Best Android Scanner Apps Of 2021

Today, paper paperwork is rarely required. You can use document scanning apps to convert paperwork into PDFs to store in a digital or online archive, thus transitioning to a paperless office. As an alternative, you can use mobile apps available for devices that are already equipped with OCR software and hardware to scan documents. To scan documents, you don’t need bulk scanners or printers. Using a document scanner app from the list below is a great option since most smartphones come with good cameras today.

document scanner app

Additionally, scanning PDFs with a smartphone is often faster than scanning them with a desktop scanner. In addition to scanning receipts and invoices with scanning apps, you can also alter the files before saving, so all of your documents are backed up and the information is only what you need. Additional functions can be performed with your scanned files using apps that charge a small subscription fee. To better manage your digital archives, you may need to edit and manage documents in addition to cloud storage.

best document scanner apps

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best document scanning applications available right now.

Adobe Scan

adobe scanner

Adobe Scan is one of the best Android scanner apps. Documents, receipts, notes, forms, and images can be scanned and converted to PDF files. You can use it quickly and easily. The phone’s camera will recognize and scan the document once you point it at it.


Moreover, it allows you to rearrange the pages as needed, and the pages can be color-corrected as well. Furthermore, the software includes an OCR feature that lets you reuse scanned content. Multiple pages can also be scanned and placed in one PDF file.

The document scanner app also allows you to email or upload your scanned files to the cloud. Adobe Scan offers most of the essential features. There are no ads in Adobe Scan, which is one of the best parts of the app.

Office Lens

microsoft lens scanner

The Office Lens app is the best free Android scanner developed by Microsoft that supports scanning whiteboard images and documents. Documents can be captured and converted to PDF, Word, or PowerPoint files quickly.


In addition, you can save your documents to OneDrive, OneNote, or your local storage. Both students and business owners can benefit from this app. It is also available in German, Spanish, and simplified Chinese, in addition to English.

The Office Lens application contains no in-app purchases and is ad-free.


Free and paid versions of TurboScan are available for Android. Multipage documents can be scanned and shared in high-quality PDFs or JPEGs. The program includes an enhanced Scan mode that provides sharp scans, as well as the ability to add, reorder, and delete multiple pages.

turbo scan


It can also let you view multiple business cards or receipts on the same PDF page. If you need to print PDFs or JPEGs, you can also use Cloud Print or other apps like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, etc.

The app offers in-app purchases and is ad-free.


A great free Android scanner app is Notebloc. You can use Notebloc without having to sign up or put watermarks on your images. Furthermore, a large number of languages are supported by the app, including OCR. Among the key features of the Android scanner app is the removal of any shades in the clicked images.

notebloc scanner


The program also allows users to scan multiple pages and combine them into a single document. A user may change the size of a PDF document in its settings. One problem is that full-screen ads appear whenever you scan a document in Notebloc.


You can easily scan notes and books with the vFlat Android scanner app. The top of the app includes a timer option that automatically takes pictures, easing the process.



I found the 3-second timer sufficient for turning pages with my other hand, and it worked fine for me. After turning the pages, you won’t have to press the shutter button again and again. In addition to scanning pages, one can stitch them together into a single PDF document and export it. A limited number of 100 recognitions can be made per day through OCR, which is enough.


It runs on both Android and iOS devices and allows you to use your camera as a scanner. Documents such as invoices and receipts can be scanned with it. By scanning documents into PDF files, the software uploads them to cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive.

CAM scanner

The app, which is geared specifically towards business users, lets you invite others to view scans and comment. Users must sign in to do so. Documents can also be annotated and watermarked using the advanced editing feature, making them look more professional. Passcodes can be added to documents for improved security as well.

With the premium plan, you get 10GB of storage, the ability to send document links with password protection, batch downloads, and many more features. This app is free for Android and iOS, but you can upgrade for more features. Premium Accounts can be paid either monthly or yearly, and the business version offers different options to collaborate as a team.


Here are our picks for the best Android scanner apps of 2021. It depends on how you’ll be using it to decide which one should be chosen. There is a wide selection of document scanners available, from pre-installed and easy-to-use document scanners to advanced scanners such as Adobe Scanner, Clear Scanner, and Fast Scanner. The best free scanner apps for Android are Adobe Scan and Office Lens, which are popular among users.

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