A Quiet Place 2 – “Most People Had Finally Given Up Hope” But Then…

A few years back, in 2018 to be precise, the world witnessed a masterpiece of a film – A Quiet Place. The movie showed a world where our home has suffered an alien invasion following which chaos and death and silence start dominating the earth. The aliens sense their prey with help of sound and once they sense the sound, the people near the source of the sound are done for good.

The movie was directed by John Krasinski (yes, our very own Jim Halpert) and had other known faces such as his wife Emily Blunt and others. Krasinski had also acted in the films and the first movie had ended with him sacrificing his life for his children.

The first movie without a doubt was amazing. It had some seriously well-played and directed scenes, abundant in genuine acting. But does the second film keep up with these complimenting aspects of the first movie? Well, scroll along and find out.

(PS: if you have not watched the first part yet, then look out for some spoilers here)

a quiet place

Where does the movie take up from?

The movie starts where its predecessor had left off. The previous film followed the story of a family (a few of the survivors) and how they have adapted to the new lifestyle of silence. Following the death of their youngest child, the eldest daughter had been a bit skeptical about the love their father had for them, and what followed was a strained relationship between the father and daughter.

The film ended with the family in the fields, the creatures in their house and in the field surrounding their house, one of them after the children, and their father let out a heart-wrenching scream, causing the creature to turn its attention to him. As a result of the sacrifice of their father, the children return safely to their mother inside the house.

However, the danger of the creatures does not end with the ending of the first movie. Even though one of the creatures is already dead (the mother had killed it), two more still lurk outside. The second movie offers an explanation and a solution to the present scenario.

quiet place review

The second movie opens in a pre-crisis scenario. There is a baseball match going on and everything seems normal. That is unless a sudden explosion occurred in the sky and thus followed the dominance of the creatures. A Quiet Place 2 follows the family as they adapt themselves to the changing situation and the mass slaughter featuring the creatures. The scene then shifts to the point of time post the father’s death. The family, now comprising of the eldest daughter, the son, a newborn, and the mother. With the father gone the entire responsibility comes down to the mother. They embark on a journey, leaving behind their home, in search of a safer place.

In the meantime, (spoiler alert!) the daughter finds out the hearing aid her father had built for her worked to produce a frequency of sound that made the creatures weaker. The daughter intends on broadcasting that sound from the nearest radio station which at the time seems like the only solution to get rid of the creatures.

On their journey, they meet Immet, one of the known faces from when the world was not yet preyed upon by the dangerous alien creatures.

Well, you know the end. They do succeed in the end. However, the twists and turns, and the desperation when survival and sustenance overlap, are what you as the watcher are to look forward to.

a quiet place movie review

How was the movie?

The movie was great. No doubt. However, if you are going to compare it with its predecessor, I would say it did not play out to the expectations set. There were not many scenes that would make you sit up in your seat, clenching your pillow. The scene in A Quiet Place was a masterpiece from first to last, (spoiler alert!) starting from the prolonged period of quietness, broken by the sudden death of the youngest, the despair that followed, and the sacrifice of the father for his children. The sequel could have done it a bit better maybe.

Also, at times it felt as though the plot took everything that could go wrong and every hurdle that there was and hurled it towards our protagonist. However, in most cases, the hurdles felt well-fitted (even if not necessary).

There are some scenes that will actually make you hold your breath in anticipation of what is to happen and believe me, it will be worth it. There are scenes where you get to see how mankind’s growing survival instinct changes the way they behave and the decisions that they take. You also get to see what happens when you foolishly stick to your old morals, without adapting the smartness to deal with the new situation – you die!

You need to strike the balance between not abandoning your loved ones and yet forming the proper plan to ensure their and your survival, compromising the flat emotion of love and affection, sometimes taking steps that might not be the best, but necessary for survival.

a quiet place 2

Whether or not to watch the movie?

The movie is worth a watch. It gives you closure and the explanations you deserve. However, it would not offer you the thrill of the first movie. The creatures are more distinct here, zeroing down on the suspense aspect and the imminent dangers become rather apparent at times and at times you would feel like the movie could do with a break. There are some rather foolish activities that the actors commit, but those I guess were essential to take the plot forward, and also some of them were hit-of-the-moment which seemed like a pretty solid reason to back up the foolishness.

All in all, if you have watched the first part, the second part will help you enhance the feel of the first movie, offering you a ‘whole’. And, if you have not watched either of these, then I say you give it a shot. Believe me, you would not be disappointed.

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