The Alchemist- A Book Full Of Potential

Our dreams may be a little pricey, and the book never sways from this opinion, but, it is just as Coelho had noted in an interview that not following them might end up having you pay a far heavier price. He stated you may get either a terrible jacket that might not fit you or you could get one that fits you, looks good.  It’s preferable to have meaningful difficulties since they are a part of that what you want.

The Alchemist tells such a story of a boy with eyes full of dreams and how he embarks on his journey of finding himself and his purpose. Here is a review of the book that might give you an insight into the novel and help you decide whether or not it could make a potential entry in your reading list of the year.


It was first drafted and published in Portuguese and authored by the Brazilian author, Paulo Coelho, in 1988. Now, the book has been adapted into more than about 70 languages and today is a worldwide bestseller. There are just 167 pages in the book, which makes it very brief. The theme is for a person to identify the purpose and destiny of one’s life.

The narrative concerns a Spanish Shepherd’s child called Santiago. He continues to dream of a treasure hidden in the Egyptian Pyramids. After encountering an elderly king who gives him magic and guidance, he begins a quest to fulfill his own goal. James traverses the Mediterranean and the Sahara to seek the treasures of his country in Egypt and achieve his personal legend in his life. The book describes his trip and his many meetings while he follows his ambition. During this trip, Santiago encounters a large number of new individuals and difficulties, ultimately helping him learn and grow all the way.

Does he get to the Pyramids’ treasures? What more does he find on his way? That is for you to read and find out.

the alchemist


The fascinating novel by Paulo Coelho has created a worldwide fanbase. In this narrative, brightened with its mighty simplicity and soul-rending wisdom, the Andalusian shepherd Santiago, goes in pursuit of a treasure that is apparently to be found in an Egyptian pyramid, from home Spain to the Egyptian desert.

He encounters a Romany woman, a guy who proclaims himself as a king, and also an alchemist. All of these characters guide Santiago regarding the proper path so as to make his pursuit a success. Nobody has an idea as to what the treasure really is or if Santiago can overcome the hurdles in his trip; yet what begins when the worldly items are found becomes a discovery of the wealth within.

The voyage Santiago’s spiritual searcher and the characters he meets and the dreams that he sees, the omens the boy encounters, and the nature around us to which he talks- it is everything to which we might connect. It’s all about discovering your own legend and following your goal irrespective of barriers, and being linked to the cosmos that is part of us spiritually.

But the novel is not devoid of its loopholes though. For starters, composed in simple and scriptural style, it often reads too much like a child’s story.

Personally, I liked the story, but I would agree if someone were to complain about the writing style of the novel. The method of writing is not very suitable for adults. It has a very childish simplicity that would inevitably bore an adult, especially if you are looking for a uber intellectual plot.

Also, some may find the book a bit unrealistic, while others might find it a bit clichéd. There have been way too many books about following your dreams and finding yourself. And comparing this book with other such soul-seeking novels, there are not many twists and turns involved here that would make the readers sit up in anticipation.

Also, I think, Coelho could have developed a bit more on the plot of alchemy. There is a lot to play in that realm. Maybe, just maybe, if the plot had developed a bit more with that perspective in mind, the book would have been a bit more engaging and intriguing.

However, the above are suggestions that might have worked for the plot. The book decided to keep with the plot of dreams and identity and that worked out fine too, really. (Not worth it to buy a physical copy though. Read a pdf copy maybe?).


Many pieces of literature in self-assistance have to do with our destiny, but dreams do not always draw us along; they talk lingeringly but silently, and it takes little effort to drown internal voices. Who is ready to take the risks of comfort, regularity, security, and connections that seem like a mirage to others? It requires bravery and the classics of Coelho are the consistent companions of those who must decide fearlessly every day to maintain a broader view of the world and the universe.

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The Alchemist- A Book Full Of PotentialOur dreams may be a little pricey, and the book never sways from this opinion, but, it is just as Coelho had noted in an interview that not following them might end up having you pay a far heavier price. He stated you may...