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People enjoy puzzle games, thus titles like Gardenscapes, Candy Crush Saga, Hidden Objects, and Homescapes are constantly popular. There are also names like Match-3 and point-and-click in the puzzle genre. That Level Again follows close behind these popular names in the world of puzzle games. Following in the puzzle genre’s footsteps, the creator has introduced fresh gameplay in a non-unique setting. Even though the setting is almost the same for each level, your approach to conquering the levels will vary greatly.

It’s easy to use and gives you a greater feel for the game. You can move your character right or left by pressing the directional button, and you may leap from one platform to another by tapping the button. When the game begins, you’ll be given a tip. To complete the problem, you’ll need to comprehend the words. All of the levels are exciting and will keep you entertained for a long time. Let’s take a more intricate look at the game, its gameplay, and the highlights of the game.

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About the Game

That Level Again is a mobile puzzle game created by IamTiger for smartphones. After entering the game, you’ll find yourself in a universe where most levels are similar yet the riddles that dominate the game are unique. In addition to the surroundings, you are in charge of a stickman who must dodge spikes and treacherous platforms in order to reach the goal. The game appears to be simple to pick up and play, but it’s really challenging to master. Over 96 tough stages of a similar sort are included in the game, and there is a unique approach to win in each of them. You are the only one who can resurrect an eternal hero from the grave. Many levels don’t require you to leap in order to complete them, even if you have the ability to do so. The difficulty curve steepens a little bit each time you cross a level.

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It’s quite simple to use. To move your character left or right, use the directional keys provided. Again, to jump from a platform to the next one, use the button. You’ll receive a tip as soon as the game begins. It is essential that you grasp the phrases in order to finish the exercise. You’ll be delighted and engaged playing through all the levels since they’re all so interesting and fun.

There are above 90 tough stages in the game so far, each having a similar scene but unique puzzle solutions. To complete the game, use a side-scrolling perspective to explore the surroundings. There are two points in each level, such as the start and finish. Once you’ve reached the goal, you’ll be able to explore the new level and the landscape and the challenge it offers.

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It’s a difficult challenge to guide the little figure to the desired location. There are several difficult tasks to perform throughout the game. Despite the fact that the background and platform formats are identical, you must guide the character to the finish line. There are just three buttons to handle the game, and the functions are occasionally combined, leaving you befuddled. To complete the job, follow the instructions in the title attentively.

gameplay plain and simple

Initially, you are tasked with a small job to get started. All the levels (above 90 levels available) are locked and can only be accessed after completing the preceding one. As a result, you’ll have to guide an innocent, unarmed figure through a series of challenging challenges. To go to the second level, all you have to do is press the red button and make it all the way to the end.

With each level, the challenges become trickier and harder to pass. When the setup and format remain the same, the actual catch of the game remains in the fact as to how the player chooses to approach the game period the player needs to be focused on what the title of that particular level asks of the player.

Why the red button would be present in all the stages, often it won’t be having any function. Again, in one of the later stages, the player would simply need to press the button with their fingers.

plain and simple that level again

As you keep leveling up, the variety of puzzles that you need to solve would also increase. For instance, there is a stage around the 80th level where the player is required to first solve the jigsaw puzzle of the setup and then carry on with the game.

game level

Once you figure out what the game asks of you, it is not that hard idiot however, you need to be attentive to the game and its instructions at all times.


The game has quite a few interesting features and you have already probably got a brief idea about the same from the description of the game so far. Here we discuss in gist the highlights of the game, the features that the game brings to the table, that serve as some of the main attractions for the players.

Simple but Challenging

The game is pretty simple initially. However, the puzzles and challenges that the game poses before the player are not simple at all. Some levels will require immense mastery in guiding the direction buttons so as to cross the level.


The puzzles keep the players engaged in the game. They need to be focused at all times which naturally promotes an engaging spirit in them. The feature that lets you change the language furthers this characteristic of the game.

level again puzzle intriguing languages


The audio adds a certain rhythm to the game. As already stated, the landscape and setup remain the same for almost all the levels. The audio brings a certain jinx to the gameplay.

Intuitive Interface

The game gives clear instructions to its players and leaves no scope for confusion. There are direction keys that you need to use in order to make your character move and the objectives of the respective levels are always stated beforehand for the easy understanding of the players.             

Pros and Cons of the Game


  • Simple to play, tough to master
  • Straightforward instructions
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • A great option to pass the time


  • Might have to deal with ads now and then
  • Might get boring or frustrating at times (you can always take a break and come back though)


While most puzzle games aim at providing a new format with each increasing level, that level again tries a fresher approach. This enhances the change of challenge in the game and keeps the players engaged in the game. It is also super easy to get hold of. You can download it from the play store for free.
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That Level Again- IntriguingPeople enjoy puzzle games, thus titles like Gardenscapes, Candy Crush Saga, Hidden Objects, and Homescapes are constantly popular. There are also names like Match-3 and point-and-click in the puzzle genre. That Level Again follows close behind these popular names in the world of puzzle...