the Word is Passed (Rating 4.7/5)

By Clint Smith

How the Word is Passed

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As the summer’s most innovative piece of nonfiction, this bold confrontation with slavery, as reflected in the nation’s monuments and landmarks, is a must-read for everyone interested in American history. Throughout the country, Smith sees evidence of slavery, from Confederate graves to properties that have been transformed into tourist attractions, such as Monticello. Smith analyses how slavery has affected our common heritage and how we may aspire for a more truthful collective future as he examines how the harshest chapter of our country’s history has been sanitized for public taste.

An Ordinary Age (Rating 4.2/5)

By Rainesford Stauffer

An ordinary age

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So, if young adulthood is typically touted as the best stage of our life, why does it turn out to be otherwise so often?  As a young adult, Stauffer’s prospects are dimming, and he provides a detailed map that shows how external influences impact young people’s inner life. Every aspect of young adult life, from chronic fatigue to isolation to social media restrictions, is explored in An Ordinary Age with compassion while arguing for a better route forward: one in which young people may live genuine lives filled with affection, friendship, and consciousness.

The Man Who Lived Underground (Rating 4.2/5)

By Richard Wright

The Man Who Lived Underground

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If you could see the world from a different perspective, what would you see? What do you think you’ll be able to see when you arrive? In this previously unreleased work by one of the most famous writers of the twentieth century, a Black man named Fred Daniels is arrested by the police, cruelly tortured, and forced to confess for a horrific crime he did not commit. To avoid his pursuit, Daniels hides in the local sewer system, where he assumes a new identity. To uncover the truth about immorality and horror in a society that is unfair, Daniels must go into the basements of local institutions, exposing what actually matters when the world’s structures are peeled away. In spite of the novel being published in the 1940s, its gruesome depiction of crime and punishment still resonates with readers in the 21st century.

Early Morning Riser (Rating 4/5)

By Katherine Heiny

Early Morning Riser

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Heiny, the author of Standard Deviation, is one of the few writers who can portray the eccentric inner lives of their characters in such a memorable way. The witty and smart novel Early Morning Riser, about the linked love lives of inhabitants of a tiny Michigan town, marks her return to form. Jane, a newcomer to town, is smitten with handyman Duncan, but she struggles to accept the fact that Duncan is the town of Sanova, and has slept with almost every woman in the area. His ex-wife, Duncan, and a mystery employee are eternally linked to Jane as a result of a horrific automobile accident, and Heiny excels in her study of small-town legacy and discovered families. 

Third Eye Rising (Rating 4.1/5)

By Murzban F. Shroff

The third eye

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Shroff addresses the conflict between spiritual faith and contemporary living in these warm and insightful tales set in a constantly changing India. Deranged in-laws compel an unmarried woman, who has no dowry, to undertake a painful rite. Similarly, we are let inside the psyche of a sacred cow, who tells us about a dispute between two clients at her temple in an amazing narrative. It’s a powerful collection of tales about the clash between traditional customs and 21st-century principles, and each one is vividly conceived and full of heartfelt truths.

So now that you have the list, what is the wait about? Get your copies pre-order them) today!

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