Top 5 Best Tripods for IPhones and Smartphones

Your smartphone photography can be elevated to a whole new level when you use the best tripods. Despite their small size, they allow you to experiment with loads of new camera techniques, especially when paired with the best photo apps, which give you full control over your phone’s camera settings.


There is no doubt that the best camera phones are constantly improving, and today’s iPhone has greater capabilities than the original. Certain things are, however, simply restricted by hardware. Here are a few things you will be able to do with a good tripod:

  • Capture Night-Time Pictures –

The only thing you’ll get at the end without a good source of support is a blurry image, even if an app lets you hold the shutter open for a long time. Using a tripod when shooting long exposures means you will not have to worry about blurring caused by camera shake.

  • Become a Vlogger –

Video blogging with your smartphone is perfectly possible and even easy. It’s essential to have good support in order to set up your camera without holding it.

  • Make Selfies Easy By Removing The Arm Stretch –

Using a tripod, you can get a selfie or group selfie without having to stretch out your arm.

  • You Might Like To Try Time-Lapse –

A fixed position of your phone opens up all sorts of creative options, one of which is time-lapse photography.

  • Manfrotto Pixi With Universal Smartphone Clamp


Manfrotto sells its PIXI mini tripod and universal smartphone clamp separately, but they’re usually cheaper if purchased together. There’s also a smartphone clamp included, which attaches to a standard 1/4-inch socket and can accommodate phones up to 83mm wide. The tripod itself comes with an integral ball head, so you can use it for use with cameras. Though it’s a good solution, you can only use the phone’s camera in landscape orientation because the ball head has limited movement.

With a PIXI camera, the build quality is excellent, but its main feature is undoubtedly the ball head. The ball head rotates through 360°, you release the button to release it, then release it again to lock it.

Additionally, the PIXI works great for video conferencing at home, or even as an accessory to prop up a smartphone. The PIXI is excellent for use with your phones, cameras, and action cams. It features a smooth aluminum fit and a distinctive design. The PIXI is a pocket-sized gadget that provides reliable stability for tablets, rocks, and bridges when needed – the ideal travel companion.

  • Joby Gorillapod Mobile Mini


Its lightweight and small dimensions help it to weigh just 32 grams, making it ideal for phones. In addition, it is Joby’s cheapest ‘tripod’, but it retains the company’s trademark flexible legs. As such, its legs can be wrapped around other objects to serve as a clinging device. A phone mount is included, so it’s a complete kit. One of the few downsides of this compact GorillaPod is that its legs are only 60mm long, so it’s really only suitable for thin things.

  • Joby Gorillapod 3k Kit


Joby’s GorillaPod 3K Kit is a great smartphone tripod, but being a bit difficult to install, it can be somewhat challenging to use. A wide range of adjustments are available with the three flexible legs, so you can set up the perfect shot. A DSLR camera can also be used with it, and it seems well-built. Despite the short setup time, the level built into the frame comes in handy when adjusting the legs. Although it is portable enough to fit into a large purse or backpack, it will definitely be noticeable when you walk around. There is some difficulty getting the flexible legs set up stably and securely, and it may take a little practice. You will also have to lay it on a table or wrap it around a taller object if you want to take pictures at eye level using this tripod.

  • Adonit Photogrip


This is an expensive tripod that does several things. The spring-loaded grip opens wide enough to hold even a fat smartphone, and a tripod socket in the base can support either a regular tripod or the small pocket tripod included in the kit – you can also use it with the legs folded in as a camera grip. There’s a Bluetooth shutter button on top that’s actually a remote control that lets you trigger the shutter remotely. If you want to use this for bigger phones, you will need to position them carefully in the clamp to avoid tipping over the tiny tripod.

  • Smallrig Tabletop Mini Tripod


SmallRig Tabletop Mini Tripod has a standard 1/4″ screw mount, making it a versatile tool for all kinds of shots. Having the ability to tilt the head 90°/+45° frontally and -50°/+50° laterally provides an additional level of shooting flexibility. This head even has an autonomous panning knob for shooting in the panoramic view that you may not have thought of with a smartphone. Using an Arca-Swiss plate allows you to mount and demount your setup quickly, and the rubber feet ensure that the setup will not slip.


There are numerous tripod mounts and adapter mounts that are available for Android and iPhone smartphones, allowing them to be used for photography. This guide should be beneficial to anyone looking for a tripod, regardless of their needs. These tripod mounts tend to come with a spring-loaded design that does not require any particular device. Choose your best tripod and phone mount by considering your typical uses, as well as the quality and versatility of the devices.

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