Flightradar24: Live Flight Tracker App

You can keep track of your flights using the best flight tracking app for iOS and Android, Flightradar24. The new Flightradar24 app for your mobile device offers tons of new features and improvements to the popular flight tracking service. Track live air traffic from your mobile device with this plane tracker app, the no.1 air traffic app in more than 130 countries. A moving map displays detailed information about each flight quickly and in real-time. You can also look at the sky to see which flights are flying overhead. You can track flights with Flightradar24 by downloading the best flight tracker app.

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What Is The Flightradar24 App And What Are Its Features?

Take advantage of the new features right away by downloading the new app on iOS or Android. Check out the great new features like View arrivals and departures by the airport, including on-ground information for airports were available, flight and aircraft histories, live flight tracking, and more.

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Flightradar24 offers free access to Silver and Gold or a business plan for 7 days trial, so upgrade to get more out of the site. Subscribers can access even more great features like additional flight details, extended flight and aircraft histories, and weather layers.

  • View flight paths around the world in real-time on a detailed map.
  • 3D View helps you get a feel for what a pilot sees on the ground.
  • Find flights by sign routes, airline names, and flight numbers.
  • Find out details about each flight, including the length of the flight, navigation, speed, altitude, and high-resolution photos of the aircraft.
  • You can see which flights are near you by pointing your device at the sky.
  • Review previous flights on your phone with the help of this app.
  • You can filter flights according to your preferences.
  • The airport arrival & departure boards, flight status, current delay statistics, current weather conditions, and aircraft on the ground can all be accessed by tapping any airport pin.
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How Flight Tracking Works

The Flightradar24 application shows air traffic around the globe in real-time. This application combines various data sources such as ADS-B, MLAT, and radar. Using ADS-B, MLAT, and radar data along with schedules, flight status, and weather data from airlines and airports, flightradar24.com and flightsradar24 apps offer a unique way to track flights.

  • ADS-B

Aircraft surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) is the primary method used by Flightradar24 to collect flight information. An illustration of the ADS-B technology can be seen on the right. The location of aircraft is obtained from GPS navigation (satellite). The ADS-B transmitter on aircraft carries the location information. Flightradar24 can pick up the ADS-B signal via the receiver. The data is available at flightradar24.com and in the Flightradar24 app. Air Traffic Control rarely uses ADS-B as it’s a fairly new technology in development. There are more than 20,000 ADS-B receivers around the world that receive flight info from aircraft with ADS-B transponders connected to Flightradar24.

  • MLAT

Multilateration (MLAT) allows calculation of non-ADS-B equipped aircraft‘s positions in some areas with multiple FR24-receivers using a technique known as Time Difference of Arrival. It is possible to calculate the position of older aircraft by measuring the time it takes to receive the signal from their Modes-transponders. Coverage of MLATs can only be achieved at altitudes of 3,000 to 10,000 feet because more than four receivers are required to receive the transponder signal at altitudes above that.

  • Satellite

The new satellite flight tracking system represents the next step in the quest for ADS-B coverage around the world. Using ADS-B receivers on satellites, Flightradar24 collects data from aircraft outside the coverage area of our terrestrial ADS-B network. Data for Flightradar24 comes from multiple providers of satellite-based ADS-B systems. ADS-B satellites are generally more efficient than ground-based systems in areas with difficult ground reception, such as oceans. Tracking aircraft can only be carried out via satellite if they have an ADS-B transponder.

  • Open Glider Network

Open Glider Network (OGN) provides tracking information for gliders and other light aircraft. It is a project that aims to provide a tracking platform that combines glider tracking with drone tracking and another small aircraft tracking.

  • North America Radar Data

ADS-B and MLAT are not the only options for live data in North America. These data are based on radar data and cover the majority of scheduled and commercial air traffic in the US and Canada, as well as parts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

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Subscription Plans And Payment

Your subscription comes with the features of both the app and website. Users who have purchased a subscription through the App Store on Apple’s iOS platforms but have yet to create a username and password should do so to use the new app. To create a username and password, you’ll have to go into the settings menu and select the App settings option in the existing premium app. Registering your account is the next step. You can join Flightradar24 once you’ve registered your account. Download and sign up for Flightradar24 and you’ll be able to take advantage of our new features very soon.

All payment methods, including PayPal and credit and debit cards, can be used. Subscription plan types and billing countries determine which payment options are available to you. Your payment options will be displayed while you are checking out. Business Plan subscriptions are eligible for invoicing.


A service called Flightradar24 shows real-time flight information on a map. The blue airport markers can be seen in areas where Flightradar24 normally provides coverage. Information on some aircraft is limited or blocked due to security and privacy concerns. Some of these aircraft are military aircraft and high-profile models such as Air Force One.

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Flightradar24: Live Flight Tracker AppYou can keep track of your flights using the best flight tracking app for iOS and Android, Flightradar24. The new Flightradar24 app for your mobile device offers tons of new features and improvements to the popular flight tracking service. Track live air traffic from...