Samsara Room- Find Your Way Out

This game is one of a kind. If you like brain-racking puzzle games, then this is it. You may have played escape room games, but you probably have not played one like this before. The best part about escape room games is that you never where you might find your next clue, even hints are not that helpful if your own mind deceives you in using the hints to get to the next clue.

The thing about Samsara room is that it does not have distinct levels as different rooms. You enter the game to solve the riddle as to how you got there and the game continues till you reach an answer.

samsara room

It is a pretty smart game. But do not take my word for it. Here is a review of the game that talks about the plot of the game, its gameplay, its features, and much more. All of it awaits you just a few scrolls down. So if you want to know a little bit more about the game to decide whether or not you want it on your phone, then you know what to do.


The plot of the game leaves little room for description and much room for imagination. The game opens with a weird message that asks the player about the roots of the player. The player has somehow ended up in the universe of the game and now needs to search the way back.

samsara room walkthrough

As the player goes through the rooms there are different clues hidden in the most arbitrary manner. Some of the clues will have you question the power of your brain cells, and in some cases, it is bound to become difficult to move ahead in the game without using a hint or two.

samsara room secret level

Throughout the game, you will come across newer and more difficult challenges, and the game keeps you on your toes at all times. How to cross such moments of adrenaline rushes? In the next section, we discuss the gameplay of Samsara Room that might give you a brief insight into how to go through the game.


Wish I could say the gameplay was simple, but it would be the biggest lie if I were to tell you so. Well, the primary objective of the gameplay is simple and does not consist of anything too difficult to grasp. However, the way you need to implement the gameplay and search your way out is quite difficult.

samsara game

When you first enter the game, you find yourself in a room with a mirror and a few more accessories. Unlike most escape room games, where only selected items would hold the clues for you to move further, in Samsara Room, all the accessories in a given room hold a clue for you that will help you move ahead in the game.

samsara room game

Sometimes one item could be used to procure different clues at different times. Say, you have already solved a puzzle using a set of items and got a clue. A few stages later, you might have to come back to that very place and solve the same puzzle, in the same way, only this time, you will be using different items. Say, earlier you had used candles, so the next time you will be using shells.

samsara room game review

Also, again unlike other escape room games, where you can only tap on objects to unlock clues, in this game you can also drag objects. For instance, dragging your image in the mirror will get you different symbols that will later help you in moving forward in the journey.

samsara room clock

You would also have to be prepared for clues in every corner of the game. There is, literally, without any exaggeration, no place where a potential clue might not be hidden. There are primarily four rooms in the game, but as you keep progressing in the game, you get to revisit the same rooms, which now hold newer clues in newer locations.

samasara room

There are all sorts of puzzles that you would have to solve to progress in the game. Be it letter jumbles, or brain teasers that require your presence of mind, Samsara Room contains puzzles of varied kinds. Some of these puzzles will most certainly get you glancing towards the hints button now and then.

samsara room gameplay


The highlights of the game are the features of the game that makes the game worth the time. Here is a list of the features that you might want to harbor your hopes in.

  • Challenging

The twists and turns in the game really require you to scavenge your brain to look for ways to get to the next clues in the game. Even though you have the backup of hints, it does not always go as planned, and quite often even the hints would require severe brain-racking.

  • Thrilling

The game has a certain uncanny atmosphere. This eeriness in the game keeps the player hooked and on the edge of their seats. The suspense and the buildup, all play integral parts in the adrenaline-packed gameplay and ensure an engaging gaming experience.

  • Audio and visual effects

The audiovisuals add to the eerie atmosphere discussed just a few lines back. The graphics add a very realistic effect to the game and its proceeding. It becomes difficult to not get your mind wrapped around the spooky graphics (for instance, your image in the mirror).

  • Simple interface

The gameplay might be challenging, but the interface of the game is quite user-friendly. It lays down promptly in front of the player what the objectives to be accomplished are and what are the clues at hand.

samsara room puzzle game

Pros and Cons of the Game


  • Challenging
  • Simple interface.
  • Eerie graphics that enhance the thrill in the game.
  • Overall engaging gaming experience.


  • Hints might not be as helpful as you would expect them to be.
  • Every time you need to use a hint, you would have to sit through lengthy advertisements in order to get the hint.


You can never judge the game from such theoretical perspectives. Want to get the full essence of the game?

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Samsara Room- Find Your Way OutThis game is one of a kind. If you like brain-racking puzzle games, then this is it. You may have played escape room games, but you probably have not played one like this before. The best part about escape room games is that you...