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At times the turbulent themes of intense games such as Assassin’s Creed do not feel that alluring. Sometimes you just feel like laying back and enjoying your time with a little fun game. Now there are quite a few games that could suit this description. But we have one that undoubtedly belongs to the top suggestions of such games. It is a dress-up game, where you can dress up the characters the way you want. But there is a catch. You need to obtain some in-game currencies so as to purchase the dress you want. And how do you gain the money for the purchases? You play games.

Well, if the initial description of this game makes you want to delve a bit deeper into the intricacies of the game, then you are at the right place. Scroll a bit down and take a more in-depth look at the game.

fashion makeup home design

Basic Plot

The plot of the game is simple enough. The game opens in a fashion house where there are specialists who are specialized in makeovers, be it your house, or you who require a makeover. The experts however have it going rough at times as they often clash on the kind of attire the client should be wearing or the kind of renovation the room might be wanting.

rebecca dress up

You enter the game as one of the experts. As newer clients come your way, you all try your best to provide them with a suitable outlook that will match their expectations. There are quite a few objectives that you would have to overcome, each more daunting than the last one.

bruno dress up fashion makeup

There are different plots in the game, each offering you a new client and a new space to redecorate. There are some decent choices when it comes to the dresses that you would want to buy and dress up your client in.

makeup episode

The catch in this game is that you need to use your brain and common sense to dress up your clients. Each client will set different objectives for you. These objectives tell you how you are supposed to attempt the makeover of the client. For instance, if a character comes to you seeking a makeover for his or her new office look, you would not want to suggest them a Hawaii t-shirt or a mini skirt.

rebecca comfort

Appropriate clothing will compliment your fashion sense, helping you earn respect from your colleagues while suggesting poor dressing styles will earn you discredit from your colleagues.


You need to offer makeovers to your clients and their living conditions according to the criteria specified by them. But how are you make the purchases? That is what the gameplay is about.

You need to play games in between, winning which will offer you the money you require for the clothes. Each of the changes that you attempt in your client’s life, will require about 100 coins. Coins are your in-game currencies. Now, you could either play the games at once, acquire a sum of coins, and then continue with the dress up part of the game as long as you have the sum existing with you, or you could go forth with a change, play a game to win the money, again go and finish an objective set by the client, come back and win the money, and carry on in this loop.

game earn coin

Personally, I found the latter option offering more diversity in the game, but you can of course go for the first option too.

The game you need to play is pretty simple too. It is sort of like the popular game of Candy Crush. It is a single-player match puzzle game. Joining three or more similar shaped and colored candies will earn you points. Each of these puzzle games will be harder than the last one, setting before you harder and more daunting puzzles.

fashion dress life

So, with each increasing level, while your challenges in the makeover sections would increase, you would also have to strive harder to earn coins so as to purchase items for your clients.

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Highlights of the Game

So that was the basic plot of the game and instructions on how to play the game. In this segment of the review, we are going to take a look at the distinguishing features of the game that make the game stand apart.

  • Fun Plot

The foundational plot of the game is simple but fun. Dressing up is always fun and it is more interesting when you have an objective in front of you according to which you would have to attempt the makeover.

in game coin

  • Challenging

The puzzle games in between consecutive dress-up sessions keep the challenging essence of the game alive. There is something new to overcome every time you hit the arena, and with every level up, it becomes more difficult to achieve the set objective within the allotted number of moves.

puzzle gameplay

  • Simple Layout

It is important the layout is a simple one. The game ensures the same, thereby securing a larger mass of target audience. The layout instructs you regarding all the necessary steps you need to take in the game discreetly.

dress game simple layout

  • Easy to Bag

The game is available for free from the play store. It also does not take up too much of your storage, nor does it ask for any purchases that might require any real money.

Pros & Cons of Fashion Dress Up Game


  • Simple to understand.
  • Free to install and play.
  • Offers you newer challenges.


  • Contains advertisements.
  • Might get monotonous at times for some gamers (especially ones who are more used to more intense games).


There is a limit to all that you can understand theoretically regarding a game. So, why don’t you give it a shot? Try out Fashion Dress Up for yourself today at Play Store.
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Fashion Dress Up- Play and DressAt times the turbulent themes of intense games such as Assassin’s Creed do not feel that alluring. Sometimes you just feel like laying back and enjoying your time with a little fun game. Now there are quite a few games that could suit this...