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Ludo King was first published in the Apple App Store on 20 February 2016 and continuously rated No. 1 in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the Top Free Games Section. It’s the first Indian gaming application to download 500 million. Ludo King is performed in 30 countries in 14 languages.

Ludo King’s only game you may play is with family or friends living in another city or state. Well. Such a game certainly reinforces and binds us. Ludo is a board game for 4 people. Long back, Ludo was considered to be an indoor game. But you can now play Ludo in the conquering of technology with anybody far away from you. Only Android and iOS apps have to be downloaded.

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Game Ludo King A Perfect 4 Persons

When you go out and get out together, you can’t play with your mates. Not a lot of good game. Some people played card, Uno, or table games with their buddies.

We tend to see the technologies on our telephone more than before. So why shouldn’t it be put together? A way to play on your phone with your friends while you are still watching? Well, both of you can do with a game called Ludo King.

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*This is an Official Ludo Game.

Ludo King is a board game for friends, families, and young people.

Recall your childhood! Ludo King is an online media game supporting both desktop, Android, and iOS multi-player games. In the sixth century, the ancestry of Ludo stretches back to India. Ludo comes out of the game of Pachisi. The Parchís board game is very similar also.

Over the years, the game has been popular and its structure is only slightly different. You are now able to play this continuous game in a modernized version as a video game application.

You can play the game against your computer, friends, or even people worldwide between 2 and 4 players. There are 4 tokens for every player, and these talks need to turn to a board and then proceed through the finish line. The goal is rather simple.

The first winner is who finishes all four. The number selected, however, can be used for each move only by casting a six-sided die and only a six can be thrown out of your home by each token.

In addition, your token returns quickly when you move to the same location as your token and you have to roll back the 6 again. This is necessary if you relocate another player’s token. This game is a game you and your family and friends could enjoy once the monarchs participated.

Although it may at first appear straightforward, the game is both enjoyable and hard. You’ll spend hours playing this for the whole family and it’s excellent. Try to beat your opponents and fight for the best results on the leading board!

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Ludo King is based on the Pachisi Indian traditional game‘s Ludo board game. The purpose of the game is to transfer four tokens from the starting place around the table to the center of the table. The first person to play this game wins.

Ludo King has four play modes: computer, local mode, multiplayer online, and private multiplayer (playing worldwide with others) and (play with friends in private rooms). The computer model is meant to play with AI computers offline, to play together offline with local players, to play online with online players, to players who aren’t their players, and to private players, to play with multiple players online and to choose the people they like. Here, users can play online with friends of Facebook and play with up to 6 people in local multiplayer mode.

My Experience

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I enjoy playing ludo, and the Ludo King app may be the best option for ludo fans. The graphics and design in this app are very appealing, and one can chat with other players while playing.

The strategy you must employ when playing with different players is the key to Ludo King’s trick.

The dice are thrown at random, and you must figure out how to move your pawns as quickly as possible without being captured.

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I like to play ludo, and the Ludo King app might be the best option for ludo fans. This app’s graphics and design are very appealing, and you can chat with other players while playing.

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Ludo is a combination of luck & strategy. You have no control over the luck factor, other than trying different ways to roll the dice (try to roll differently when you get two 6s consecutively). Thus, strategy is always prioritized.

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By defeating your adversaries and rising to the next level, you can earn coins. More coins can also be obtained with the offered free spins. It is also possible to collect daily incentives from people who play Ludo King on frequent occasions.


  1. You can play with buddies
  2. Can play with other individuals offline or online
  3. Easy and easy to grasp


  1. Too simplistic design Design
  2. Computer dice are generated.
  3. The game is ideal for people who would play together with their buddies!

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Ludo King Game ReviewLudo King was first published in the Apple App Store on 20 February 2016 and continuously rated No. 1 in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the Top Free Games Section. It's the first Indian gaming application to download 500...