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Our smartphones are used almost every day to click photos. Each smartphone processes images differently, producing photos that may not be to everyone’s taste. For instance, some phones may take photos with higher saturation levels, the same as some may take photos with warmer tones than what the scene looked like in real life. Editing your pictures will be helpful in this situation. The ability to edit photos to the way you like them is important no matter what phone you have, no matter what smartphone you have. It is vital to give your photos a good look, especially if you plan to share them on social media platforms. If you need to do so, you will need a good photo editing tool, and we can assist you with that. These Android photo editor apps will enable you to customize your photos to look how you want.

Multiple photo editor apps are available on the Play Store, but not all offer the features and options you need for good photo editing. In this article, we will look at the best apps for editing your photos, and we’ll focus on those that offer a broad range of editing possibilities in the same app, like making a collage or creating graphic templates & prototypes for Instagram stories, or YouTube thumbnails, etc. Every app offers its own advantages and use-cases, so you can choose which app is best suited to your needs in multiple ways.

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Although Snapseed is not the most advanced photo editor app, it’s straightforward and simple to use. It has a user-friendly UI and was developed by Google. You can play around with options for tinkering with images once you choose the one you want to edit.

The Simple Edit tool allows you to apply simple filters to your images, or you can use some tools that are quite handy, such as the Healing tool for removing unwanted elements in photos, or even Head Pose for changing how a head appears in a portrait. This photo editor app is free, does not contain ads, and makes a perfect beginner’s choice.



Photo editing app PicsArt has been a hit with Android users for a long time. From cropping tools to background removal and allowing you to add multiple layers and text, this may be your best choice for basic and advanced photo editing. In addition to collages and banners, PicsArt also allows you to create social media banners.

The basic version is free, but the ads may be irritating due to the number of them. PicsArt Gold membership unlocks some advanced features and lets you remove the ads.

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Adobe Lightroom

adobe lightroom

Adobe is known for its photo editing apps for Windows and Mac, including Lightroom, which has become a favorite among professional photo editors and is now available on Android. Lightroom is a photo-editing application for Android that lets you tweak light and color in photos. A photograph can be tweaked by adjusting the exposure levels, highlights, shadows, and mainly the color tones. When it comes to color grading, Lightroom is the best place to begin.

Additionally, there are many Lightroom presents available online which, if you don’t want to edit your photos manually, will change the color scheme of your photos. There is a free version, but you need to acquire a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud platform if you want more features.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop

Like Lightroom, Photoshop is also part of Adobe’s suite and is probably the most popular photo editor for Windows and Mac. When it comes to what makes Lightroom different from Photoshop Express, Lightroom is more about color grading and adjusting elements in a photo, such as contrast and saturation. Photoshop, on the other hand, deals with removing or adding or extra elements within a photo, such as additional layers, stickers, or changing perspectives and adding text.

Lightroom can be used to adjust the Colors in a photo, then Photoshop can be used to add extra elements if necessary. Similarly, to Lightroom, access to advanced features will require a Creative Cloud subscription.



Using Pixlr isn’t a hassle as there are no registrations or logins required before you can edit photos. Every time you open the app, you see a new scenic background. The UI is simplistic, and it is beautiful to look at. Choose between editing an image, creating a collage, or editing from an existing template. There is nothing hidden behind a paywall in this photo editing app, so you get all the features you’d expect.

A paid version is available that removes ads in addition to the free version. The app can be used to edit your photos in the most basic of ways for most people.



You likely are familiar with Canva if you are a graphic designer or make cover photos for social media. There is also an Android application available that allows users to edit photos. It’s a popular website for editing photos.

You can use Canva to create an attractive image using the available templates, which are suitable for many applications including Instagram posts, stories, videos, flyers, invitation cards, etc. Here is the place to go if you want to create or edit photos for specific templates.


Before sharing them with your friends or posting them to social networking sites, you can enhance the appearance of your photos with these best photo editor apps on Android. Additionally, these apps can create thumbnails for YouTube videos as well as posters for exhibitions and projects. Creating featured images for XDA articles often involves using apps like Canva and PicsArt.

These apps can be useful in a wide variety of situations if you need to edit pictures. With Snapseed, Lightroom, and Pixlr, you will have almost all the tools you need to edit your photos.

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