Free Guy- Fun & Relaxing With A Few Pot-Holes

Aside from the original premise, fast-paced action, and vibrant use of color, what is it that makes Free Guy so endearing is its pleasant airiness. Characters growing aware of their identity is not really a new concept. It’s also not a new concept that we’re only pawns in the not so empathetic, mindless hands of benevolent deities who would absolutely slaughter us as a form of entertainment if necessary—

As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods; They kill us for their sport.

Now, you need to understand that the review that follows has all the aspects of the movie revisited- the good and the bad. So, if you are going inside the theatre as a critic who is bent over the fact that they are to judge the film, you could find plenty that is wrong with the movie. However, a weekend plan with friends, a film to sit back and relax too? Free Guy has the perfect vibe for that.

Keeping this foundational perspective in mind, let’s take a keener look at the aspects of the movie.


The opening sequence of Free Guy looks like a live-action copy of The Lego Movie, and the picture gradually borrows from The Matrix, The Truman Show, and even Ready Player One, which was co-written by Free Guy’s co-writer Zak Penn, in a classic case of Hollywood self-plagiarism.

Reynolds portrays Guy, a non-playable character in an open-world computer game who is employed at a bank, and, quite obviously, doomed to the exact same everyday routine. When Guy has an epiphany after meeting a strange woman, he is inspired to take on the steering of the course of his life, becoming the protagonist of his own story. Affluent in free will, he meets the mystery lady and promises to assist her in her efforts to gather evidence against Taika Waititi’s villainous Antwan.

Guy is to deal with two events that occur back-to-back. He comes to terms with the fact that he has free will and that he is nothing more than a construct destined to lead a pointless existence. His head should have exploded with all of this information he’d absorbed in such a short period of time. Rather, Guy goes through with his original plan despite a brief breakdown.

You might wonder why he’s so committed to helping this enigmatic woman. The apparent reason for this is because he’s smitten with her. Consider it as the opposite of the movie Her, with the genders reversed, obviously with more fun and airy vibe, but just as ethically dubious as the movie.

free guy movie

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Free Guy‘ offers the perfect field for physics-defying combat and action moves, and storytelling flexibility because it is largely set within a game. When Joe Keery and Jodie Comer enter and exit the game, their real-life characters contrast sharply with their online characters. The most intriguing thing about Comer is his ability to flip between two unique characters in each world, seamlessly altering body language and accents. As long as she keeps this up, she’ll be a major movie star in the making. Taika Waititi turns out to be an excellent choice for the role of the brash antagonist in a video game.

Keep a lookout for some awesome celebrity cameos among the stunning video game graphics and effects.

Well, you would not really have to “lookout” for the cameos as such. There are several celebrity appearances and sight gags throughout the film. Being emotionally involved in Guy’s development is challenging because he’s such a blank slate – he’s literally a program. More interestingly, a couple of video game creators are attempting to sue Antwan for allegedly stealing their code for their wildly popular game.

The plot illustrates how thinly illustrated individuals in the physical world can be more relatable than a character who is meticulously created to suit a four-quadrant demographic.

With costs this high, it’s almost difficult to make a mistake or mess up in the technical aspect, which is why Free Guy’s art is so captivating. The skepticism sets in when the screenplay begins to read as though it were produced by algorithms rather than people.

While filmmaker Shawn Levy incorporates commentary on video game culture into his film, ‘Free Guy,’ the tone never becomes preachy. The movie is quite self-aware. It doesn’t advocate itself to be taken too seriously, staying within the confines of popcorn entertainment.

That being said, ‘Free Guy’ is a blatant display of his acting abilities. We’ve grown to anticipate a certain combination of humor and action from Ryan Renold‘s flicks ever since his portrayal as Deadpool in Deadpool 2. The idea of ‘Free Guy’ is custom-made for the star’s brand, and he has a blast with it. It’s a very entertaining film that tends to make the most of the ensemble and the cast it had, particularly, with gratifying jokes and spectacular action combined with a touch of tenderness.


NPCs grow self-aware and wicked criminals rob IP in the actual world, however, all works out in the finale because of free will and true love. Britne Oldford’s character, the Barista, and Camille Kostek’s character, the Bombshell, both discover their life’s purpose (along with so many other characters).

While Utkarsh Ambudkar got some clever lines as the Soonami coder Mouser, Reynolds is great as Guy and even more funny in his somewhat thick avatar Dude. Gamers and broadcasters make several guest appearances.

All in all, what the movie desires to convey is that laughter and fun appear to be the only way to counteract the increasingly dismal society we live in. Free Guy so magnificently portrays this message, that somewhere it seems worth the few pot-holes the movie suffered.

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Free Guy- Fun & Relaxing With A Few Pot-HolesAside from the original premise, fast-paced action, and vibrant use of color, what is it that makes Free Guy so endearing is its pleasant airiness. Characters growing aware of their identity is not really a new concept. It's also not a new concept that...