A Review on Farm Frenzy- Is It Worth Your Spare Time?

Have you ever fantasized about having your own completely operational farm? Taking care of poultry, lambs, and cows, as well as baking, wool, butter, and cheese production. Farm Frenzy is the game for you if you want to try it out without having to get up at the crack of dawn every day!

You’ll have to work hard to attain your goals, whether they’re owning a particular number of animals, manufacturing a certain number of items, or just making a large profit, in the spirit of time-management games. This is a time management game based on the agricultural simulator.

farm frenzy

Farm Frenzy is a jumble of concepts — each level begins with you having to make grass grow so that your farm animals may eat it. Then they make items for you to sell, such as eggs and milk, which you tap on and send to a truck that goes back and forth between cities, returning with money. Then you put that money back into your farm, buying more animals and more water to encourage more grass to grow, as well as superfluous buildings to convert your products into other goods.

There could have been a good gaming idea somewhere in here, but the end product is just uncertainty – I’m not sure what I’m doing, and I’m not having fun figuring it out. It doesn’t help matters that the game doesn’t do anything to explain what’s going on, and it doesn’t help matters that the control looks to be poorly managed – you tap the ground and grass grows sometimes, and it doesn’t grow other times. (I also had a lot of water on hand.)

Farm Frenzy is a game that allows you to take yourself back to the good old days of caring for ducks and lambs on a farm using your high-tech mobile phone. At first, it’s a sleepy, slow-paced game, but the latter stages give enough challenge to keep you interested.

You acquire animals in Farm Frenzy and feed them grass to keep them healthy and productive. Regularly, a vehicle delivers its leftovers to market, returning with gold that may be utilized to buy more animals. You may even invest in gadgets that turn eggs into cupcakes or wool into cloth. These enhanced goods will help you earn more money on the market and achieve your level objectives.

In the game, you have two primary adversaries to contend with. The first is a ticking timer that you must beat to achieve the highest ranking. The second scenario involves bears falling from the skies to cause havoc with your activities. The bears are particularly aggravating since they can land directly on top of your prized cow, reversing your progress and forcing you to repeat the level. Fortunately, you may fight the bears by capturing them and sending them off to be sold by continuously pressing them onscreen, which adds a little action aspect to the game.

farm frenzy review

72 Unique Levels

  • Adorable creatures to look after!
  • A plethora of farm items to sell
  • Improvements to almost 30 structures!
  • Infinite gaming time
  • VIP benefits
  • Excellent visuals and a pleasant soundtrack


Planting grass to feed animals, which then drop items for you to utilize, is the game’s main mechanic. These items may be sold for cash to help you develop your farm, or they can be transformed into higher-value products to earn even more money. You may acquire additional animals, create new buildings, and enhance current structures as you move through the game’s 45 stages, all while keeping an eye out for bears that fall from the sky!

There isn’t much that keeps Farm Frenzy from being an excellent game, but it does have a few minor flaws. The mix of arcade action and time management is enjoyable, but the emphasis on rapid clicking is a little too strong for my tastes. With so many bears wandering the farm, a full stock-house, and hard-earned money flashing on the screen, things might get heated. This may be avoided to some extent if you budget wisely and buy sensible improvements.

Farm Frenzy’s rhythm also feels a little off, as if the makers intentionally slowed the acquisition of new buildings and improvements to pad out the game. For the first hour of the game, you will most likely not possess any animals other than geese. Fortunately, these little quibbles do not detract from an otherwise wonderful and simple to play the game.

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My Experience

Farm Frenzy is a series of time management/farming videogames with educational potential on several levels. It can assist the user in learning about living on an animal farm as well as the stages of farming business management, from natural resources and livestock management through farm goods and market distribution. It also covers strategic planning, problem-solving, financial resource management, critical thinking, and proactive behavior in the face of possible dangers. It also teaches that operating a farming company needs commitment, prudent judgments, preparedness, flexibility, and adaptation in the face of changing circumstances and risks.

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