Earn Sitting At Home By Selling Your Old Clothes

When it is time to empty out your wardrobe and hit the scan and update button on your accessories and aesthetics, do not forget the possibility of selling those used clothing online. This practice has been there in society for quite some time but it had never been easier than this. You get to sell your used clothing, accessories, shoes, and much more to online retail businesses or better yet, offer them to sites like Poshmark, ThredUp, or Tradesy. This way you also get to earn a little something on the seldom worn things crowding your wardrobe.

Reselling may be a wonderful method to supplement your earnings or spend on a big-ticket item like a vacation. Take a look at where and how to sell old clothing online before you start cleaning out your wardrobe.

Where to Sell?

Are you interested in recouping part of your investment by reselling your used clothing? The wardrobe needs some spring cleaning, so now is the time to find out about the best apps and sites for reselling old clothing online. Go through your closet and find the beaded ’80s costume you wore to a New Year’s Eve party (just once!), the sandals that are now so last season, the vintage top that doesn’t fit, and much more (you know your closet) and get rid of them but in an efficient manner.  Rather than letting your clothes gather dust, donate them to someone who will cherish them! Here are the top 15 locations to sell stuff online, along with expert advice on how to handle a sale.



To be successful on Poshmark, you must stand out from the crowd. But it’s not that hard as Poshmark labels contain everything from Céline to Brandy Melville. You get to editorialize your style, creating a magazine out of your wardrobe, with a variety of items and ranging prices. Everyone gets to determine the item’s final selling price. It’s as easy as printing out Poshmark’s pre-paid shipping label, placing it on any box, and waiting for the mailman to arrive and pick it up once a buyer buys the item.

New, pre-owned, and antique clothing may be found on Poshmark, a marketplace for fashion enthusiasts. Set your goods’ prices and descriptions after taking photographs using the free app. Posh Parties are virtual events where you may sell things to individuals you invite and their friends. If your item sells, you’ll receive a shipping label and instructions on how to deposit it at a USPS dropbox.

The costs charged by the business vary based on the selling amount. A fixed fee of $2.95 will be applied to any sales that are less than $15. The charge is 20% of the listed price for purchases over $15. When selling on Poshmark, there are no additional charges because Poshmark covers all transaction fees and includes a pre-paid shipping label in the purchase price.

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Despite being one of the Internet’s oldest and most popular e-commerce sites, eBay doesn’t really sell anything. As an alternative, it enables users to advertise things for sale, with the hope that other users would bid on them in auctions. eBay has added the ability to purchase things for face value or to make price bids on them as well.

So it’s no secret that eBay opened the way for any at-home dealer who wants to snag some luxury clothing on the cheap. If you’re part of a designer collaboration, selling your items online has the added benefit of igniting bidding wars. It’s also true that if you’re looking to purchase something, there’s no shortage of options, but it can be quite irritating to sort among Cuisinart and lawnmowers (while helplessly watching the price increase every second).

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thred up

ThredUP makes it incredibly simple to sell your used clothes. They’ll give you a “clean out kit” and all you have to do is fill it up and put it out for the mailman, and they’ll take it from there. While the ease of use means sellers make less money (up to 80% of the resale price), for busy females, it’s a great option because it’s hassle-free. ThredUP’s major selling point is the vast amount of merchandise. Each day, they add more than 5,000 new items to the site, including a hip new handbag area that recently went up.

ThredUp offers a Clean Out Kit if you’re ready to purge your wardrobe. When the package is complete, use the bag that comes with it as your shipment bag and fill it with everything from gently used women’s and children’s clothing and shoes to outstanding condition accessories. Items with holes, stains, pilling, or other evidence of wear will not be accepted by the shop.



Rebag (as you might have guessed from the name itself) is a handbag-only internet retailer. Among the companies they showcase are Balenciaga, Versace, Tom Ford, Givenchy, and others. They are fans of designer goods. It’s easy to sell a luxury purse like this one if you’re prepared to post a few photos of it on the web. There is a two-day turnaround on quotes. Then they’ll send you a pre-paid mailing label. Within three business days of receiving the bag, Rebag will give your payment. A number of major cities have Rebag stores where you can sell your bag for cash on-site, eliminating the need to ship it.

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According to Tradesy CEO and creator Tracy DiNunzio, designer handbags sell like hotcakes on the site. There’s no reason to keep purses you don’t wear any longer in your closet. Tradesy imposes a fixed commission fee of $7.50 for items under $50 and a percentage of 19.8% for items over $50. You may sell anything from shoes to apparel to wedding gowns in addition to purses.

Any designer clothes or accessories, as long as they are clean and in proper shape, may be sold on Tradesy with only a few screen swipes. Once your product is sold, you’ll receive a free shipping kit. Transferring the money that you obtained to a bank account, PayPal account, or debit card is also an option that you could avail of.

People who understand the statistics of selling second-hand clothing also master the art of generating money online while not having to pin themselves down a job behind a computer. Traditional online marketplaces are being replaced by augmented marketplaces, which handle logistics and customer support for second-hand designer apparel vendors, thereby attracting the audience.  The market for internet resellers is getting more and more competitive.

Today, you may get amazing deals on consignment items by shopping online consignment businesses, or you can make some additional money by selling used clothing. You may also save a little by reusing and refashioning the items you discover at the thrift shop, converting them into something fresh and stylish.

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