Introducing Google Duo, A Free Video Call App With High Quality

Many of us probably use Zoom because it is convenient to use, rather than for any other reason, as it may eventually become the default video conference and calling app.

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In a world where most people work from home, the line between video conferencing and video calling is increasingly blurred. Video conferencing is a scheduled time and place call-in, whereas video calling often occurs on the spot.

During the past few years, Google Duo has become one of the most popular video-calling services on the market due to the unique features it offers. Due to its simplicity and ease of use, Duo is very different from other video calling services. It’s as simple as signing into the app, choosing a contact to call, and tapping the video call button. Duo’s interface is minimal; you only see a list of the contacts who have the app installed, and you can invite your friends if they do not have it yet.

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Over a billion people have downloaded the service and it now comes pre-installed on every new Android phone. This post will explain why Google Duo is actually a pretty awesome alternative to Zoom for your smaller work meetings or social calls with your friends and family.

You can find all the information you need right here!

Features Of Google Duo App

You can find all the information you need right here-


If your phone is an Android, chances are you have Duo already, and you simply need to open the app for it to work. You’ll log into your phone’s primary account, grant any permissions that are needed, and you’ll be on your way. Additionally, you can download it from the Play Store and use it on your Android or iOS device – plus Assistant-enabled smart displays and the web, for the web app, you don’t even need a phone number.

An individual can be contacted either by entering their number into the field or by tapping their contact. While this simplicity is nice for everyone, it can be essential for users who are less tech-savvy so they can use the program without needing direct assistance.

With Duo, You Can Make Regular Calls

Duo allows you to make audio-only calls as well as video calls. Place an audio call by selecting a contact and clicking on the Audio call button. In the same way that Duo offers video calls, audio calls take up very little bandwidth, are reliable, and are of incredibly high quality. Because of its superior audio quality, Duo makes a great choice for audio calls.

Log In With Your Google Account And Use Your Phone Number

Like WhatsApp, Duo is primarily based on your phone number. Following your phone number verification, you will be able to link your Google account with the service. In this way, you can sign into Duo from any device without having to send a verification SMS. The Duo app will enable your Gmail contacts to directly call you if they have your Gmail address.

It allows you to easily call friends and family who have the Duo app installed by pulling up a list of their contact information. Multiple devices can also be accessed at the same time from the app.

Duo Is Available On Your Phone, Tablet, Or The Web

The duo is now available on iOS, and Google has introduced a web client as well. The great thing about Duo’s cross-platform availability is that the experience remains unchanged whether you’re using Android, iOS, or the web.

A similar interface exists for the web as well, and any recent calls you have can be seen along with your contacts. The process of starting a call using the web client is the same as using the Android app, you simply select your contact and choose whether to make a video or voice call. Additionally, the newer Samsung Galaxy and OnePlus devices come with Google Duo, so you can seamlessly switch to video calls when you are dialing.

Knock Knock Shows A Live Preview Of An Incoming Call

Knock Knock lets your recipients see a preview of your video before picking up the call. Your ability to see their video will depend on whether the recipient accepts your call or not. With this feature, it becomes much more personal, and it can only be used for contacts that you have already added. There is always the option of disabling Knock Knock if you feel uncomfortable sharing your video.

Additional Features

  • Due to a recent update, Duo can now connect up to 32 people in a video call.
  • Duo also offers a bunch of quality-of-life benefits like all calls is encrypted so no one else can hear your content which is sure to strike a chord with your privacy-conscious relatives.
  • There’s a killer low-light mode, so you won’t have to make sure everyone on a call has studio lighting at hand.
  • It’s also possible to add various call effects, such as a portrait mode and AR filter.
  • As an alternative to talking, you can also leave someone a video message, which can brighten their day.

The features that Google Duo does have are very good. There is nothing complicated about the user interface. The requirement to create a new account is a pity, however. Although Duo’s simplicity is a strength. It doesn’t support texting or group chatting. Although, Google is not yet able to compete with Skype or FaceTime.

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